KitchenCraft Natural Elements Polished Metal Kitchen Scale Weights : weights – metric!

Looks good in the kitchen and is easy to use.

Very attractive helps keep weights together so advoids losing the smaller ones.

Looks nice seems accurate and means i can now measure metric as well as imperial on my kitchen scales.

Especially the two half weights (400g).

Very pleased with the weights generally. Was concerned about the quality after reading other comments but they are of reasonable quality for the price and the definite benefit is the wooden stand which houses them all and looks fine on my worktop where it sits all the time.

Brings a touch of class to the kitchen. Bought to go with the imperial set.

I really like these weights. Mine are well-made and incredibly sturdy, and they look fantastic, which i’m afraid to say is of vital importance to me. As i get older i am holding more and more to the tenet that: ‘you should have nothing in the house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful. My only problem with them is that the weight amounts are quite small and embossed on the top (so in the same metal colour as the weight), and sometimes i struggle to read them, though as i get more used to the set i will start to know which weight is which just by looking.

Buying these was a real weight off my mind, they look great and are perfect for the job plus they come with a classy wooden holder for storage. 1st class, definitely recommend.

  • All about style
  • OK – but.
  • Couple of Small Gripes

KitchenCraft Natural Elements Polished Metal Kitchen Scale Weights with Wooden Holder, Metric, Set of 10

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We bought these weights to go with the matching scales from natural elements. The wooden holder is quite good and fits nicely on the scales for storage. The weights themselves are made out of steel and are chrome plated. The knob on the top of each weight is threaded and screws into a hole in the centre of the weight. This hole is used to hold small pieces of metal and/or ball bearings to calibrate the weight. You may need to check the tightness of these knobs – some of ours were loose – before use. They won’t last as long as the old salter type of solid brass and cast iron weights which will last a lifetime, but that’s progress for you.

Good workmanship and it looks good. We challenged an electronic version and found that the weights were more accurate at the lower end.

Thes look good, are easy to use, do the job perfectly and most people who visit notice them, even it they usualy have to ask what they are.

Bought to go with vintage style kitchen scales and the person who asked for them for christmas was really pleased to be able to use them.

These weights are aesthetically pleasing aswell as doing their job. Great space saver and being in a holder means they don’t get lost.

Very well made except some of the sizes shown on some of the weights was difficult to read unless very close inspection.

They were a gift for my husband. He liked the way they fit snugly into each other for easy storage.

Well pleased with the weights will last me out i should think we’ll made.

  • All about style
  • OK – but.
  • Couple of Small Gripes

KitchenCraft Natural Elements Polished Metal Kitchen Scale Weights with Wooden Holder, Metric, Set of 10

I had lost many of my weights from sets which rely on just being piled up and was getting by on a strange combination of imperial and metric. The inset stand for these makes it easy to pop them back in and not lose them, especially the tiny ones. You also get more than one of some which is useful.

Display box is beautiful and the weights are engraved beautifully.

Beautiful item, speedy delivery and packaged well.

Excellent quality – not cheap – but the little holder is excellent and should prevent losses. Not at all disappointed with this.

I bought these weights to go with a new set of kitchen scales. The look very impressive in their stand and my wife is delighted with them.

Had this as a gift as i have the ounces and pounds. I enjoy cooking and trying out different recipes so will look forward to finding new recipes to try without having to convert into ounces.

The weights are really easy to use and it is easy to see which weight you are using. They are a lot easier than the one’s i borrowed off my mum. I am glad there are small and big weights. Really looking forward to ding a lot of baking using them.

This is a nice piece to the kitchen. It was brought as a present for my mum who has tradional scales and they look lovely sat on the kitchen side.

I bought this and the metric version for my mum for christmas. She’d just got some fancy new scales so some smart weights to match seemed a good idea. She seems really impressed with them so that’s a win for me however this set, the imperial ones, came with the 2oz weights missing and a 40g metric one in its place. I was quite upset by this on christmas day i have to be honest. That said they have now been replaced, amazon were fine about it and their system for doing this works really well so full marks to amazon. As for the actual product, once correct, the wooden holder is really nice, the handle feels sturdy and the weights are quite pretty. They look good on my parents kitchen windowsill and as they’re out and easy to grab they are seeing a lot of use. My only criticism of them would be the stamping on the weights which denotes the mass of each weight is not as neat a finish it could be. Its perfectly clear but less aesthetically pleasing than the rest of the product.

These are perfect with the natural elements cast iron scale. They look great and are so easy to use. They come in metric or imperial so you can choose which you prefer to use.

Lovely set of weights and a good price.

The reason i don’t give this set of weights 5 stars is that, firstly, i’m not altogether sure that the light chrome plating will not in time corrode in a humid kitchen environment and secondly, the holes in which the weights sit could have been more appropriately sized. This may be nit-picking but at the price they could have gone that little bit further to make a very nice set of weights an excellent set of weights.

Bought these metric weight to go with some old fashioned kitchen scales which we recently acquired and refurbished , the scales only had imperial weights, so these were perfect and in a nice wooden storage case.

So good to find a set that is held in a container so you can keep all weights safely. The weights themselves are all well made & fully marked.

Bought this set of metric weights for use with a new set of kitchen scales. They look very attractive in their wooden stand.

I wanted these to save working out recipes written in lbs & ounces to kg & grams.

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