KLARSTEIN Aromatica X – Coffee Machine : Good value bean to cup coffee machine

I like the thermos flask and the safety pour button, it is not glass and not easily broken. Not used all the functions yet ie the descale. I live in a soft water area so the filters not required. Although the instruction manual shows different photos easy enough to follow.

Straightforward to use and makes a decent cup of coffee at a choice of strengths. I’ve not tried the timer function. Although it is quite easy to clean, reinserting the filter assembly can be a bit fiddly and it is hard to see why. I suppose it is just a tight fit. Can make up to 10 cups (5 mugs).

I like the fact this machine uses both beans and ground coffee. It is simple to switch between the two. I have not tried the timer yet and not cleaned all parts of the machine. However the filter and pot are easy access and simple to empty and clean. I haven’t had to descale yet. The instruction booklet is fairly comprehensive but i would have liked bigger print. You also have to flip back and forward to see what part of the machine schematic the instructions are talking about but that is just me being needyall in all i am very happy with the machine. And i do like trying different blends of coffee. I decided on this as i wanted something at a reasonable price (200+ for some of the flash ones who needs frothy milk) and best of all if i want to make one cup of coffee then i can. I know the minimum is a 2 cup on the machine but with my size of coffee cups that fills one mug with a slight top up.

Bought this to replace my single use plastic pod coffee maker. After much research i chose this one, and i’m really glad i did. Variable grind options and brew times means you can experiment to find your ideal strength and flavour. One minor gripe is that it doesn’t stay hot for very long, so perhaps i should have bought the thermos flask option?.

Bought this after being sick and tired of drinking poor quality coffee at home. The machine is incredibly easy to use, has a number of useful functions that work without any problems. Love the fact that it has a timer, love the fact that the hot plate keeps coffee hot for hours after making.

Still getting used to it, not as hot as i would like, thought flask version would be hotter.

Very pleased with this purchase. Coffee is a game changer if you use good quality beans. I genuinely love the machine but not a happy with the thermos jug as it is very difficult to empty it. Doesn’t matter if for pouring coffee or for cleaning purposes some liquid stays always in there.

Easy to use just one fault i wish it would keep coffee hotter for longer.

  • Good value bean to cup coffee machine
  • Great product
  • almost perfect

Klarstein Aromatica X – Coffee Machine, Timer, LED Display, Activated Carbon Filter, Warming Function, Stainless Steel, 3-Stage Grinder, incl. Glass jug and Accessories, Silver

Size:Glass Jug  |  Colour:Steel Experience special coffee enjoyment every day – the Klarstein Aromatica II coffeemachine makes it possible: thanks to a built-in grinder and a 150 g bean container,the coffee is freshly ground for every brewing process. With 5 selectable degrees ofgrinding from very fine to coarse, you have the opportunity to adjust the degree ofgrinding to your own wishes.
• Water scale with clearly visible cup division (graduated scale)• Easy to understand operation with pushbuttons and illuminated LED display• Adjustable number of cups (2, 4, 6, 8, 10) for choice of powder quantity (only ingrinding mode)• 150 g bean container• Coffee strength: mild, medium strong• Taste-neutral permanent filter for even more flavour enjoyment• Built-in activated carbon filter in the water tank to soften the water• Operation also possible with pre-ground powdered coffee• Includes cleaning brush and powder measuring spoon• Warming function up to 40 minutes after the end of the brewing process• Drip protection with removed glass jug• Removable water tank
• Dimensions: about 25 x 39.5 x 25 cm (WxHxD)• Length power cable: about 100 cm• Weight: about 4.1 kg
• 1 x coffee machine• 1 x glass jug• 1 x cleaning brush• 1 x measuring spoon• 1 x permanent filter• User manual in English (other languages: German)

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Well if my coffee machine was human it would be female because she is beautiful 1 of the best coffee machines i’ve ever used actually the best thank you.

Brilliant machine – strong, hot, aromatic coffee with no fuss.

  • Good value bean to cup coffee machine
  • Great product
  • almost perfect

Klarstein Aromatica X – Coffee Machine, Timer, LED Display, Activated Carbon Filter, Warming Function, Stainless Steel, 3-Stage Grinder, incl. Glass jug and Accessories, Silver

Features and Spesification

  • FRESH COFFEE: Hmmm, fresh coffee! The stainless steel Klarstein Aromatica X coffee machine with a built-in grinder brings X-tra futuristic flair to your home and brings you aromatic coffee freshly brewed for you to enjoy.
  • GRIND YOUR MOOD: If you’d like to rediscover the pleasure of coffee, the Klarstein Aromatica X coffee maker makes it possible. Thanks to its built-in grinder, up to 180 g of beans are freshly ground for each brewing process so that  the coffee powder always has its full aroma.
  • AROMA +: Full enjoyment for the coffe lovers, the Aroma+-function is also available for up to 12 cups of coffee per brewing process: double brewing time for the maximum coffee flavor.
  • ALL AT GLANCE: : All settings are easily set via the control panel and LED display. Of course, the coffee machine can also be used with ready-milled coffee powder for eager connoisseurs.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The removable filter holder makes cleaning the device child’s play. An activated carbon filter in the water tank also increases the water quality and protects the device from annoying calcifications.