KLARSTEIN Country Life – Bread Baking Machine – Excellent competitor to Panasonic.

Haven’t even thought about buying a loaf of bread since. Very simple to use and maintain.

The last time i had a bread maschine is about 20 years ago. When the broke, i did not replace it because i noticed that i didn’t really use it very much. Now we buy about 4 loaves of bread a week and so i thought it would try it again. The country life bread machine arrived here quickly and well packaged. I unpacked it immediately and wanted to try ist straight away. The first thing i noticed is the detailed instructions. In addition to accurate data and how to use it, it also has recipes for allsorts of products. In addition to bread it can also make cakes, jams and desserts. My old brad maschine could not do that and i find it a great bonus. In the box is the machine plus the baking form inside, a dough hook, a measuring cup, a measuring scoop and a metal hook.

Best breadmaker i have worked with so far. The only downside is that this device is a bit monstrous – it is is ~20-30% bigger than most models on the market today.

Couldn’t ask for any better. The bread is great and the recipes are very clear.

I am a long time user of a panasonic bread machine, the latest in a long line of them stretching back to my first one in 1989 (which cost an arm and a leg but lasted me years). I was offered this klarstein machine to test in return for an honest unbiased review, which i have done. First off, i confess i was expecting to have all my pro panasonic prejudices confirmed, i’ve read many times about how other brands are inferior and there’s no point in having one if it isn’t a panasonic. So the rather industrial looking design oput me off a bit, used as i am to streamlined white plastic. A short search around the net though, showed me that this type of styling is in fact common among the high end brands, so maybe my white curvy one is a bit dated. I made 2 loaves, one after other with only time to cool, to test the machine; first a standard basic white loaf (there are 2 size settings and i used the smaller 750g setting both times) and then a ‘sweet loaf’. I was a bit apprehensive about measuring the flour using the cup provided rather than weighing it ( and the cup was in fact slightly split, although this didn’t affect it in use; poor quality control?) but followed the recipes to the letter (note to merchant, get a better translator; i’ll do it) and after 3 hours at the first go (an hour less than the panasonic), i had produced an outstanding loaf. Beautiful even golden colour, neat shape, it looked great. The paddle (as they always do) had stayed stuck in the bottom of the loaf, but came loose easily after a few minutes with the tool provided. The instructions advised greasing the paddle with ‘heat-resistant margarine’.

It appeared that all the other makes of bread makers had issues (neg comments) so we gambled on this product. The photo gives the impression of a rectangular loaf but it is square. We had our last machine for 18 years the only reason to change was the bin has lost the teflon coating. This machine is really excellent, great quality and a good crust.

Brilliantnever had so much homemade bread and bagelslove it.

Although i have only used this item once, appearance is very nice, and it did what it was meant to.

Here are the specifications for the KLARSTEIN Country Life – Bread Baking Machine:

  • SIMPLE OPERATION: The Klarstein Country Life bread maker makes bread baking easy. Fill in the desired ingredients, select the appropriate baking program, and the bread baking machine will prepare fresh bread, if desired, with to-the-minute precision.
  • STRONG MOTOR: The 615-watt motor delivers its power to the kneading mechanism via a toothed belt drive, perfect for tough bread doughs such as sour or yeast dough. The desired bread is perfectly achieved. A viewing window lets you follow the baking process.
  • ADJUSTABLE BROWNING: Whether baking whole grain, white bread or cakes, the degree of browning of baked goods weighing up to 750 g can be adjusted according to your own preferences. When the selected baking program finishes, an acoustic signal will be emitted.
  • LOW SPACE REQUIREMENT: The Klarstein Country Life bread baking machine is suitable not only for city people who have limited space. The intelligent height expansion with the small size allows for installation in mall as well as large kitchen lines.
  • EASY CLEANING: The smart design continues with intuitive operation and easy cleaning thanks to an anti-stick-coated baking mold. This means that the Klarstein Country Life bread maker can be quickly cleaned and then re-used for the next loaf.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • This machine is really excellent, great quality and a good crust
  • Much better than the Philips it replaces
  • Home baking