KitchenAid 5FGA Food Grinder : Five Stars

Great for grinding food, insert and grind, pretty simple really. Not to be confused with grindr, apparently that’s something very different which i discovered accidentally and after 3 hours online looking into that, i had to explain my mistake to the wife. Anyway, 4 months later i’m allowed back in the bedroom and we laugh over my misunderstanding. Well i laugh, she grimmaces.

Love it, best this i ever bought for my kitchen. Make sure the meat is nice and cold then it will all work perfectly and you know exactly what your eating.

Great addition to kitchen aid makes mincemeat of kitchen chores.

The price was right and it does exactly what it says on the box.

Great mincer, works a treat, bit fiddly to clean as not all parts are dishwasher safe, but overall very good.

For that price i’d prefer if it would be made from steel the whole item.

Very good product as can be expected from kitchen aid. Used it with lamb with no problems.

  • Love it!
  • Very good product as can be expected from Kitchen Aid
  • Four Stars

KitchenAid 5FGA Food Grinder, White (Optional Accessory for KitchenAid Stand Mixers)

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Tried using it to grind beef but it didn’t grind all, seems like its not that sharp.

Does the job, just slice the meat into long pieces for quicker results.

Good and very solidly made i use it for making my dogs food but expensive.

Fantastic buy price was really good item as described would buy more from this seller.

Whilst the product was what was requested, all the paperwork enclosed related to the usa and canada, and there was no reference to uk/europe and no requirement to register the product as is the norm and as per all the other products/attachments we have purchased. This may well indicate why the unit was considerably reduced, but there was no such indication on the web site that it was presumably for usa/canadian consumption.

Tough, thick plastic body and easy to use. Minces without problems and dissasembles easily for cleaning.

Works well enough and does what we want it to do. Fine for small amounts at a time, not so good for large.

Very good attachment for the mixer, it does the job required excellent for making sausages.

  • Love it!
  • Very good product as can be expected from Kitchen Aid
  • Four Stars

KitchenAid 5FGA Food Grinder, White (Optional Accessory for KitchenAid Stand Mixers)

Easy to assemble out of the box. Bought this primarily to make sausage. (the videos available on youtube produced by kitchenaid were helpful but not thorough. ) for best results, cut up meat and then place in freezer for 20 minutes to harden before grinding. I appreciated that the removable metal cutter behind the disc also traps the fat membranes. The cap must be unscrewed at any point after the meat does not uniformly pass through the disc. Simply remove the blade with a toothpick and remove the buildup. (though trimmed well, pork shoulder naturally contains chewy, membrane-like fat. )the whole grinder comes apart and cleans easily. Rinse any food solids and then plunge in a bowl of hot, soapy water.

Deals with all meats perfectly, as long as they’re very cold.

Easy to use,trimmed fat off beef first and the grinder did not clog up as other reviewers have commented. Excellent for home use and making small amount of minced beef,haven’t tried other foods through it yet. The product was easy to use.

Excellent product at a very good price.

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