KIKET 2020 New Version – Glass Electric Kettle : Worth it

Fantastic gadget, visually pleasing and features a stay warm and different temperature settings.

Been using it to make bottles for little one due to temp setting of course you need to allow to cool afterwards but all in all very pleased with purchase.

I like almost everything about this kettle. It seems to be well made, i love the ability to boil to 80c or 90c and i like the fact it is bpa free and non-toxic. However, i can’t give it 5 stars as there is a slight niggle: when i switch it on it will often switch itself off again after a few seconds for no reason (water cold and minimum depth exceeded). I then have to repeat the switching on process and it then boils correctly. This does not happen all the time but certainly quite often and it is annoying. I don’t know if it is a fault of my particular kettle or a fault of the design. The other issue that i might mention is that the spout is narrow, so if you are not just filling cups but boiling water for cooking etc. , you will have to open the lid to pour the water out quickly, otherwise it takes much longer to pour than other kettles i have used.

The design is pretty,boils fast. It is a user friendly electric kettle, with digital temperature control, i can adjust the water temperature,the quality is the better than my previous kettle.

This looks very modern and stylish with the glass feature. It’s great that has 4 different temparature for types of drinks. This is accompanied by the blue light while the water is being heated. It’s also has a keep warm setting which is a nice feature. It bleeps to tell you when boiled as well.

Bought this to replace our last kettle and this is just greatthe clear glass and blue light when its boiling is really niceits so quick and easy and the keep warm feature is a good thing.

Really efficient and easy to use kettle, as well as very attractive with it’s blue lights. It boils the water very quickly and very easily.

Excellent customer servicevery stylish looking kettlebooks fast and keep warm function which is great.

  • Great kettle but may have a fault

  • Good value for money

  • Pretty kettle,fast boil

2020 New Version – Glass Electric Kettle with Temperature Control and Keep Warm Function, 1.7L Cordless Water Kettle with Blue LED Illuminating, Rapid Boil Within 2-5 Mins, 3000W

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Like the fast boil and temperature control. Dislike the lid which tends to stick. Often clicks off at the start and needs to be restarted.

As a family we all watched the first boil. It’s helpful to have the keep warm function, this was a bonus.

Since my last tea kettle broke i brought this one as a replacement. At first it was a bit hard to use, as i have never had a kettle with so many buttons. Once i figured out how to use it, some of the functions are pretty neat. I only use it to brew tea and i am the kind of person that forgets things more often than not. So i find myself using the timer and keep warm option more than anything else. In conclusion, i am very happy with this replacement. T’s highly recommended to tea lovers.

No words to explain how happy i am, this is just amazing good quality it also has different temperature to set uplove it.

Excellent kettle fast boiling, quiet and very attractive. Only minor niggle is i think the base is a bit light and tends to move a bit but that really is minor and considering you can select from a range of temperatures i have no hesitation in recommending.

But after few months batons are not that easy when you swtich on the temperature. It is good that it has different selection of temperature but the 40 degrees will be great, as my old kettle had.

Love the keep warm function.

Very good looking and very functional.

  • Great kettle but may have a fault

  • Good value for money

  • Pretty kettle,fast boil

2020 New Version – Glass Electric Kettle with Temperature Control and Keep Warm Function, 1.7L Cordless Water Kettle with Blue LED Illuminating, Rapid Boil Within 2-5 Mins, 3000W

Arrived on time and well packaged, excellent build quality. Boils water very quickly, i use the 90c setting most for coffee and so far the kettle is working perfectly. My only gripe is the manufacturer offers a 2yr extended warranty on registration of the product. The link given to register dosen’t exist so unable to benefit from extra warranty.

Features and Spesification

  • 2020 Updated Version: With the new version STRIX technology, the smart kettle will auto shut off when it reaches the setting temperature (more precise and sensitive than the last version). No need to worry about this kettle boiling dry, the Boil-Dry feature automatically turns the kettle off when there is little, or no water left.
  • Precise temperature control: 4 different temperatures (70℃,80℃,90℃,100℃) to bring out the best taste and quality of tea and coffee. Precise temperature control guarantees the perfect brewing,keep warm function which will keep the water at your chosen temperature for up to 120 minutes.
  • Safe and Healthy Material: Made of borosilicate glass (Heating range from -20 ° C to 150 ° C), the glass kettle provides you maximum safety. More while, all parts of the kettle contact with water are BPA-FREE material, includes the filter. No plastic flavor and no chemical ingredients.
  • Soft Blue LED Illustration: The blue LED will light up as the kettle begins to boil the water, and the light will automatically shut off after boiling. A water level gauge allows precise measurement and glass body let you know how much is left in the kettle at any time.
  • Durable and Satisfaction Guaranteed: Food-grade 304 stainless steel with FDA/ROHS/CE certifications ensure the durability of our product. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee and a 1 years warranty, Lifetime Customer Service.