Klarstein Tiefblau • Kettle Electric • Kettle • 2200 watts • 1 – Five Stars

The klarstein deep blue kettle does turn watching water boil into something of a spectator sport, with the glass sides and blue light boiling water never looked better, but it’s slightly disturbing too to actually see it in action rather than being hidden inside a metal kettle. The kettle looks good when not in action too with brushed stainless steel and glass – the glass is thick-ish and probably adds some weight to the empty kettle but it doesn’t feel ungainly. The handle is thick and easily grab-able and the lid release and power button, at the top and bottom of the handle respectively, are both easy to use. The lid flips up for filling and there’s a removable limescale mesh filter just inside the pouring lip – it’s a good pourer too with very little dripping and a easily controlled flow. The power base, which allows to kettle to spin through 360°, feels less substantial and is a bit plastic-y and lightweight, although it seems to be stable enough and doesn’t move around. The mains cord is about 75cm/30′ at full stretch but can be coiled into the underside of the base if you want to keep things neat. The only real annoyance is the size of the mains plug, which is a bit huge. The kettle seems to have has been manufactured with a continental two-pin plug and has an adaptor clipped over that to convert to the three-pin uk plug, that’s not so unusual but usually they’re quite neat units not much bigger than a standard uk plug – this one’s big and clunky looking and about twice the size of a standard uk plug. If you have to connect your kettle to the mains in a constricted space check there’s enough clearance for the outsized plug. In action, it doesn’t just look great but works well too and boils in a reasonable time, although it’s not the fastest kettle ever, and is quieter than some too.

Very smart and does what it says.

Very quiet an great pourer pleased with item.

Really nice looking slightly different kettle, much nicer than the ubiquitous plastic ones which are everywhere, and somehow less pompous than the designer all singing all dancing wifi connected multi buttoned nonsenses that are flaunting their 3100 price tags around these days. Just a kettle, but that said, a reasonably priced, well designed, attractive kettle, with a bit of fun and drama added. It’s easy to fill at the tap, the lid pops up at the touch of a button at the top of the handle. When it’s switched on, a bright blue light glows, illuminating the water. You don’t see the full effect of this till it boils, when it looks sort of lava lampy. I defy you not to switch the kitchen light out so you can see it boil in the dark. I’m sure the novelty will wear off, and i’m also sure i won’t descale and clean it inside often enough to avoid it looking scaly, but maybe being able to see the buildup will spur me on to remove it. If you live in a soft water area that may not be an issue of course. It boils fast and pours nicely, which is more than many do.

Oh my lord the best kettle i’ve had so far really looks great in my kitchen works a treat pours brilliant ty xx.

Here are the specifications for the Klarstein Tiefblau • Kettle Electric • Kettle • 2200 watts • 1:

  • DESIGN: The Klarstein Deep Blue is a cordless kettle that has forgotten the Biedermeier period design and opted instead for a distinctive glass and stainless steel bowl. | The weightless feel of the device is further refined by the blue LED lighting, which gives a visual compliment to the water tank and the cooking process.
  • EASY TO USE: Small footprint | Automatic and manual shutdown | Removable, washable scale filter. Easy to clean stainless steel parts.
  • WIRELESS: Cordless kettle with 1.7 liter capacity and 2200 watt power | 360° rotating connector and Blue LED interior lighting | Glass and stainless steel body with water level indicator and ergonomic Cool-touch handle
  • SAFE: Water container made of heat-resistant safety glass | Onetouch closure. Illuminated blue container made of heat-resistant safety glass, with ergonomic cool touch handle.
  • PRACTICAL: Otherwise, the Klarstein Tiefblau is a practically minded device that competently and diligently provides for medium sized homes and offices, with its 2200 watt power and 1.7 liter volume.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Five Stars
  • Oh my Lord the best kettle I’ve had so far really looks great in