KITCHEN CREW Induction Hob – Excellent

Does have some high pitched noise wile working, but seems to be working well.

Using with honda eu20i – runs at 2000 watt fine – full noise. When you use lower wattage – eg. 400 watts – which i will use commonly – the unit powers up full for a couple of seconds then powers off – off and on off and on etc. Which means that on eco cycle on the honda – let say that the generator is probably not amused – but, happy enough – if it annoyed anyone – just run it on full cycle during cooking then back down to eco later. The unit itself is just plain amazing – i can boil enough water (on 2000 watts) for one almost 2 cups in under 60 seconds – it’s so good that the kettle is getting the boot. Why would i bother when the kettle is so much slower?temperature control seems good. Cleaning should be fine – i would recommend the proper stove top cleaners. Both the cleaner and the silicone sealer ——- hopefully the unit has a very long life.

The product is a slim and elegant design, it works quite well. I have tried with pans of 14 cm and 32 cm diameter which works fine. The annoying part is that it beeps loudly every time you lift the pan. As a trained chef it is very common to lift or tilt the pan during cooking, thus this is very annoying to me.

Love my introduction hob, so smart and easy to use and clean. This is my second induction hob which lasted for 25 years but the new hob is even better. Am seriously thinking of buying another for another kitchen i am redecorating instead of building a job in.

I paid for a double hobs for 3500w as adverted, for got a 2800w instead. Mislead product information.

Fantastic little double hob that is perfect for my 1 bed flat. The hob heats quickly and simmers really well. Just wipe over for cleaning. The only thing to watch for is that the left ring is hi power at 1800w and the right ring only goes to 1000w but it’s easy to work with. Touch buttons make cooking easy.

I am using to cook all types of food and boil eggs.

Very useful as my new kitchen took 3 months to install in a new extension, and so i had no oven or range just a microwave and this. . Turned me on to induction .

Having kitchen done so this has definitely done the job and it’s cheap.

Has been excellent standby while renovation work carried out on our house.

Very versatile with the temperature controls and super fast at heating up. I loved my old induction hob but having 2 hobs are much better.

Two rings, 200 watts to 1800 and 200 to 1000. Both rings start at 200w with power increasing with 200w steps to full power. Both rings start at 60 degrees and increase to 240 with 20 degrees steps. Set at 100 degrees and it simmers no problem. Smallest pot, i used was a greek coffee pot to boil a bit of water just to try it and it worked fine, base diameter about 78 millimetres or just over 3 inches. Largest pot so far 24 cm, at 1800w setting, and it brought the soup to the boil quickly, faster than my last gas hob. Not too noisy, well less than the big name single hob i have costing nearly as much. Can not comment on durability as i just got it.

Have only been using for a short time while undergoing a kitchen refurbishment. It takes a little getting use to, as quite different from gas, although the control is similar. Might be re-thinking my cooking appliance when the kitchen reaches fitting stage. So easy to keep clean and it’s portability is great. Would recommend this appliance 100%, not to mention the incredibly short delivery time from germany, i think 2 or 3 days from placing order. Here are the specifications for the KITCHEN CREW Induction Hob:

  • HIGH PERFORMANCE – The black induction hob is made of polished glass ceramic and provides a temperature range of 60 – 240° C.
  • SLIM DESIGN & SIMPLE HANDLING – Thanks to the LED display and Touch Control sensors, you can keep an eye on everything. The 180-minute timer helps you keep cooking times perfect.
  • EASY CARE & ROBUST – The glass-ceramic surface is scratch-resistant, particularly resistant and easy to clean by hand.
  • TESTED SAFETY – The induction hob is GS-certified by TÜV-Rheinland and is therefore safe to use.
  • OUR PROMISE – We want you to be 100% satisfied. For this reason, we offer personal customer service and a 30-days return policy with free return shipping.

Good size, plenty of space for pans. Whole surface is flat glass so easy to wipe and no knobs or buttons to melt, which happened with a previous different make.

This is a lovely machine, simple to use and very powerful. I bought it because my old induction hob stopped working after many years of heavy use, but on taking it apart a microswitch was stuck. A squirt of wd 40 and now it works like new. So now i have two induction hobs. They change heat just as fast as gas, they are clean to use, very reliable and cheap on electricity. I use them on 400watt setting which will cook a large frying pan of bacon and eggs etc. Whereas a normal ring uses 2500watts. I only use mine on full power to heat up a pressure cooker full of water, then turn the power down and use the timer so i can leave the pressure cooker to work on it`s own. The timer is a fantastic thing to have, but i don`t think all the pre set functions on the expensive ones are really worth bothering with. That`s why i bought this model so you can adjust the temperature whenever you want. I think this is an essential piece of kit to have in a kitchen. Just like a microwave cooker.

I work very good with this hob. It reaches the desired temperature in seconds. I, heartily, recommend the seller and the manufacturer.

This little hob is amazingi wanted to try one so i after reading the reviews on soo many on amazon i went with this one which was also the cheapest. It is a good size to use in my tiny kitchen on the counter top. The fan isn’t that noisy and i really don’t notice it. I use it so the buttons are at the side and everything is easy to reach. It heats my pans up very fast (unlike the double one i tried once before). I have used various sized pans on it including a large 2 litre saucepan for soup. The bubble of liquids seems to be uniform across the bottom of the pan, so not just a small ring in the middle, as people have mentioned on other models. Talking of soup: this allows me to simmer gently with no problem, and the timer is in increments of 1 minute, so i can set my simmer for the exact time i want, then it switches itself off. Marvellous :)like any new tool in the kitchen, it does take some getting used to, and a new style of cooking, but i have been successfully using it for soups, stir fries, fried fish and omelettes (work in progress there ). I have a small ‘sauce’ pan which i have used to boil water for my tea, as it’s faster than boiling my kettleit is super easy to keep clean and has a low profile so similar to the cooking height on a regular stove.

Never had an induction hob before but the functionality is great , this purchase was to use temporarily until we had a new cooker installed, i just hope the hob on my new cooker is as good as this .

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Fantastic!
  • Annoying beeps when you lift the pan
  • Great piece of kit ! Highly recommend it.