Klipsch Image S4″II” In Ear Headphone – : Good headphones and nice compact case

I had the old klipsch s3 for about a year and a half now and i decided to get an upgrade recently. These s4 ii definitely outperform the s3 (as they should) in terms of sound performance (with better mids and slightly stronger bass). So far i have been burning in my s4 for just over 50 hours, already i can sense how much better they are than the s3 (which i have been using for a while). The flat cable is also a great feature, now you won’t have to suffer the pain with the cables all tangled up. The fits are also better than the old s3, now i can go jogging with my earphones plugged in without having to fiddle with it every 5 minutes. In my opinion, to get the most out of your earphones, you must find the right size bud and to have them fitted properly. Keep seeing these reviews on how easy they break, i have only had them for 2 days so can’t really comment on that specific aspect.

Bought these to replace my broken akg 376 which were £80 and far too quiet. The klipsch are nice and loud with very nice sound quality.

These headphones are small and light and do a fantastic job of keeping ambient sound out.

No matter how much they cost, they always seem to have a life cycle of about a year. My third pair of shure se535s that cost £350, nope, that’s no deterrent for my erratic forgetful brain. Because of this i’m now punishing myself with not being able to purchase headphones that cost over £50. Fortunately the klipsch’s make that punishment very bearable. They sound great, they fit well (though admittedly i did swap the silicon tips for my shure foamies – they made for a better seal and were highly comfortable, you can purchase these separately if you wish). A lot of the reviews here say these break quickly and frequently which just isn’t the case. I’m not sure how these reviewers were using their earbuds, but in the nearly two years i owned my pair (before obviously losing them) i only ever had to wrap some tape around the 3. 5mm jack plug to keep it stiff. Otherwise, wrapping them up, stuffing them in my jeans rear pocket, getting them sat on, they went through hell and still came out strong and ready to put up with another day.

At first they were amazing but then. . It just didn’t sound right , the sound was too sharp and it hurts . I didn’t expect it from a top brand but i dunno. . It could just be mine , another thing is they look nice however it does feel risky to use in a casual days use, tbh if u want to get these be my guest there not bad but there not wow .Either just my opinion, and i do kind of now a bit about music so yeah. . But i think you should opt for something like the sony mdr-zx600 or something cheaper , it’s up to you but don’t hate.

Some of the best headphones i’ve had.

I bought these to replace a pair of ultimate ears in-ear monitors whose cable had failed a second time, and my experience thus far has been good, but not wonderful. The strengths of these headphones can be summarised thus: they fit comfortably and isolate you quite effectively from outside noise; and the sound is clear, well-balanced and easy to listen to across a wide variety of styles of music. However, they are not without drawbacks: the sound is not the most exciting you’ll find; and the cable is prone to snag on anything it can. If you’re going to use these earphones at your desk, then they’ll be hard to fault, but for use out and about, you may find (as i have done) that the cable causes more trouble than you’re prepared to accept. Let’s start with the positives, though. Firstly, these headphones do sound good. I’ve had mine for a month or so now and have tried a wide range of music with them, from early renaissance choral music, where delicacy of texture and accurate reproduction of voices was crucial, to some nasty ed rush and optical drum’n’bass. They’ve acquitted themselves very well, and i’ve had some good, long listening sessions where the sound has never grated or become hard work. They’re comfortable, too, and isolate you well from external noises. However, the drawbacks are sufficient to make my recommendation a guarded one.

Bought in december and had them for a little over five months now. They sound amazing for the price i paid and contrary to what i read from other reviews, these are pretty durable. Of course, i only use them indoors and keep them in the pouch provided when not in use. Comfortable, different sizes of ear buds provided, small pouch provided.

  • Good, but bear some caveats in mind
  • Maybe my pair were indestructible?
  • improved S4

Klipsch Image S4″II” In Ear Headphone – Black

Product Description, From a tin shed to inside your head, Paul W. Klipsch’s award-winning sound lives on in our Image S4 headphones. Put the concert in your cranium with the S4’s powerful coil drivers, whose wide frequency range allows you to experience everything from soul-thumping bass to spine tingling highs. The S4’s superior noise-isolating design allows you to seal in the sound, while our patented oval ear tips (available in 4 sizes) keep you rocking in comfort
It doesn’t matter how great a pair of headphones sound if they are painful to wear. Unlike traditional, circular-shaped ear tips which don’t fit properly, the Image S4 headphone utilizes a patented oval ear tip design making them virtually impossible to feel and perfect for long-term wear. The oval ear tip creates a perfect seal resulting in superior noise isolation, blocking out almost all ambient noise and providing excellent bass. With Klipsch Image S4 headphones, your plane rides, commutes and workouts will be a private and enjoyable experience every time you plug in
When he founded Klipsch in a tiny tin shed in Hope, Arkansas in 1946, American audio pioneer Paul W. Klipsch had an unyielding desire to channel live sound directly into the ears of listeners everywhere. He stopped at nothing and defied convention giving rise to his legendary Klipschorn loudspeaker. Today, PWK’s passion and principles still grace every product we make. Enjoy your Klipsch headphones for their flat frequency response, controlled directivity, low distortion, high-efficiency and, as our founder intended, for their ability to connect you with your favorite music. The Image S4 utilizes our renowned duel magnet driver technology to deliver strikingly realistic sound and cover a wide frequency range with dynamic detail. With award-winning acoustics and jaw-dropping bass response, the Image S4’s bring the concert experience to you, wherever, whenever. The Image S4 works with virtually any device with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. Prepare to plug in and rock out!
NOTE: Please avoid pulling the wire instead of the jack connector to remove the headphones from their audio device and damaging the product wiring as a result.

Box Contains, 4 Pairs of different sized ear tipsProtective carrying case2 year warranty

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Sound gorgeous once played in a bit. Had to purchase seperate buds to fit my ears though.

After a few months, cable at the port side has become less reliable. Sound now occasionally excludes vocals if placed incorrectly. I have been good at taking care of them and slightly dissapointed in this fact. Saying that, still work fine when placed correctly and produce good quality sound at those times. Would recommend getting better (noise-cancelling) ear buds to replace the standard buds that comes with these.

So i’ve been using these every day for the past ~10 days now. I got them because my old klipsch x1s were far and away the best pair of earphones i’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing, and unfortunately, the cable attaching to the plug at the end broke (i’ve dropped my ipod loads of times, so it wasn’t really a surprise). First thing to say is the packaging is awesome, there’s a flap with a little magnet in it, so you can see them, and they’re dead easy to get out. The delivery was also great. Anyways, onto the actual thing. The wires are flat, but they’re still pretty thin – i’d say 2x1mm from the ‘phones to the splitter, and 4x1mm from the splitter to the plug. The plug surround sticks straight out by about an inch, and it looks and feels pretty sturdy. I’ve had them in for most of the time i’ve been awake, and some of the time whilst asleep as well – they are more comfy than the x1s because they are stouter, i think. As always with klipsch, the sound quality is excellent, as is noise isolation. For the first couple of days, i didn’t like them at all, the sound was always too tinny, and getting used to not being able to get the ‘phones half way down my ear canal took a while.

Everything is almost perfect for earphones in its price category. Only minor fault is the need to fit it in properly every time, if you really want to take advantage of the noise cancellation.

Great earphones the best you can buy i recommend these you should buy ive had for to months and they’ve only got better.

I purchased these in the black friday sale for £35 to replace my original klipsch image s4 headphones (not ii with the flat cable). I have owned a vast range of of mid-market in-ear headphones (£15-£60) from the likes of sony, sennheiser, jvc etc and and in my opinion klipsch’s s4 range are the clear winners in terms of sound quality. The unique earbuds create a great seal in my ear, keeping out background noise and keeping them in while i’m at the gym, although i have heard that this is not the case for everyone so i guess it depends on your ears. The flat cable is a bit of a novelty, it does prevent tangling just looks slightly odd. As others reviews state the main downside is the build quality. While i have not had any problems with these particular earphones my previous klipsch image s4 ‘i’ headphones did become faulty but as you are buying from amazon returns/replacements are not a problem if the product does become faulty within the 2 years manufacturers warranty.

Good headphones and nice compact case. But had better sound from others. Try the soundmagic e10s if sound quality and cost is more important to you than looks/brand.

Excellent, well balanced sound. Not sure why klipsch don’t have right angle headphone jack like their competition. Its a weak point in the design and always breaks. They’ve even carried it over to the new r6.

  • Good, but bear some caveats in mind
  • Maybe my pair were indestructible?
  • improved S4

Klipsch Image S4″II” In Ear Headphone – Black

Unfortunately these earphones broke within 6 weeks of normal use without any occasions i can recall of ‘abusing’ them. I found that after a while there was a significant volume imbalance between the left and right buds. Hopefully i was just unlucky – amazon issued a refund and i have now ordered the s4i as a replacement. Pros:- excellent sound quality- good noise isolation- tangle free cords- 1 year warranty- ability to wear the ear buds two different wayscons:- broke within 6 weeks- struggled to keep the earbuds in my ears when walking around.

There are numerous different types of in-ear headsets and you should be very careful to choose the ones that you exactly want. These – are in-ear and are much less cumbersome than over-ear ones, are very comfortable to wear, fit nicely into most ears, isolate you from surrounding noise effectively and have great sound quality. Please note that these do not have the remote control & microphone on the headset cable but it is widely believed that not having this facility yields an improvement in sound quality – this headset certainly delivers high quality sound. However, if you do want the remote control, then buy the alternative model of klipsch headset which includes this facility. Although the sound quality may be very slightly compromised, you may feel that having the remote control facility is important to you. All in all, a very good and comfortable headset, especially for listening on the move. Consider the alternative model if you want the remote control & mic facility.

Finding no problems with the cords, like the cord device that stops tangling. Nice n bassy but not really really heavy. Over all a very good buy for me.

Very comfortable fit, excludes most noise, clear sound. This is my second pair of this model hope they last a bit longer than the first pair as i lost sound from one earpiece but they are a good buy and are just as good as bose.

Great sounding earphones but having bough nearly 5 pairs they all broke within 3 months so i have switched to beats which have so far proved much more resilient.

Granted they eventually broke, but after 2 years of splendid audio from them, i believe they are well worth the asking price.

Amazing headphones, i keep coming back to them everytime i lose them.

Break somewhat easily, i’ve owned about 5 of these, and each broke after a few months use. Sound quality is good, but not great.

This product is perfectly described by the seller and does what it says. It achieves the expectations of high performance at a very fair value.

Having not bought these from amazon, i was intrigued to see the price and ultimately sought to look through the reviews for other people’s takes on the product. It seemed fair to throw my opinion into the fray. My suspicion is that many people are suffering from the endemic issue of fake premium earphones on the internet, something that i have experienced many times before with various models of sennheiser. Of course, this is merely me playing devil’s advocate to the negative reviews on these earphones and trying to offer an explanation for the apparent build quality problems. It would be difficult to confirm this in any sense – but remember to be extremely suspicious of any amazon fulfilled trader with whom you have not dealt before. If in doubt, send them back. Speaking for the pair that i bought on a trip to the states from best buy, i have nothing but praise for both the build and sound quality that they offer. Unlike some headphones, they don’t compromise on their range and actually deliver a very fine response in bass, mids and highs. The price might seem high when your friends are buying multiple pairs of generic plugs from the shop down the road for £1, but if you want to enjoy your music (as opposed to simply looking for an in-ear distraction) then the price is more than justified. Of course, as some have pointed out already, they reproduce sound very faithfully across a huge variety of genres, my enthusiasm comes from the way in which this reflects my listening habits and tastes.

If you owned the s4 model then you’ll find that this model merely has a new flat cable which feels more durable and a new soft case. At this price you get an overall quality product with decent sound specs (the result of a 8. The direct competitor is rather the denon ah-c100 model. The shure se215 and the phonak audeo pfe 012 most probably deliver better sound but cost more.

I read and researched reviews on different websites before buying this and it certainly lived up to its reputation.

Features and Spesification

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  • Noise isolating in-ear headphones with enhanced sleek profile
  • Award winning sound delivers deep bass and full range clarity
  • Patented oval ear tips provide comfortable wear for hours
  • Perfect seal keeps your music in + blocks outside noise
  • New tangle resistant flat cables