Kitchen Perfected Lloytron E5203WH Full Fruit Juice Extractor – Great Purchase

Product isok for the price i paid (i had a £20 voucher but i wouldn’t have been overly happy paying the full price), a bit of a nightmare to clean and very noisy but it juices.

I use my juicer every day for morning and lunch also for my morning anti hay fever shot. I so love it, easy to use easy to clean and so much juice produced :-).

Very good under £15 what u want to expect.

Now lets remember these juicer is £20 and the old saying goes you get what you pay for. So the other reviews saying its not good enough and it leaves too much moisture in the pulp are true. I think for the money this juicer is amazing. It arrived today and it comes already put together. Of course you want to give it a clean before use. So i took it apart, gave it all a good clean and put it back together within five minutes. Very easy to put back together. The juicer is very powerful it cuts up fruits with ease. It says to peel off cucumber skin but it can handle it with it on.

This juicer gives you a good level of juice and a dry pulp. This makes you feel you are getting your moneys worth from the fruit and veg going in. Its quick and plenty powerful. However, this juicer is a pain to keep clean, the mesh cleans up easy enough, the tray under it does not, it is all nooks and crannys that are impossible to clean. The other issue i have found is that the clamps that hold the juicer together vibrate loose after a few seconds and result in the juicer shutting down, this can mean that juicing is a three handed job.

Although the initial reviews were not great i decided to purchase because of the price.

Total bargain and better than i was expecting. Super easy to clean after use and the pulp is practically dry. The only reason i gave a 4 star is due to the noise it makes. A little loud but since it’s not on for too long it’s not too bad. Ultimately, a wonderful juicer for the money, easy to read instructions and very easy to pull apart to wash.

I paid just under £20 so for that it’s a good powerful whole fruit juicer. I had to purchase a jug and get my son to cut notch out so it would fit against juicer spout, as the one supplied is tiny and the lid vibrates off n seconds splashing everywhere. Also juice leaks right through to top of motor so bit messy/fidldly to clean. Bought as a travel juicer for weekends away etc to save taking my large philips one, so overall for what i paid happy. But now its more expensive i would recommend cookworks stainless steel whole fruit juicer from argos as best budget juicer, two friends have it and its great.

My kids love it everyday fresh juicy easy to wash.

Product does what it says, only problem i have is removing the filter as it is very stiff but i do use it every day.

Here are the specifications for the Kitchen Perfected Lloytron E5203WH Full Fruit Juice Extractor:

  • Stainless steel centrifugal sieve;Non Slipping Feet
  • 2 Speed and Pulse Switch;Automatic juice and pulp seperation
  • 0.5Ltr Juice Jug;1.3Ltr Waste Container
  • 76mm Diameter Feeding Tube with plugger;Perfect for inserting full fruit
  • 800w Power;Easy clean design

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Over the moon
  • Great Purchase
  • awsome