KitchenAid KSMCT1ER 5KSMCT1ER KSM Plate Cover – Keeps the mixer covered. Slightly difficult to zip up

Fits perfectly for my kitchenaid and washes greatthe onyl reason it didnt get 4 stars is because the pocket and name is on the left but my kitchen aid is against a wall, so when covered you cant use the pocket or see the name. This could’ve been thought about when making it and having two pockets ar the name on the front or both sides.

Struggles to zip at the bottom.

This product only just fits the mixer and as it is quite expensive, i would have expected it to fit better so dare not wash it as if it shrinks just a tiny bit, it would not fit at all. The small pocket on one side is not large enough for anything much at all. Wished i had spent even more money and got a better one. Not sure what i will do when it needs to be washed.

Keeps the dust off your kitchen aid mixer while it’s not in use. Cheeper buying from amazon us than from a uk outlet.

Fantastic product keeps the kitchenaid tip top.

Love it, great for keeping mixer dust free and covered while on kitchen counter.

Does exactly what it supposed to do it looks awesome and i love the pocket on the side.

Waow a realy nice ‘pouch’ for our robotwe’ll use it with such a pleasure that we’ll be happy one more timethank you, kitchenaid .

Like, very good product for artisan 4.

It does the job protecting my lovely mixer, it fits well and looks great. However the cream cover is more beige than cream.

Sorry, this cover was too small for my 4. 8 litre mixer so is being sent back.

Excellentimported from america at almost half the uk price. Ordered on the 3rd of april, arrived on the 17th of april – worth the wait.

Awesome bed for my new kitchen aid. Here are the specifications for the KitchenAid KSMCT1ER 5KSMCT1ER KSM Plate Cover:

  • The cover protects the food processor from dust and grease.
  • The practical outer pocket allows you to store recipe books, kitchen utensils and other things.
  • This washable cover is made from a cotton/polyester mix.

Slightly difficult to zip up fully and what to do with the plug and flex?.

Good strong material and well made. Wish they made one for the blender as well.

We got this to go over our kitchenaid mixer with the large size bowl. While it technically fits, it’s pretty snug and it comes up just a little bit at the bottom. Even so, it keeps dust off our mixer and this particular colour means that dust particles are not seen as easily. It’s often a few weeks between baking sessions at our place so dust settles. It’s grand not having to wash everything before use because of dust. Does the job, could do with being just a smidge looser.

As this was a christmas gift for my sister (as hubby was getting her a kitchenaid artisan mixer for christmas), she was after a cover for it (for the times she wasn’t using it). It fitted perfectly with what we brits like to call wiggle room.

Its perfect for the smaller range of kitchenaid mixers so not ideal for all. I have the small mixer and it fits perfectly.

Does the job it’s meant to do.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Kitchen aid fitted cover
  • Great quality product
  • Brought as a gift and it was perfect, she was thrilled with it

Perfect fit, just what was needsd.

Made for the machine, excellent fit and looks good.

Nicely made but quite tight, more material would be betterhope it does not shrink in washing.

I read some reviews about zipper issues. But we’ve not had any of that. We’re careful when putting it on and off, mainly because of the price. But it looks the part and works well.

However a little snug zipping up. No room for the slightest shrinkage.

This cover does it all it protects & keeps the machine clean. It’s just not practical to have on display permanently, much as i’d like to.

Looks smart but a little on the snug side.

Brought as a gift and it was perfect, she was thrilled with itit’s good quality and very stylish. It keeps the mixer neat and tidy and fits a treat.

Well made, washable, silly pocket on the front. If i was better at sewing i’d have made one, but this does the job nicely.

Doesn’t quite fit 100% round the bottom but still very handy for keeping it clean.

Perfect – arrived quickly and fits really well. Bought as a gift and will need to buy myself one.

Love it and fits my kitchenaid to a t.

Was hesitant about spending this kind of money to cover my kitchenaid but omg worth every penny now i have it. Fits perfectly, good quality thick fabric. Zip at the back provides a snug fit. So glad i went ahead and purchased it, you get what you pay for.

. Just what i have wanted for ages and far more affordable for a branded product. Fast and efficient delivery and service.

Good fit, good construction. Wish i could get one for the kitchenaid processor to match it.

8l mixer for christmas and naturally i had to have the proper cover to keep it clean. It fits beautifully, not too tight not too loose. Nice quilted design and the zip at the back is a good idea. I did look at the cheaper basic covers but did not really like the look of them. Bit pricey for what it is but if you buy the cheapo ones you might as well use a tea towel.