KitchenAid Food Grinder – Mmmmm!

The kitchenaid food grinder was delivered promptly. Results in use are excellent. There are two sizes of grinding plate, but we only need the coarse version. Action is very fast and when attached to the kitchenaid food mixer you need to use speed 4 as recommended.

Does just what i wanted – easy to use, good complement to my kitchen aid. Would recommend to anyone looking for good attachment for k.

I gave this food grinder five stars as i was able to mince 750g of lamb in less than two minutes. It required little effort and washing up after was easy. Mincing your own meat means you know exactly what is in it and you can control the amount of fat it contains. I made delicious lamb koftas and am looking forward to making some pate next.

The food grinder is well made and appears to be of high quality. The performance is adequate for our home use and i expect should remain so.

The glory of this mincer is i can purchase whatever cut of meat i like to make the most tasty burgers, i can add what fat i like which makes them healthy. Buying shop minced meat you are not in control and don’t know what beef they have used and what fat they have bulked it up with. There are not many good mincers of raw meat for the domestic kitchen. Kitchen aid products are not cheap but you get what you pay for, and i think they are worth every penny paid.

If you have kitchenaid this highly recommended. You can do you own mince from what you like and when you like.

This is a serious mincer, sturdy, effective and easy to clean. We are very impressed and wish we had bought one to supplement our kitchen aid a long time ago.

Great item useful got making sausages and mincing cooked meats loads of uses and takes the dread out of mincing.

I am delighted with my ka mincer. I am interested that a couple of people have commented that this mincer doesn’t like fat. I put chunks of suet through mine using the small grinding plate when baking xmas pudds, making mincemeat or suet crusts etc. I think it is an excellent mincer and my ka classic mixer is ace too.

Good product to have in the kitchen comes in handy when you least expect it. Nice addition to my kitchen aid range.

Arrived yesterday and what an amazing product. Plastic casing but it feels sturdy. I could not believe how easily it minced some beef steak. Found a homeade beefburger recipe and i’ve just made them with the beef, mustard, onion and chopped coriander. Can’t wait to try them with a slice of melted cheese and relish tonight. Excited to do more things now. I did follow the instructions and kept everything very cold – i even put the mince in the freezer for a while to begin with.

I have ordered this item despite of the negative comments saying that it was not a genuine ka item. I did this because it was a lot cheaper than the ones sold in the shops. My item came in perfect packaging and it was a genuine ka product. There was no missing plate or whatsoever. Amazon must have taken action due to previous comments. It grinds the meat very well unless it is fatty. If there is fat in the meat, it gets stuck around the knives and it is a pain to clean it up afterward. That is why, i’m taking away 1 star. Overall it met my expectations and i’m happy. The meatballs i make are so yummy now because of the fact that i don’t have to use supermarket ground meat.

When i first took this out the box, i was surprised that it was made of fairly light plastic as most grinders are metal. This hasn’t had any impact on its function though – it seems incredibly tough and well made. The two grinding discs allow you to grind a wide variety of things from meat to herbs and other accessories allow the use of the body as a powered strainer and sausage stuffer. My only complaint would be that the pusher is a bit flimsy compared to the solid cylinders you see on other machines. I highly recommend some nicely trimmed sirloin or ribeye steaks for making amazing burgers. I’ve also used this to mince leftover meat to add to gravy and make cat food – my cat loves me for this and you can take lots of the butchers leftovers and cook them up. Here are the specifications for the KitchenAid Food Grinder:

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    by entering your model number.
  • Meat chopper – accessory for KITCHENAID – function: chop or grind meat, fish, vegetables, dry bread, firm meat fruits and cheese
  • 5413184400309
  • 1100

As expected from a kitchen aid product this is fantastic – i have used it over and over again since purchasing it, it’s strong and robust and like my artisan mixer will last me for years.

Ordered on the friday delivered saturday afternoon cheers ten out of ten for efficiency. Just gotta wait out on the rest of my order and will deliver a proper review on how the mincer performs all good so far.

Easy to use, easy to clean and works brilliantly. This is a gadget i use very often and would highly recommend.

Feels good and easy to clean. Tired it a couple of times and it’s the base for a lot of other accesories.

Yes it works quite nicely and is easy to clean. Only problem has been that it gets stuck on the machine and you need muscles to pul it off.

A nice piece of kit ideal for sausage making and burgers. Easy to clean and change blades. Can be slow for large amounts but then this is for home use.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • I’ll not mince my words
  • Mincer
  • Outstanding

Bought as a xmas present for mum works well shame it is plastic as would preferred it to be metal to match the usual kitchen aid quality.

A good attachment to a good mixer does what it says on the tin as they say, a good investment that ensures you know what goes into your burgers.

First rate product that works very well. The coarse cut setting is superb for making rustic and interesting sausages. An excellent addition to any kitchenaid mixer and well worth the investment. As a previous reviewer said speed 4 is the best setting. I hope this review was useful to you:).