Kitchenaid 5KSM7591XBER Planetary Food Mixer – Very good and durable product!

I decided after using my kitchenaid classic for five years it was time to upgrade although i was happy with the classic it wasn’t ideal for making sourdough bread which i make regularly as it was putting pressure on the motor also the bowl size isn’t big enough for large loaves. This machine has a much better motor and can handle heavy going doughs and is great for cakes etc. The one criticism is the new style power kneading spiral, it doesn’t always clear the bowl meaning sometimes i have to stop the machine and scrape the sides which is a bit annoying,apart from this the machine is good and should, in theory last me for years to come (hope so at this price)looks beautiful too. If you found my review helpful please click yes below.

If you are a regular home baker invest in the best you can afford. This is a well made machine highly recommend it.

I’ve used the smaller kitchenaid mixer for the last 18 years without issues and only wished for higher capacity. I had the opportunity to get this and it really is a high quality piece of kitchen equipment. I did miss being able to lift out the beater by lifting the head unit up but this is a small change to get used to compared to the increased capacity and power upgrade. I think this one is quieter than my originali use it mainly for baking with some bread making and mash (creamed) potatoes and it excels at all. I’ve also purchased the kitchenaid 6. 9 litre 5kfe7t flexi whisk tool to clean the sides whilst mixing. I really dislike ‘kitchen cupboard fillers’ that allegedly make my cooking easier but do nothing other than create washing up and taking up space. The kitchenaid is one of the very few kitchen appliances i have and it’s an item i use regularly as it really saves me time and effort. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

I use this product on a daily basis to mix cake barters, buttercream, whipped cream and it gives me the best results compared with the other types of mixers i have.

I had to wait for this item because it was initially out of stock but it was worth the weight. Have used it already and remains on display in my kitchen. Produces amazing light fluffy buttercream. Would recommend if you want to make larger quantities but if just wanting to make the occasional cake then go for the smaller version. It’s like having a new porsche for the kitchen.

It’s what i expected and more i love it.

Very good, but it has stopped and i can’t find out how to get a warranty repair done,if you could be of some assistance please.

Super quality, big and strong.

Nice machine quite and practical with good result in bread dough making.

Fantastic piece of kitchen equipment, just sits there and does the job.

I love it – so easy to whip up big batches of mix. Good for medium batches but i still revert to hand held mixer when making small things. Makes the best and lightest buttercream too.

Bought it for the power and brand, it is a bit noisy but the most challenging part for me is it’s hard to remove and put on the mixing bowl in position, the tools couldn’t really reach the bottom of the mixture. I don’t recommend this to those who wish to handle the bowl easily.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • High quality time and effort saver
  • very good, but it has stopped and i can’t find
  • the noise and fitting are a challenge