Klarstein Passionata Rossa 20 Espresso Machine – 20 Bar : Coffee how it should be

Very well build and sturdy for the money.

Only gripes are sometimes it isn’t hot enough. Flip side it’s never boiling so doesn’t burn the grounds resulting in great tasting coffee every time, the other is the milk steamer could do with being set higher.

Very good coffee machine, easy to clean and use, good quality coffee, came very well packaged and within the stipulated time frame.

Two weeks in and working well. I like the wide diffuser on the milk frother it makes for well heated and creamy textured milk. The higher pressure rating of 20bar over 15bar standard well worth the extra tenner.

At the moment the machine works well and i hope that this replacement machine will last longer than 6 moths as my previous machine started to leak after the time period stated but initially performed well i have my finger crossed because it makes a good cup of coffee.

This product looks good in my kitchen, makes excellent cappuccinos and is very easy to use and clean. It is just as good as the de longhi machine it replaces but at a much lower cost. Reliability is untested at this early stage. A push on/off switch has a light to the left to indicate ‘on’ and a light to the right to indicate ‘ready to go’. It is quick to heat up doing so while i grind the beans. A rotary switch is turned to the left to make the coffee and to the right to steam the milk. The machine has a smaller drip tray than the de longhi it replaces but the water reservoir at the back seems a similar size. My initial impressions are entirely favourable. This is a very good coffee machine at an attractive price.

We have had this machine for about two months now and my first impressions have been confirmed. This is an excellent machine at a reasonable price. It was bought to replace a gaggia machine which had failed after long service. This machine costs less than half the price of a new gaggia and performs much better than our old machine ever did. It produces a thick rich crema on the espresso even on supermarket own brand coffee. The milk frother is simple, works well and is easy to clean. 95 i think it is excellent value.

Easy to use, would recommend.

  • Klarstein Passionata Rossa 15

  • Excellent machine

  • Good home espresso machine

Klarstein Passionata Rossa 20 Espresso Machine – 20 Bar , Capuccino , Milk Foam , 1350W , Stylish Design for Modern Kitchens , Steam Nozzle for Frothing Milk and Preparing Hot Drinks , Red

Elegant espresso machine with max. 1,350 watts of power and 20 bar pump pressure.Practical steam nozzle for frothing milk for cappuccinos.Partially demountable construction with stainless steel components.
For passionate connoisseurs: espresso and cappuccino machines from Klarstein.
The Klarstein Passionata Rossa 20 is an elegant espresso machine with a pronouncedsense of functionality and design. With a powerful 1,350 watts of power and 20 barpressure level, it pushes hot water through the ground coffee, unleashing its fullaroma. With the Klarstein Passionata Rossa 20  ground coffee or espresso powder aswell as coffee and espresso pods can be used.
Powerful: espresso machine with max. 1,350 watts of power and 20 bar of pressureElegant: Stylish design for modern kitchensMultifunctional: Steam nozzle for frothing milk and preparing hot drinksSmall, yet powerful package: compact housing with cup tray and stainless steelcomponentsAlways ready: Large water tank with a volume of approx. 1.25 litres
Colour: red Power: max. 1,350 watts Pump pressure: 20 bar Volume of water tank: 1.25 litres (6 cups) Automatic pressure release Removable drip tray with stainless steel grid Removable nozzle attachment Non-slip rubber pads Power supply: 220-240 V~ | 50/60 Hz
1 x device 1 x measuring spoon User manual in English (other languages: German)
Dimensions: approx. 20 x 30 x 35 cm (WxHxD) Cable length: approx. 100 cm Weight: approx. 3.7 kg

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Normally i only drink black americano, so haven’t used the steam pipe.

Haven’t had the machine very long. I got the silver, 20 bar model. Initially, i thought the chrome finish was a bit ott but i like it now. Unfortunately, like a previous reviewer, my machine also has two small dents on the front panel. It was very well packed which was undamaged so i assume the damage occurred at the factory. The instruction book leaves a bit to be desired but, it is a simple machine to use. Regardless, it does do a first rate coffee, the crema layer is very thick and well lasting. Subject to it having a reasonable life span, i am glad i chose this one and would recommend it to a friend.

First of all let me say that i ordered this a couple of weeks and then had to cancel because they couldn’t deliver before i went away on holiday, when i returned and reordered the price had gone up £15. It is advertised as being 1350 watts and you will receive a 1250 watt, not a huge issue but you would think that they could get it right. If you want a coffee machine in a hurry then look elsewhere as this will take at least 8 days and probably 10 days to arrive, i find this totally unacceptable. Now about the coffee, it’s a decent cup of coffee but the machine is basic and you have to stand and watch it or it will overflow all over the kitchen. The build of the machine is a bit rough in places, it appears to be made in germany, but is it?. In my experience goods made in germany are usually of a better quality. It looks ok and the coffee is good but overpriced at £115update 11/6/19now had this machine for just over a month of which 2 weeks i was away so it’s not had a lot of use. On a number of occasions it fills the drip tray with water and overflows all over the worktop, this happens internally so you don’t see it until it is too late. In all honestly this machine is not very good quality and is very basic, there are better machines around for just a few extra pounds.

I always buy fairly budget 15 bar coffee machines, but this one is the best so far, by a long way. It has a great feature i have not seen before – when frothing the milk, the compressor “pulses” every few seconds, which means the steam keeps well up to pressure, seemingly forever. With all the other budget machines i’ve had, i had to wait for the steam to come back up to pressure maybe through three cycles per cup, but not any more. This really speeds up the process of making a coffee, and no loss of quality. The other thing is that this machine produces a really good amount of crema compared to my previous models, brilliant.

If the grind quality is at all off for the machine it has difficulty with pressure to get the water through the coffee. Often left with a very wet grind, the double shot cup seems better, not sure why. The steamer is good for cappuccino but not a latte, foams the milk well but doesn’t ‘stretch’ it to thicken – tried different ways but always end up with cappuccino.

Good product , happy with how it performs most of the time have been a couple of occasions where water spurts of from the coffee holder or where steam nozzle does not steam. Does seem to take a while to warm the milk.

Very good but too big for my 👌.

This is the second coffee machine the first one started leaking from the sides so i asked for replacement. . The new one its ok bit noisy and you have to keep the cup orherwise its move becouse of the shaking. The coffe its ok the price is ok.

  • Klarstein Passionata Rossa 15

  • Excellent machine

  • Good home espresso machine

Klarstein Passionata Rossa 20 Espresso Machine – 20 Bar , Capuccino , Milk Foam , 1350W , Stylish Design for Modern Kitchens , Steam Nozzle for Frothing Milk and Preparing Hot Drinks , Red

Im very happy generally with the klarstein coffee maker. . It took a short time to learn the way this machine makes cappucino, resulting in alovely hot cup with plenty of foam. It heats up quickly, holds plenty of water and the coffee holder is easy to place. The foamer takes a while to reach required temperature but well worth it. The only down side (otherwise it would have been 5* is you cannot place two cupsside by side for filling with coffee although this is easy to get round. I bought the red one -lovely colour. Havent made any other drinks so far. (much better results than the delonghi and i hope the machine lasts longer too.

Nothing to dislike at all as it is even better than i expected and quick as there is no waiting time for it to heat up. What more is in a more expensive machine ?. Except grinding beans but that is better done by a separate machine.

Great machine for the price.

Since selling my coffee shop i’ve missed having good coffee every day, so bought this machine. It’s higher quality than my old ‘home’ machine and seems quite clever – the steam wand seems to work by pulsing water through a heater, so it’s quite dry steam and doesn’t empty the tank. I opted for the more powerful pump version – but only because more power is always better, right (probably not important for a machine like this)?. Everything works great – very quick warm-up, the pressure means i only extract (from a double basket) for around 15 seconds (even my commercial machine took 25) and it’s easy to fill and keep clean. I’m having trouble getting my milk spot-on – makes lots of foam and heats the milk well, but i can’t quite manage to aerate the milk properly. I think that’s just down to me and is getting better with practice. At the price, highly recommended.

This is a brilliant little coffee machine at an amazing price. Very easy to set up and use, good nozzle for aerating the milk, easy to maintain and looks very stylish in our kitchen. Most importantly, makes great coffee.

Looks good – makes great coffee- easy to vlean.

We were wanting to replace our broken tassimo machine with something nicer – fresh coffee and milk without too much hassle. This is exceptionally easy to use and clean. Bought a little silver jug for the milk and it froths up a treat – even almond milk for our son who is vegan. Makes two cups of latte perfectly at the same time,or one big cup.

Extracts the flavour of the coffee well and gives a strong creme.

The machine makes a lovely coffee, it’s fairly easy to use but it looks like i’ve been sent a refurbished item, as it can be seen in the pictures. Pictures were taken one minute after i’ve opened the package. It is quite disappointing because i was expecting a new product since i paid the full price and the product is advertised as being a new product. If the seller has some explanations to why this has happened i doubt it. Otherwise, it makes a really nice cup of coffee.

Best coffee maker i have ever had.

Easy to use and makes great coffee.

The machine was shipped direct from germany and was packed in its carton inside two very strong cardboard boxes, one inside the other so there was no chance of it being damaged in transit and arrived in perfect condition. The machine replaces a machine of a very similar design but from a different manufacturer. The previous machine produced an excellent cup of coffee but required regular maintenance in order to keep it going until eventually the pump lost its pressure and as there was no source of spare parts, it had to be pensioned off. The instruction leaflet for the klarstein states that the machine can use ground coffee other than espresso grind but having tried both, i prefer to use espresso. One thing i have found with the klarstein is that it extracts a lot more flavour from the coffee than the previous machine which means that i can use less espresso ground coffee and still get a good strong brew. The machine has enough headroom to accept a standard size mug with room to spare which is another plus and this will produce a good americano style coffee. As i use coffee whitener in place of milk, it is unnecessary to pre-warm the cup. Add to this the fact that the price is well below that of a lot of espresso machines and well, happy days.

Been using it for >2 months now. After several cups of espressos, cappuccinos and lattes, i am throughly satisfied. Yes, it may not have the press of a button simplicity of many of the modern expensive machines but if you’re after a delicious espresso with a thick crema, this machine more than does the job. It’s beautiful and quite compact as well. And yes, it came with a uk plug and not eu.

This is my second klarstein with a slightly more powerful pump action. The machine is a pleasant red colour , the instructions are straightforward and the creme on the coffee is marvellous. Glad to have a machine fully operative again .

Easy to use and quick, great taste too.

I received this product with two small dents in the casing, which was disappointing. However, the product itself is quite good. It produces an excellent crema with the artisan coffee i have been using and the milk frother, despite other negative feedback, is excellent. For under £100, this is a decent espresso machine which i would recommend. The only negative thing is it’s rather cheap looking and flimsy casing. With real metal casing, i’d have given it 5 stars.

Excellent espresso machine – make a great cup of coffee.

An excellent espresso machine.

Features and Spesification

  • POWERFUL: espresso machine with max. 1,350 watts of power and 20 bar of pressure | Elegant : Stylish design for modern kitchens | Multifunctional : Steam nozzle for frothing milk and preparing hot drinks
  • SMALL, YET POWERFUL PACKAGE: compact housing with cup tray and stainless steel components | Always ready: Large water tank with a volume of approx. 1.25 litres
  • COLOUR: red | Power: max. 1,350 watts | Pump pressure: 20 bar
  • FOR PASSIONATE CONNOISSEURS: espresso and cappuccino machines from Klarstein.
  • Please be advised that this device comes with a licensed EU to UK converter plug attached. Therefore, we will open the package and pre-install it for your convenience prior to shipping.