KIKET Glass Electric Kettle Temperature Control Tea Kettle – LED elegant Kettle!!

I bought this as wanted a cordless kettle, this looks as good in person as it does in the pictures, easy to use and keeps water warm as well, very well thought out features and design,.

Nice looking but no real difference between 90c and 100c, heavy (because it’s glass), difficult to clean because opening too small to get your hand inside, 50% of the time after being turned on it switches itself off after 6 seconds which is annoying, higher than regular 3k kettles so doesn’t fit under filter taps easy, has strange arrangement meaning it doesn’t pour as fast as regular kettles and as others have said, really wobbly base.

Im so pleased with this kettle,it boils up very fast,love it being glass,over all a very nice looking kettle.

Nice and sleek and looks great in my kitchen. Boils fast at 4 different degrees depending on your choice of setting. The keep warm function is an added bonus which i love. Good for teas which taste better if the water is not boiling. I’d recommend making coffee ( even instant ) at 90 degrees, the flavour is noticeable improved. It’s not too noisy and still light weight when full. I like the big lid and opening which makes filling so easy. Really good pouring action, doesn’t spill a drop. It’s bigger as it sits on a base but i think that adds to its appeal.

Before opening the kettle box i noticed that the seal was already broken. On examing the kettle & power base there were finger marks all over the power base. Was this kettle sold previously then returned by the customer for what-ever reason then resold as new again?.Took one star off overal rating. The kettle itself does look great, the heating controls work as stated and the overal appearance of the blue led’s is very pleasing to the eye. It’s much quiter than my old kettle and boils the water pretty quickly as well. Not had the kettle long so cant comment on the durability aspect but it looks sturdy enough to last some time. The only gripe i have with this kettle is that it doesnt fit snugly onto the power base, it wobbles when you place and lift up your kettle from the power base and it wobbles when the water boils. Took one star off overal rating.

I was looking for a glass kettle initially, but the extra features on this is what earned it it’s 5 stars. I use 2 of the temperature settings daily, and while i am cooking i keep the kettle on the ‘keep warm’ setting. This is a lot more convenient then emptying out the kettle and boiling water all over again. It also looks really smart in my kitchen.

I bought this kettle after reading the reviews and i was impressed with the whole look of the kettle. It looks elegant and stylish and goes with my other appliances in my kitchen. It probably boils quicker than my last kettle and its not as noisy. My kids loved watching the blue led light that reflects in the water when it boils. It has a few twmperature settings on the base which is good as my mum in law likes to drink herbal tea but on a low temperature. The only one negative point i have is that the kettle doesnt sit firmly on the base and wobbles very very slightly but all the other functions works well as it should.

I absolutely love this kettle. The choice of temperatures are ideal and it boils so quickly. It looks good and i have no complaints at all.

This kettle is elegant and practical, can see the water level wirhout picking it up or even froma distance, spout pours well with no spills at most, has multiple levels of options and buttons are sealed, overall high teck ketla for homes, looks good.

Excellent kettle and boils quickly,,holds temperature well.

Looks good give too a friend for her new kitchen.

Got my new kettle a few days ago and rate it very highly. When you turn it on it lights up blue select a temperature of your requirement and when it’s done lights go off and gives an audiable beep to say it’s finished. Sleek and stylish for a modern kitchen.

I’ve had several hot water devices over the years. This one is by far the most efficient and the simple design looks lovely on my kitchen worktops. Here are the specifications for the KIKET Glass Electric Kettle Temperature Control Tea Kettle:

  • Temperature Control Electric Kettle:Kiket electric tea kettle is designed with 4 temperatures(70℃, 80℃, 90℃, 100℃), it’s perfect for the tea lovers to make favorite tea and mothers to make milk for your kids. With keep warm function, the kettle keeps your hot water warm for 30 minutes, don’t worry the water cools down quickly in winter.
  • Transparent Electric Glass Kettle: Selected with premium glass material, it’s more durable than other normal glass kettle, printed the water level line, it’s easy to see the water left and watch the interested bobbling during working.
  • Blue LED Light Water Kettle: The kettle is decorated with blue elegant light, the lights turns on when heating water, which is convenient to know the working status, with blue light in the kettle, it provides you the better visual experience, like an ornament in your kitchen.
  • 3000W Speedy Water Boiler: Equipped with 3000W heating power, the whole jug of water comes to boil in 5-8 minute, it shuts off by itself and has the beep sound which is easy to know the kettle finishes working. 1.7L large capacity meets your whole family need or person daily demand.
  • Easy to Use:There are 4 temperature buttons which is easy to press the desired temperature button directly, no need to switch the temperature one by one. We provide the 2-year quality warranty, and we’re always online to serve for you.

Convenient keep warm setting works well. What i like the most is the flip lid actually works. Plus it doesn’t splatter water everywhere when you pour like my last kettle.

I like the choice of temperature it can heat to, and the keep warm option.

Kettke is quite good, blue light is impressive. But only one ‘bad’ noticing -when you pour water to cup/mug some water drops are dropping from top cover.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Wobbly Kettle Design
  • LED elegant Kettle!!