KitchenAid 5KFP1325 Classic Food Processor – 5 stars & more .

Not perfect but very good for everyday use in the kitchen.

The kitchen aide food processor with the exact slicer was such a pain to use. Very expensive, lots of extra equipment, needed a lot of space for the extras, and i rarely used it. What i wanted is a food processor with few bells and whistles, and one that works well. This is exactly what i wanted. I have a 9-cup work bowl and a 3-cup mini bowl for personal treats. This food processor makes quick work of any sized dish with an adjustable feed tube and a variety of blades. This food processor includes a 9-cup work bowl, 3-cup mini bowl, adjustable stainless steel slicing disc, and reversible stainless steel shredding disc, stainless steel multipurpose blade, stainless steel work blade, and dough blade. I make pie dough frequently, and this food processor is just what i need and want. I have enough room, without all the bells and whistles.

Excellent product have not used yet but looks very good and was delivered as promised.

I can’t imagine how i managed all those years with silly small food processors when i can fit all the ingredients for a cake in this one. Very easy to use and easy to clean. The slicing and grating attachments work quite well but always leave large bits that don’t get done, but overall a great kitchen helper.

**update**item stopped working 2 weeks ago. The blade won’t lower to cut its original point, am not impressed because i was very happy with this product. First thing i noticed is how quiet this is compared to my old processer. It deserves 5 stars for performance, i have used it to make peanut butter & it was done in a flash. The thick/thin option is just ok, to be honest the difference is not very noticeable on carrotts ect. Would have no problem recommending this to anyone as i love it.

Although it took me a little while to set this up and work out which bit needed to ‘click’ before it would start, (with the husband exclaiming on several occasions that it was broken and would need to go back),now up and running i think it’s great, very easy to use once you know how and quick to change the attachments.

Helpful supplier when i had to query something. Quite large on counter but being white does not stand out too much. Use it mainly for shredding and slicing as it is a bit of a fiddle to change parts over just for small usage, we being only two in family. I believe it can do many tricks i have not yet asked it to perform and for the cost seems quite reasonable value. Excellent youtube demonstrations which might make me get around to other facilities. I think the three way funnel a good idea as larger items don’t necessarily have to be broken up for insertion, but had a tussle with separating the elements after washing as they seemed to have adhered to each other and being of polycarbonate i didn’t want to force them.

A very classy piece of equipment.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Big enough for cooking – yay!
  • Good value
  • now up and running I think it’s great, very easy to use once you know how