KLARSTEIN Fruitpresso – Juicer : Five Stars

Bit fiddly at first stripping it down and cleaning. But once you get the hang of it. Takes 2 minutes to strip clean and reassemble.

I was more than satisfied with this juicer and it is so easy to clean the only thing was i had to buy a shaver adaptor as it is fitted with a 2 pin plug other wise its brilliant would certainly buy another.

Great value for money ,very easy and quick to clean unlike other juicers i have owned,does not do a fantastic job with leefy greens, you need to put them in first and then juice solid stuff so that the screw kind of push them through. . Again i got it on offfer for £75 quid amazing.

It makes nice juices and easy to clean.

I am in love with this a little juicer. I just got it today and i haven’t stopped doing delicious juices. It is very easy to clean and to use it. The company is very kind for providing the safety conversion plug, this is also a big plus. I highly recommend this machine. I would like to mention the excellent customer services.

Extremely happy with the purchase. See video getting ginger juice.

Very satisfied with this product.

  • Best juicer so far
  • Five Stars
  • Amazing, thanks.

Klarstein Fruitpresso – Juicer, Vertical Slow Juicer, Stainless Steel Micro-Strainer, Design, Juicer Extractor, Screw Press, Forward Reverse Operation, 150 W, 70 RPM, 2 Containers, Cream

The Klarstein Fruitpresso Slow Juicer is presented in a round, cohesive form, itsfresh and modern character underscored by the creme-coloured casing. With compactdimensions, it can easily be stowed even in smaller kitchen areas.The screw juicer pulls a large part of the material to be pressed on its own, whichcan be helped by applying slight pressure with the food presser if necessary.Safety is also very important.Cleaning the Klarstein juice extractor is straightforward thanks to the completely detachable press mechanism, and can be easily done with the help of the cleaning brush under running water.
• Vertical slow juicer with 150 watts of power and high juice yield • No splashing, no sticky hands, no fruit or seed residues in juice • 70 rpm • Start-stop protection – unit starts only when the feeder is attached• Easy to clean – press mechanism completely dismantles• Futuristic design and small footprint
• Two settings – on and reverse • Two collection containers with 600ml capacity each• Separate output of juice and press residues (pulp) • Safety lock • Suction feet for extra stability • Fine micro filter made ??of stainless steel • Low-noise operation • Power supply: 220-240V, 50/60Hz via power cord
• Device: 19 x 37.5 x 27 (WxHxD) • Collection container: 13 x 12.5 x 12 (WxHxD) • Weight: 3.92 kg
• 1 x device • 1 x food presser • 1 x cleaning brush • 2 x collectors• 1 x casting filters • 1 x English user manual (other languages: German)

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Fast delivery, value for money, excellent product, totally satisfied.

This is smart, stylish and very good quality juicer. Knew it as soon as i saw it on amazon. Compared to my last juicer this is so easy to clean without any sharp pieces. It is not as slow as i thought it would be. The juice does taste much better though. I really would recommend this model to anyone. The instruction book is in german then english and isn’t plainly understood but if you are reasonably intelligent you can put it together and take it apart for cleaning without the booklet. Prep all your fruit and veg first then the motor is running less time so more efficient.

  • Best juicer so far
  • Five Stars
  • Amazing, thanks.

Klarstein Fruitpresso – Juicer, Vertical Slow Juicer, Stainless Steel Micro-Strainer, Design, Juicer Extractor, Screw Press, Forward Reverse Operation, 150 W, 70 RPM, 2 Containers, Cream

Features and Spesification

  • GENTLE POWER OF FRUIT: The gentle revolution of only 70 rpm, doesn’t heat the fruits nor do they lose any vitamins. Leaving the nutrients contained in the fruit intact, the juices can fully develop their positive effects on our bodies and health.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: The Fruitpresso is the perfect juicer for the making of healthy fruit and vegetable juices. The vertical slow juicer offers 150 W and a screw extruder, which offers a higher juice yield compared to normal pressing methods.
  • EASY TO USE: Operating the juicer is extremely easy. The material to be juiced just needs to be fed into the top of the device. In the event that fruit or vegetable pieces clog the juicer, the solution is simple too. Select the juicer to turn in reverse.
  • STABLE AND QUIET: The engine of the Fruitpresso is not only quiet, but starts only when the device has been mounted on the juicer and the safety lock is engaged. The four non-slip rubber feet give the juicer a secure stand while in operation.
  • NO WASTE: Thanks to the extremely fine mesh fruit strainer, only the juice ends up in the glass. Any fruit residues are extracted separately and dispensed, such that the pulp can be used for desserts, pick-me-up snacks or as a baking ingredient.