Klarstein Lannister Ice Cube Maker – Ice Cube Machine – The best, very easy to clean

Good ice maker takes about 7 mins from switching on to produce ice cubes.

A very compact size and a good freeze time.

After 4 andrew janes ice makers all died in under 2 years i wanted a completely different manufacturers product( lots of identical icemakers obviously made by same factory branded under andrew janes & lots of other brand names but they are the same product)i only ended up with 4 andrew janes because last 2 given to me as gifts. The klarstein seems so far ( its early days) to be much superior model & design. Self clean function, timer , when on at power runs like a little fridge – 3 sizes of ice ‘bullets’ so far very impressed. And glad i switched brands/ factory makers.

Took delivery of this little unit this morning. Pros: very compact (almost half the size of my previous unit which failed after ten years of faithful service), built in timer, 8 minute cycle for “large” ice bullets. Cons: only makes six bullets at a time (i was aware of this prior to purchase – can’t expect a unit half the size to produce the same quantity of ice, plus i specifically wanted a slimline unit. At 20cm wide it is the narrowest i’ve seen on the market – all others are at least 25cm wide, even if they do produce more ice per cycle), plus the “large” bullets are no way near as large as my previous unit, i don’t see the point in having two smaller options. Oh, and it emits a rather annoying beep each time a front panel button is pressed. Not too bad, but got on my nerves when setting the clock for the timer. Well i’ve only been using it for a few hours so who knows.It’s a solidly built unit on initial inspection, plus the cooling fan is rear mounted (all others are side mounted) meaning you don’t need to leave a gap to the sides, just to the back to allow the warm air to dissipate.

The best,very easy to clean,would recommend.

Nothing not to like, very quick.

Great that it switches off itself at bedtime and goes back on in morning.

Here are the specifications for the Klarstein Lannister Ice Cube Maker – Ice Cube Machine:

  • FEATURES: Ice cubes in just 10 minutes | Up to 10 kg of finished ice cubes in 24 hours | Elegant case in minimalist dimensions: fits in every party room
  • EASY PARTY PREPARATION: with built-in on / off timer | Easy operation via 4-button LCD display
  • CAPACITY: 1.1 litre water tank | 0.6 litre ice cube container | Three selectable cube sizes (small, medium, large)
  • ICE-COLD REFRESHMENT: the  Klarstein  Lannister  ice cube maker  ensures colds drinks at hot parties!
  • EFFICIENT: Whether cocktails, longdrinks or other thirst quenchers, drinks can only perfect when they are properly cooled. With the  Klarstein  Lannister  ice cube machine , drinks always have the right ice cubes. Up to 10 kg of ice cubes can be prepared by the small cooling device within 24 hours, providing ice-cold refreshments around the clock. Simply fill the 1.1 litre tank with water, select the desired ice cube size and off you go: after just 10 minutes, the first cubes are ready.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Far better than mostAndrew Janes icemakers do not last this MUCH better
  • Good icemaker
  • Four Stars