Kitchen Perfected 500W 2Ltr Blender : good

Nice and good i am impress and please it is a good toy to play with and i will buy again.

It has a large capacity and does what its supposed to do. Yes would recommend this product. Have had it for a year no problems.

First the positives:the blender has good capacity and is easy to clean – unlike some that i have previously owned. It seems very sturdy and the main controls are easy to use. It comes with a grinder attachment – which i haven’t used yet. The bad bits:for me the worst thing about this blender is that no matter how long i leave the motor running and no matter what else i do, i just can’t get it to really make things smooth. There always remain some small lumps – even with soft fruits such as melon. My previous blender would reduce whatever i wanted within half the time and make a much better job of it. I think the problem is the blades on this machine are too short. The other slightly annoying thing about this blender is that it is quite fiddly lining up the various parts when assembling for use. I may get used to it eventually – if i haven’t bought another blender in the meantime.

The blender is efficient and works well and with ease. The ability to add items through the lid is valuable. The grinder is also effecient and effective.

I have had this blender going on one year now and whilst it does not get major use, it really does the job when it does come out of the cupboard. Blends and grinds well (main blender – not additional grinder) and seems to be sturdier than a much more expensive model had for less time before the jug went kapoot¬.

Am happy to recommend this product for any body who want to use it. It works very well and it is a strong product.

Lloytron 500w blender with grinder attachment, 2l, blackpowerfull unit with bad bladeit can use for soft things. . Grinder unit is not water proof.

Very powerful motor, almost too powerful. It struggles to blend up blueburries in a smoothie which is what i wanted to use it for because it shoots them around the edge and they get nowhere near the blade. When you pour your smoothie out it does appear smooth until the end where you have large chunks left behind. I have overcome this somewhat by using the pulse function and letting the blades come to rest between each pulse. This is somewhat time consuming considering the job should only take a few seconds. Bananas have the same problem, yet to try anything else. The grinder attachment is excellent. I have only used it for seeds so far but it pulverises them to a powder in a few seconds. However, it is so noisy you have to quickly put your fingers in your ears when you have switched it on because of the deaffening sound it makes. If you like noise and don’t mind a not so smooth smoothie then buy this but personally i would not purchase again.

  • does the job.
  • good
  • Not the best blender

500W 2Ltr Blender with Grinder Attachment – Black

Product description, Lloytron E824BK 500W 2ltr Blender with Grinder Black 2 Litre Capacity Jug Safety Locking with plunger 2 Speed Operation & Pulse Setting Separate Grinder Attachment Auto Clean Function.

Box Contains, 1 x Lloytron Blender E824BK

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I have used is very few times. Used it to blend strawberry. Its a bit plasticky and the switch is a big mess, looks quiet flimsy. The blender comes with a grinder. But the grinder jar is very very small.

The main container is a good size (2ltr). The little beaker used for grinding is a little small i used it to grind spices i had to do it in small amounts at a time. The power settings are few but practical. It does look good and blends nicely in our kitchen.

I bought this nearly a year ago and it still works like new. Surprisingly we use the extra grinder regularly too.

Great blender comes with a grinder too which is even handier great price too had it for a while still working perfectly fine really happy with the purchase *****.

Very good value, looks quite sleek, the blender has a large capacity. Like the self-cleaning button for the blender – saves on the tricky washing up. Grinder is good for dry spices,.

This blends into a smooth puree, and its cheap so splashed out and bought 2. I would gladly recommend it to anyone.

I bought the blender few weeks ago, is ok for the price. The only thing i can say about this particular blender is got big litre; but not smooth puree.

I would have like something a little more substantial, rather cheap looking. Apart from this it does the job.

  • does the job.
  • good
  • Not the best blender

500W 2Ltr Blender with Grinder Attachment – Black

Blender is very easy to clean, and the jug size can serve the whole house-mates,also good to use as well, no disapointments so far *).

I am having to send this back as it’s not working however the look of the blender is good and of it worked i could imagine it being a going blender.

This was a budget priced blender and served me well for over a year until the blade suddenly broke. I found it sturdy enough and it certainly did the job for my daily fruit smoothy. I found it difficult to clean under the blades and strangely it generated a gunky build up underneath the jug after time.

Excellent and value for money.

Good price and delivered on time. As new in original wrapping. Me happy and would recommend.

This is a really good device at a very reasonable price. Much better than the more expensive ones ive had. Very fast delivery as well as good quality.

Price value really no complaints speed dail is a little useless though have to stand and hold it and different settings don’t do much difference.

Only used grinder as yet but very pleased with the result so far. Took a while to work out the dismantling but easy when you know how.

So far used it to make a smoothie and it has done the job, it seems goo value.

Features and Spesification

  • 2 Litre Capacity Jug
  • Safety Locking with plunger
  • 2 Speed Operation & Pulse Setting
  • Separate Grinder Attachment
  • Auto Clean Function