Klearlook True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth V5 : Better than any other.

These are an incredible little pair of earbuds and you don’t have get some punch out of them first of all the carrying case is made from a very heavy duty robust plastic that keeps them well protected. The carrying case also acts as the charger and is so compact it can fit in any pocket – even a shirt pocket. Secondly the sound is second to none. Normally when i by earbuds they are either too bassy or too tinny but these are crystal clear on all three of the main bass, mid range and treble ranges. They come with extra buds so that you can choose which size fits you. The bluetooth connectivity so far seems fine, with no interruption or drop out while i was walking around with my phone and they fit comfortably. They even come with a low battery warning which is an added bonus. All in all an excellent pair of earbuds for the price.

Bought these when there were no reviews and i took a chance with them. Overall they are a great pair of bluetooth earphones. They look almost identical to the jabra elite 65t but without some of the tech and cost. Battery was great with being able to charge the case quickly every 4-5 days as i only used them for the ride to work and back which is about 2hrs per day. Fit is very good with the buds being really comfortable and stayed in even with a head shake. Quality was plastic which is not as bad as you would think but it would’ve been nice to have better quality materials used as they have a premium look. Sound is very subjective but for me these sounded really good with music and has a very flat sound but with some punch in the low end. An eq in the music app helps tailor the sound to your liking and these buds can push out some serious bass if that’s your thing. No lag when watching youtube or netflix and that i think is due to bluetooth 5. Pairing was easy and never lost connection at all. My biggest gripe with these and all the others i have purchased is call quality on both my end and the receiving end. You can hear ok but the people on the other end said i was very low or distant and that’s a consistent thing i get from people when i make calls which is just as important to me as media. I’m looking for the all rounder and have yet to find it but if music is your thing give these a go you won’t be disappointed.

This product has a really compact carry case which comes with a lanyard for easy carrying attached to your belt , keys etc. When replacing the earbuds into the case place for charging a magnet sucks them into place so you dont have to fiddle with exact placement. The product comes with 3 different sized silicon covers that give the perfect ergonomic fit no matter what size ear you have. I must admit i was sceptical at first but they have really surprised me with the loudness and clarity they push out. Saying that the noise reduction from is really sealed off neatly and you cannot hear anything else but the sound from the buds. \i have run in them several times and even when raining and they are still working 100 %. The range away from the primary device is around 10 metres or so. I highly recommend this product for any cycle or running enthusiast.

After trying a friends airpods i wanted something similar but i wasn’t willing to pay £150. At a quarter of the price these deliver a fantastic experience. After taking them out of the box i found there to be no connection issues with my galaxy s9. After the initial pairing it was just the simple matter of taking them out of their case and simply putting them in my ears and withing 5 seconds they were ready to play music. Battery life is great as i’ve used them without 4 days without recharging the case. The sound clarity on the headphones is clear and crisp. Would recommend these as they’re excellent value for money.

These bluetooth wireless earphones are fantastic. I have been so impressed with thus range of ear buds that i have now bought everyone in the family some. The bass is great and the noise cancelling allows you to have just the music in your ears. I was told to try the bluetooth wireless earphones with 4 or 8d audio. The bluetooth wireless earphones are stored in a clamshell style case that charges them for up to 24 hours of usage. The last around 3 to 4 hours depending on how loud they are played. I have had the bluetooth wireless earphones for a few days and have yet to charge the docking station. The bluetooth wireless earphones come with a small usb cable to charge it and also 3 sets of earbud covers. The overall look of the bluetooth wireless earphones is of a very premium standard and is made of very hard wearing plastic. The sound is awesome and the depth and range was unexpected but thoroughly welcomed. These bluetooth wireless earphones are right up there with the big names brands and i would definitely recommend them.

This is my first wireless earphones ever. I choose this wirelessly product carefully after intensive research. It’s not just earphones, but charging box too. Charging box is very small, it can fit easily everywhere and allows you to charge earphones few times. But what is most important for me, i can charge that box wirelessly using the same charger. The sound quality is also amazing. Especially the bass tones so intense. Highly recommend this products to everyone, especially wireless freaks like myself .

After hours of searching i decided to go with these. Love the charge box very small and light, no syncing issues pairing the two earbuds is as simple as taking them out of the charging box. The pair of earbuds is really small and pretty comfortable on the ear and i tend to wear it for hours and sometimes dont even notice i’m still wearing them. The sound quality is crisp and loud. Recipient end of the phone call is surprisingly clear as well especially the distance from ear to mouth, no need to shout. I cannot be more happy with these earbuds. So if you are having doubts or are skeptical, they will not disappoint.

These little klearlook earbuds are delivered in a secure but reallity plain boxed packaging. That all changes when you open up the boxed package. The klearlook earbuds are presented in a pre stored premium looking case which also acts as a power bank charger store station. The case also stores the earbuds safely when not in use, and the internal power bank keeps the earbuds charged up and ready for use. The small case is pebble shaped and made out of hard black plastic with the internal two magnetic earbud charging locations identified left and right. The lid to the case is also magnetic and gives a secure positive click when closed. Charging of the cases internal power bank is via the enclosed micro-c cable and the cases charging point, which also has a small led indicator above this point to show the state of the charge. The klearlook earbuds when removed from the case pair to the last know bluetooth paired device, and initial pairing of the bluetooth earbuds is simple. I’ve been using these earbuds with a samsung galaxy note 9, and can say the quality of the phone music audio, on these little bluetooth earbuds is excellent. Not only can you use these earbuds for listening to music from a number of bluetooth sources, they also act as a very good mobile phone handsfree kit.

  • Better than any other.
  • Klearlook Wireless Earbuds, Premium looking, Excellent sound and Great Battery life.
  • Great ear buds at an affordable price

True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth V5.0, Klearlook Bluetooth 5.0V 3D Stereo Sound Deep Bass Wireless Headphones Earphones, Sweatproof TWS Built in Mic In-Ear Soundbuds 24H Battery with Charging Box




Model NO.: G5(dW-05)

Bluetooth Version: 5.0

Transmission Distance: 10-meter(NO objects between)

Call/music Time: 7/6H(The time may affected by different conditions)

Recharging Time: Earbud-1hr; Power case-1.5hrs

Low Power Alarm: LED blinks Red & Voice

Working Voltage: 3.7V-5.5V

Microphone Sensitivity: -42db±2%; Impedance:32Ω±10%

Sensitivity: 90±3db





Earbuds:0.98″ x 0.95″ x 0.73″

Case:1.86″ x 1.16″ x2.37″

What’s in the Box

Klearlook Wireless Earbuds

Portable Charging Case

3-Size Ear Tips

Type-C Charging Cable

Handy Strap

A Fit that’s Snug and Secure

3 tips are designed for comfort and stability in your ear.

Extended Playtime

The included charging case is a convenient place to store and protect your earbuds when they’re not in use. The case also provides three additional full charge when unplugged, perfect for travel.

All-Day Comfort and Secure Fit

Superior comfort and always reliable secure fit is delivered by customizable fitting options that enable all-day use and improve the quality of your sound experience.

True Wireless Experience

You will never worry about wire tangles while on wireless earphones as they use no wire connections at all and the connection is strong for a 33 ft distance. As long as your device is within the range, we ensure you high-quality music better than the wire embedded earphones.

Superior Quality Wireless Sound & Calls

Ensure superior sound and call quality. The bass-enriched speaker is designed for superior call technology that filter out background noise, and make sure that only your voice is heard in every environment.




All-Day Power

Now with a battery that delivers 6 hours of play time, coupled with a portable charging case that means you have a total 24 hours of power at your disposal.

Portable Charging Case

This charging case protects and recharges the earbuds while not in use. It keeps your earbuds in place while they charge. Never worry about low battery when you are out all day, easy to carry anywhere.

Sweat Proof

These earbuds aren’t afraid of sweat—and now a little weather can’t be an excuse to skip a workout. Even in the sweatiest of workouts, your G5 bluetooth wireless headset will keep your music playing.




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Super easy to use, didn’t even need instructions. The case is of great quality and small which i like. Has a nice snap to it when you close the lid. The earphones are comfortable and do not fall out of the ears. Sound quality is also excellent. Easy to hold thanks to the design. Very good pair of wireless earphones. Only flaw is that pressing the button while the earphones are in your ear causes them to dislodge slightly and need some readjustment, not major though.

  • Better than any other.
  • Klearlook Wireless Earbuds, Premium looking, Excellent sound and Great Battery life.
  • Great ear buds at an affordable price

True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth V5.0, Klearlook Bluetooth 5.0V 3D Stereo Sound Deep Bass Wireless Headphones Earphones, Sweatproof TWS Built in Mic In-Ear Soundbuds 24H Battery with Charging Box

Features and Spesification

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  • ✅【Wireless Freedom Meets Powerful Sound】: G5 5.0 bluetooth earbuds ensure that you don’t miss any part or component of your music. The bass from the amazing earbuds is to the standards and recommended for your hearing health.
  • ✅【Charge on the go】: Klearlook wireless earphones can last for over 6 hours’ music playtime on a single charge. While on the go charging case, the super musical earbuds power can last up to 24 hours. You can go for a day without power shortage thus sufficient music joy all through your day activities.
  • ✅【Voice Command Made Simple】: Built in microphones for calls. Double-touch access to Siri and Google. Multi-function button play/pauses your music, answer/hang up calls. Better clarity and quality when taking calls from your wireless earbuds.
  • ✅【Snug and Comfortable Design】: True Wireless headsets are designed to comfortably fit in your ear. The eartips are in three distinctive sizes, and we assure you to get your favorable sizes. The super musical output are light and comfortable to wear for long hours with no pain. They fit securely, not easy to fall from ears.
  • ✅【Built to Work, Guaranteed】: G5 wireless earbuds come against damage from sweat and dust. Wherever your day takes you, your activities won’t get in the way of easy, reliable access to calls and music.