KitchenCraft Le’Xpress Induction Whistling Stovetop Kettle – Four Stars

Got this as a replacement for our last kettle which i let boil drygood whistle and great looking design.

Arrived 5 days early brilliant service with amazon free delivery to spain a bonus. Does what it says on packing.

Very good looking great works well.

Nice appearance, a sturdy looking kettle with a high shine finish. However, you need to ensure the lid is firmly sealed (it is not always immediately obvious by sight, it’s too easy to be just a millimetre or two off sealed) otherwise steam escapes and makes the handle too hot to touch- and therefore unsafe.

A very nice kettle that works well on my range cooker.

Worn it out – just ordered another – hope this one lasts as long as the old one -vg.

It is far cheaper to run it than an electric kettle.

Like the cheerful (not too shrill) whistling when it’s boiled.

This kettle is an attractive shape, easy to fill and clean, and, most importantly, boils quickly on my induction hob. It was an inexpensive choice and i am very pleased with its performance so far. Later edition: i used a proprietary product to remove lime scale and it is no longer silver inside. It seems to take longer to boil now than it did at first.

Looks great, has a heavy base and the whistle works well.

I ordered the kettle to replace one that i really liked but which had stopped whistling. When this arrived i liked it but unfortunately the whistle lasted 2 days.

Great kettle for use on our induction hob. However the whistle does tend to fall out occasionaly. Just needs pressing back in again. Timed it against our electric kettle and it was far quicker on the induction hob. Here are the specifications for the KitchenCraft Le’Xpress Induction Whistling Stovetop Kettle:

  • This 1.6 Litre kettle lets out a charming whistle when your water’s boiled, so everyone knows it’s time for tea
  • Suitable for all hobs, including induction, range cookers and camping stoves
  • Elegant design and shimmering stainless steel look, with an encapsulated base to help your water boil more quickly
  • Stay-cool ergonomic handle and knob, plus a flip-top whistle for safe and easy use; with clear 1.6 Litre (2.75 pt) Max Fill level marking
  • Gift boxed with KitchenCraft’s 10 years guarantee, so it makes a fine gift

I bought this kettle 18 months ago. I bought it because i was fed up with expensive ‘pretty’ kettles not lasting so thought i would buy a cheaper one and if it didn’t last it wouldn’t matter. I am delighted to say it is still whistling and working as well as the day i bought it.

My electric kettle broke so i bought this whistling kettle as i had been wanting one for years. It is very efficient, works well and boils the water fairly quickly, although sometimes the whistle can be quite deafening (which is a plus when i am upstairs).

I love our whistling kettle, which we have had for between two and four years. However, the two-way spring to hold the whistle/pourer shut or open has now broken. This means only gravity holds the whistle shut, giving a weak whistle and a tendency to over-boil. I e-mailed kitchencraft with a photo. With no receipt and only a vague idea when it was bought, they said they could not repair or provide a replacement whistle, so sent me a replacement kettle. They said i was covered by their 15-year guarantee. The kettle arrived next day.

I bought this as i have limited counter space in my tiny kitchen. At first i wasn’t sure whether to get it as there were some negative reviews about the whistle falling out after a small amount of use but decided to get it due to the number of positive comments. I’ve had it for 7 weeks now and i’m glad i bought it. The whistle did fall out after about a month but i just wait for it to cool and pop it back in again, its really easy to just click it back into place and it still whistles fine.

Does exactly what it says and easy shine. A kettle is a kettle and so the price is excellent towards the price for similar product in a colour.

Feels cheaper than the one it’s replacing, but was quarter of the price,so very satisfied.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Take care- can get too hot to handle!
  • A good looking practical kettle
  • Leaking Kettle

If you need a kettle for a gas hob this one is an excellent buy. It looks very good, has a double base, it works, and was reasonably priced.

Purchased to use on gas hob. You ll need a cloth to open the nozzle just after its boiled.

Having used a quick boil electric kettle for years, the time to boil a kettle on a hob was surprisingly long. , otherwise all is as written on the box.

I really like this kettle, although a smaller one would have done just as well. The only thing is that you have to flip the whistle lid quickly or you can get caught by the steam.

Boils very quickly so saves on gas. Nice traditional shape so also looks good. Easy to wipe clean with a damp sponge and dry with kitchen towel to restore shine, providing you don’t let food splashes bake on. Very pleased with it so far.

Because it has such a wide base when you put in just enough water for 2 cups of tea it boils in no time. This item plus the battery radio i bought has halved the amount of electricity units i use. Whistling when it is boiled saves you switching the kettle on again which is what happens with an electric kettle, hence you boil the same amount of water twice. We are at home all day so gets quite a bit of use. Would recommend to anyone who wants to cut down electricity costs.

After between 7 to 10 years (can’t remember) the spring on the flip whistle failed on the previous one. However, it had otherwise served well so we decided to replace it with another one.

Good solid traditional whistling kettle. Does everything it said it would do.

Excellent on induction hobs, not so much on gas burners. Handle gets very hot when used on gas hob.

A good kettle, nicely finished. Some kettles have the means to open the spout from the handle, more to go wrong of course, so you need to be mindful of the scalding steam when you open the spout. Would most certainly go for this design again.

This kettle looked and worked extremely well. However, within a very short time it began to leak from the base where there is a seam joining it to the top. I noticed it after a few days but thought it was a spill of water. After keeping an eye on it for a bit longer it became apparent that it had a leak as we watched the water ooze out from the seam. I contacted amazon who were very quick to dispatch a replacement as in general i liked the kettle and was willing to give it a second chance. If the replacement one leaks or has any other fault it will also be returned but this time i will ask for a refund.

One of the best products i bought on here. Robust, good looking and efficient. Unlike some other reviewers on here i haven’t had any problems with the whistle at all. Though i find that the whistling sound is different every time i use it, quieter at some and then much lauder at other times, which is something that i actually really like about it. The unexpected and unpredictable element to it, but in a good way. I mean who wants something that gives out exactly the same sound every single time. There is also an oldwordly charm to it.

Brilliant kettle, have been using it a few months now and all good, definitely recommend.

I very nice kettle at a reasonable price.

It is a good kettle except that after a couple of years the knob on the handle has gone brittle and broken off.

The whistle sound is not very powerful. I purchased this kettle for my mother, that has hearing problems. I liked the clean design and the material used, everything seems very good. On a standard gas stove, the water boils in few minutes (using filtered water from the jug in the fridge). I was expecting a stronger whistle, i doubt mine is faulty. I mean, it’s ok for me, but for a hearing impaired person, probably not.

A nice solid kettle i use it on my boat and am pleased with it apart from whistle is not loud and when motoring along it is difficult to hear when it reaches the boil. But apart from that i would recommend this kettle.

I have had my kettle for about 2 months & have been very pleased with it. I had read the reviews before i bought it & noted that some people had said the whistle had fallen out. Unfortunately mine has too, its not a great problem & it is easily popped back in. The kettle itself is wonderful ,but i am slightly disappointed.

Great kettle and looks good on the hob and safe and easy to pick up and use.

The kettle is working well and durable. It is stable on our camping gas ring and no staining as yet.

Not that noisy if you are up stairs.

Excellant for the price easy to fill and sings when ready. Appears to have a thick bottom and looks good.

Brought this kettle for use on an induction hob. Is very quick to boil, the whistle is loud and it looks the part sat on the induction hob. The handle stays cool, it looks well made. All told, a good bit of kit.

Took it camping and had to be careful to keep the spout away from the open and hot areas of a grill over an open fire. Fine on a gas grill, but plastic spout started to melt on an open fire.

The whistle is a bit quiet but the kettle works fine, looks good,and being stainless steel it should last well.

It is brilliant product, i owned after series disappointment from another seller with different kettle. Now i’m using it for 6 month and it just brilliant, durable and the steam sound is not following as others product.

Super kettle – its just the job. I use it on a gas hob and my old woodburning stove it is sturdy whilst being thin enough to boil reasonably quickly. Good for the price and when the kettle boils its time for tea.

Great value and quality, practical to use. I would highly recommend it to friends, relatives etc.

Nice weight, well insulated handle, no excuses for my other half to use the usual excuse ‘i didn’t hear the kettle boil’, any more. Nice to see the traditional things in life are making a come back.

Look no further unless you want ultra style over substance. I spent a long time reading reviews of kettles suitable for an induction hob. There were a lot of very expensive kettles out there that look very hip but had problems with rust, breaking whistles and risk of personal injury from steam or spitting when pouring. This kettle is perfect and has none of these problems. It looks contemporary with a perfectly acceptable style rating. The lid is firm but not difficult to remove, the whistle is a good volume – i can hear it upstairs but is not piercing if you are next to it, and the flip up whistle feels sturdy. It’s lightweight even when full and has a water level indicator line that is visible from the inside of the kettle. I couldn’t ask for any more really and at a fraction of the price of the more trendy ones i am superchuffed that i got a real bargain.

I bought this excellent little whistling kettle after coming back from holiday, i stayed in a yurt which had the same model kettle and found it’s dulcet whistling tones, just the job. Now i have my own and don’t think i’d want to go back to the old electric kenwoodthis kettle looks good and sits and works perfectly on my electric ceramic hob. My grandmother was right, the simple things in life are the best.

Too big took too long to boil.