Kenwood True Tri Blade Hand Blender : Nice Product, Blends things nicely

Absolutely love this product. We used this to make garlic ginger paste and tomato and onion paste. Very well made, solid and robust. Definitely worth buying, especially at this price.

I was very pleased with this blender it ticks all the boxes for me. It not only does what my old one did but has attachments to do much more. I made the right choice with this one.

This machine does exactly what it promises, very well. Easy to use, wash and store. Chops, mixes and blends small quantities in the 2 adaptations: the stick makes good soups direct in the pan etc. Seems robust: v good so far.

Yes i love my kanwood blender thank you.

Quick delivery and well packaged – good supplier. Unless i am doing something wrong with it it seens to expect me to keep my finger on the button all the time do deliver power. Otherwise, it is ok and does the job but it would have been better with a second speed setting. Much cheaper than the version with a whisk which i did not need as i already have a good electric whisk.

This does all i want it too. My last blender was a more expensive one with variable high speed and even on slowest setting splattered and needed huge bowl or whatever for quantity i was blending, stated making a loud unhealthy sound and then grinder bowl plastic teeth wore down. This one looks like it will last much better – it does not splash and splutter, whipps cream quickly, blends soup well and i can make breadcrumbs etc in grinder. I also make crumble in it using 2oz butter (cup up), 4oz flour and some sugar.

Larger than i thought but a fully functional blender /chopper ideal for a small flat. It is powerful and does the job well enough – also a good price – recommended.

  • Larger that you might think – works perfectly
  • Does what it promises, well.
  • Five Stars

Kenwood True Tri Blade Hand Blender, 450 Watt – White

Product Description, Over 60 years on from their first Kenwood Chef launch, the designers at Kenwood have incorporated today’s latest technologies and all their know-how in food preparation, and created the unique Triblade concept
Triblade hand blenders deliver effortless, powerful, efficient and controllable blending at the touch of a button. The three blade system is allied to a unique foot design that disrupts the flow of ingredients for chopping and blending as efficiently as possible, and much faster than traditional style hand blenders
The beaker and the chopper that come with this product enables a wide range of food preparation usage occasions.

Box Contains, 1 x Tri Blade Hand Blender1 x Chopper attachment1 x Beaker

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Nice product, blends things nicely, the chopper attachment also works great. Only cons i could think is for blending we need to continuously press the button. If there should have been an on off button then it would have been the best product.

A requested christmas gift for my daughter so i can’t really comment on its usage.

Excellent tool for those small amounts. Great for mincing meat or chopping onions, mushrooms etc. Lumpy gravy no more as the whisk attachment will save you. Great gadget that gets lots of use. Ordered a second one for use in my holiday home as i love it so much.

Great , but it sometimes stops during work for no reason.

Its ok a bit fiddley putting on the lid to chopper base and buttons on the blender wand not very comfortable needs to position your fingers in a certain way.

Love this use it all the time.

Does what it says on the label.

Great little kitchen addition.

  • Larger that you might think – works perfectly
  • Does what it promises, well.
  • Five Stars

Kenwood True Tri Blade Hand Blender, 450 Watt – White

Does exactly what it says on the box.

Nice product as expected, well used.

Features and Spesification

  • Tri Blade Blending
  • 0.5l calibrated beaker
  • chopping attachment
  • variable speed + turbo
  • 450w motor