Koss “Porta Pro” Stereophones : Great Lightweight Headphones with Excellent Dynamic Range

Questa storica cuffia si è aggiornata ai tempi ed ora viene fornita con uno spinotto jack adatto agli iphone ed ipod. La qualità a questo prezzo è assolutamente indiscutibile. Tutto quello che è stato registrato viene accuratamente riprodotto da queste cuffie. La risposta in frequenza dichiarata 15-25000 hz non è proprio realistica ma la linearità è assicurata. I bassi sono presenti e profondi anche se mancano leggermente di impatto, le medie frequenze sono naturali e gli alti sono dolci e morbidi. La maggiore estensione agli estremi dello spettro acustico appartiene sicuramente a cuffie di altra classe e di costo mooolto superiore. Con la musica giusta ed una leggera equalizzazione che oramai qualunque lettore consente, queste economicissime koss portapro possono dare molta soddisfazione. Sicuramente non sono adatte in ambienti rumorosi (sono cuffie decisamente aperte) ed in ambienti affollati (l’audio esce chiaramente distinguibile). Per un uso casalingo con lettori mp3, iphone o ipod sono consigliate.

I’ve had three of these for a while now and they’re ok. However, after checking on the internet, all three had the markings of a fake. The easiest check being, look on the inside of the arms just above the pads. If you see number ‘4’ embossed, then it’s a fake. The pads have a slight bluish tinge and they don’t match in colour with the pressure relief pads. Makes me wonder where you can get a proper portapro at a good price?edit – i had them tested and compared with a known real one. They measure almost identical. So those sites that try to point out fakes need to be treated with care. One particular site really made me feel mine were fake.

I listen to music almost all the time, especially when working. I have a very good individually built stereo system and a full size home theater audio system so i know what “good” means. I listen to house, dance, electro, jazz, chill out, classical or simply put, almost everything depending on the time of day or night. Other headphones i have owned are sennheiser hd 212 pro and cx 300 and various cheaper than 10 pounds from sony, jvc, philips etc that kept breaking down after 4-5 months. These headphones are well worth the money. I like how good they sound even when almost maxed out. No headaches due to screaming noise. Moreover they are the most sensitive headphones i’ve ever owned. I like to listen to music pretty loud.

I have gone through more headphones than i care to admit, trying to find the pair that suits my taste. I started off with some pretty cheap jvc’s, worked up to sony, went back to jvc, two more different pairs of sony, and countless others, and i recently heard about these. I thought for the price i might aswell try them, they must be decent from all the good reviews, so i have nothing to lose. Whatever expectations i did have of these were blown away when they arrived. Opening the very neat looking box, i noticed how. I don’t like using that word, but that’s the only way i can think to describe it. Don’t get me wrong, they’re high quality, but they’re so light and flexible that you can easily be fooled. As i got to actually trying them, i was nothing short of amazed. I can’t see myself purchasing any other headphones for the foreseeable future now.

Bit fiddly to use until one gets the hang of them. For the price point, these headphones are stunningly good. I use them frequently, either with a laptop, mobile phone or for video games. They are comfortable to wear for long periods of time, i have never suffered from listening fatigue from them, even after 6-10 hours of continuous use. They are of ‘open’ design, so not suitable for those seeking headphones with sound isolation: they will leak sound out and in. However, for all other uses, they are brilliant for the money. I paid under £20, they sound as good, if not better, than full sized headphones of triple the price. ******** edit 27/3/15 ************************************after 18 months or so of heavy tv/gaming use, the cable developed a short at the jack end, causing one driver to drop in and out. I was stunned to find out the headphones come with a life time warranty. I even emailed the company that covers the warranty and explained that my fault really is expected wear and tear, was this really covered by the warranty?.

The pros:these phones sound great. They might strike you as a bit ‘bass heavy’ when you first try them, but that’s because they actually reproduce the bass that’s there – the phones you’ve used before simply don’t have that kind of bass responsethese phones are light. They look like they might be uncomfortable – they look a bit strange – but you soon forget you’re wearing them. These phones are also quite acoustically transparent, so you can hear sounds around you – i know two drummers who use them for stage foldbackthese phones sound significantly better, less coloured and less distorted than products at many times the price. If you’re taken in by the ‘beats’ headphones hype, you’ll cry when you hear these at less than one tenth of the price. These are clearer, less distorted, and have a flat frequency response – if you want massive bass boost, it shouldn’t come from the headphones, just turn up the bass on your player, because these phones will handle itthe cons:the plastic parts that connect the metal headband to the earpieces should have metal reinforcement. It would not add significantly to the price or weight of the phones, but would make them much less prone to damage. My wife broke two pairs of these in normal use (once by sitting on them, and once mysteriously in her handbag). They are acoustically transparent. If you’re listening loudly enough to drown out the public transport sounds around you, your fellow passengers will be able to clearly hear what you’re listening tosome users have complained about the stereo jack on the end of these – it’s of quite poor quality, and lets down the rest of the build of the phones.

So many headphones on the market these days how do you decide on a perfect pair to match with your well earned cash just spent on an ipod or iphone. Various factors come into play, size comfort street cred and budget. I saw these on amazing for the price of a few beers after work. Did i need another set of headphones?.No but i was curious based on so many great reviews and love a bargain. I spend two hours traveling to work so quality of sound is important. Currently using some sony mdr ex700 in ear headphones which cost me £150. Small compact subtle and a good sound but these koss headphones blow the sony’s completely out of the water. Sound field and separation superb, bass response tight mids not over powering and top end subtle. Only downside is i have curly frizzy hair and struggle to make it look presentable on a morning and these as over head design don’t help the early morning just out of bed look.

The sound quality of these headphones are well and truly perfect, having the head band makes them a little unsightly to wear outdoors but indoors who cares so long as the sound is well balanced. The top, middle and botton end of the audio scale are well defined with a rich and crispness of musical clarity of the high treble notes to the deep and smoothe fullness of the lower bass notes, giving the medium range a presence thats not over powering. The listener has a truly well balanced level of quality audio sound. Many years ago i had a pair of koss proffesional headphones which had hydrolic solution in the ear pads, they cost the earth at £89 in the year of 1974, the sound was just true perfection and by having the hydrolic pads you felt the sound as well. These koss porta pro headphones are just as good at a fraction of the price, without the hydrolic counter parts only sponge pads, but hey they sound great too. For everday home use either connected to your hdtv, game console, hifi audio, ipad, ipod, pc or laptop there great. By the way when you have finnished using them, they fold up and then neatly pack away into the supplied koss pouch for future use.

  • The sound is an ‘Ear Opener’
  • Exceptionally good for the price
  • These are really good, mind blowing actually

Koss “Porta Pro” Stereophones (3.5 mm Jack) for iPhone/iPad/iPod/MP3 Players/Samsung/Smartphones – Black | Silver

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After reading all the good reviews for these headphones, i have to admit i had higher expectations than i normally would for this kind of price tag. First impressions were mixed. The clue is in the portapro name i guess, but they’re far smaller and lighter than i expected, and upon first listen, i was a little underwhelmed. Despite the mild disappointment, i kept an open mind, and within a couple of weeks of frequent use i really started to appreciate them. The comfort factor is a big issue for me, my previous sony cans would just become too much to bear after a couple of hours. With these the pressure is really taken off the ears with the adjustment in the comfortzone switch and the headband. Unfortunately all this adjustment resets when you take them off, but once you get used to it, readjustment takes a mere second. I’m sure the sound has improved with running these headphones in. As mentioned in other reviews, they do have a lot of bass, and they’re rather loud. I wouldn’t say the bass is over the top though, and i enjoy the experience.

These headphones are amazing for the price. They are absolutely worth the money, and are as good as headphones that are much more expensive. Compare the waterfall charts for these drivers http://i. Jpg to a pair worth ~£600 http://i. Jpg these show that the drivers in these headphones have a response time almost twice as fast as ones worth 20x the price. So let’s have a look at the pros and cons. Pros:- a superb price-to-sound ratio, better than any others i’ve ever seen. So cheap for such amazing drivers. These drivers haven’t been changed since 1985, which is completely mental. – pretty comfortable, more comfortable than a lot of over-ear headphones.

Excellent sound reproduction – good bass sounds and clear treble and pure high tones, generally good all-round sound reproduction. Some people might find they produce more bass than is needed so adjust you’re settings if this is so. I found them to be quite good at blocking exterior sound. I like the way they can be folded up and packed away. Good cable length when you are on the move. They are comfortable to wear for a couple of hours and longer if positioned properly and are a really good price for their capability. The only neg i have is that mine lasted roughly over two years, they must of received about 3 to 5 accidental cord yanks over that time which made the right speaker start to go in the end, but i have a feeling i might get another pair. So to koss i ask they use a thicker, more flexible cable.

I’ve had these headphones for 6 years and they have been well-used. The wiring has now come loose at the radio jack end, making the sound intermittantly cut out in one ear. I’m glad to read that they are covered with a lifetime warranty with koss because they are fantastically lightweight, comfortable, and fold up to next to nothing in a nice little faux-leathery pouch. They were also very reasonably priced – which has now more than doubled in 6 years, so i will be making use of that lifetime warranty.

These are quite a good pair of headphones if you need ones that fold in a bag and are to be worn for long periods. Was disappointed as they look cheep and plastic but they have grown on me as comfortable wearing all day and very easy to fold/unfold without breaking, take up little room in bag. I have had sennheiser px 100 befor which were great too the sound quality not as good as px100 but is ok all round sound. I ware these all day, can be 12h plus without discomfort and with sunglasses, comfort equal to px100 but they stay on much better so good if you are on the move. Px100 and these fold well but these fold even smaller and have lasted better, i find the px100 wire goes, no prob with that on these. I listen to wide range of music i would take these over the bose headphone i have used, i found the bose heavey & uncomfortable after a bit, they lacked detail & depth, bass over powered everything eles. These lack bass but much cheeper and good all rounders, they are more comfortable and very much more portable than bose. I also have had philips shl9500 these were most comfortable headphones i have had and sound was ok, bit more bass than these koss or px100 but less detail than px100. The philips broke at the fold within days and sometimes slipped.

Just an update – i’ve bought a second pair of these headphones which i keep in my camper van, in case i forget. Good service from the supplier too. Older review – i have 5 old pairs of headphones, which i’m not that impressed with. After trawling various review sites and youtube videos for headphones, i plumped for these koss portapros which give good sound for their size. I mainly listen to classical music, so many headphones on the market don’t suit. I’m still in the hunt for bigger, more expensive headphones, but still can’t decide.

For less than £20 these headphones are amazing value. Being a musician i am quite picky too so the praise i am giving these headphones means you really should take notice of this product when considering a cheap headset. I admit the styling is a bit marmite (you either love it or your hate it) but in my eyes they fit right in with anyone trying to rock the 80’s reto look (yes i was old enough to remember it first time). Sound: i was amazed at how good the sound was considering these are not closed back headphones. The bass is punchy and vocals cut through well. Over all they produce a very warm sound that trumps other headphones costing two or three times more. They are even better than some closed back headphones i have used and miles better than any in-ear bud style phones i have sampled. Comfort: i hate in-ear bud style earphones. I can never get them to stay in and they irrate the hell out of my ears. I love the sound and feel of large closed back headphones but they are not the most portable.

I got these to listen to movies at night on my computer, but still wanted something that would sound ok. Of course ideally you’d want to try out things like headphones before buying, but you have to go on blind faith when buying online, so other reviews have been helpful here, still. I have to say that i was pleasantly surprised on first listening to them. They have a well rounded sound, clear vocals, and clean high frequencies. Indeed, they stand up very well against my grado sr60s, which i use on my main hifi – very much hitting well above their price. I wish i’d tried these years ago. They’re also very comfortable, and sit on my ears without any discomfort. Overall a very good listening experience. A few bad points, but it’s nit-picking really. They don’t come with much explanation as to how to use the pressure pad adjustments, and fiddling around with them reveals they don’t really work anyway.

  • The sound is an ‘Ear Opener’
  • Exceptionally good for the price
  • These are really good, mind blowing actually

Koss “Porta Pro” Stereophones (3.5 mm Jack) for iPhone/iPad/iPod/MP3 Players/Samsung/Smartphones – Black | Silver

Good sounds, so good my mate who is a bit of a audiophile was complimentary. And i like the look of them personally, a bit oldschool. The fitting either firm or loose is a nice idea and works well plus steel band is fine. Downside is that they can be heard by everyone else around. I do not like the jack cable it just doesnt seem good quality and twists easily and i can only guess later this will give problems but so far it is ok. The earpiece are a bit cheapy plasticy on the inside but u dont see once on your head. Have these ages now and all is still good with them but i have used them recently while watching a movie and it blew my mind how good they were so much so i’m editing this review, so if youre watching movies on the laptop these are immensely good.

Low profile – you don’t look like a kn** while out in public. I would rate the sound quite highly with good bass and plenty of volume if needed. Probably similar to something like the excellent sennheiser cx ii. If you want ‘beats’ quality you will have to pay at least 4 times as much. I absolutely love these headphonesnegatives. Might have to turn down the volume if you are listening in the library – open ear. Take care not to catch the cable on anything as the wire is thin will come away from the headphones. At least i was able to replace them cheaply.

Probably the best hi-fi purchase i have ever made – not so much for the product itself which, from a sound quality perspective, is really good, but the guarantee/warranty that has for several years has been honoured. There is a design dilemma with the jack connector i think but i have been able to send the headphones back and they’ve renewed and even replaced with new on several occasions – i’ve just covered the shipping which is fair. An excellent example of after sales service that can restore your faith in all sorts of things.

I read a lot of reviews (i enjoy doing the research and evaluation) after my sennheiser px100-iis failed in the jack plug. I feel that the sound of these portapros is far better than the highly-raved px100s which i thought rather veiled and lacking in mid and top range. The portapros seem to me to reveal a lot more detail – mid and treble. My main listening is to bbc radio 3 & 4 so vocal quality is important and i have no interest in the excessive bang, bang, bang, boom, boom, boom which many regard as good sound quality. But i managed to find radio 1 interesting because i could hear detail not heard before. But the px100s win in terms of design: single entry cable; headband adjustment. Whilst the portapro has the annoying headband which needs to be readjusted on every use, and the rather silly and ineffectual ‘comfort zone’ feature which (as others have pointed out) is not needed; also the cable constantly gets itself tangled: these downsides do not detract from the main advantage which is the sound quality. Ps: i saw a lot of stuff about fake items being sold but somehow have satisfied myself that mine are ‘authentic’. Even so i cannot see that supply from amazon is any guarantee of that.

I use headphones when i want to watch tv and the rest of the household is in bed. I bought these because i wear specs (spectacles) and bigger ear-cups are uncomfortable. In this respect, these koss headphones are very good. They sit on the ear only so can be worn by glasses wearers for long periods. The specs (specifications) of these ‘phones are ok. I plug them into my av amp – the bass booms a bit and they are not as clear as the ‘phones they replace but they are ok. The one irritating aspect is that the headband is made of two sliding metal bands – i find that every time i put them on or adjust them, they nip my hair. Are they epic hi-fi ‘phones at a knock-down price?.

I’ve had a pair of these for about 18 months and they have been excellent; very comfortable, good dynamic range and very portable. I have just bought some new ear pads for them (even though the original ones are still fine). All of the above are important to me as i travel a lot. The only downside, is that these are not closed; if you can call it a downside?.These headphones offer no isolation and quite a bit of whatever you are listening escapes and can cause annoyance to others nearby. That said, this is only really an issue on public transport. I still use these regularly and find them excellent. If you are looking for a closed style of portable headphone (on-ear) that offer more sound isolation, take a look at those offered by akg, they are more expensive but generally offer a wider dynamic range (12-25k compared to 15-22k) and the sensitivity is better too. They are also collapsible so are great for those of us that travel. I will continue to use my koss porta pros as they are slightly more comfortable for longer use than the akg.

I bought this based on good reviews. I have had many headphone at this price range and they do not last long. I needed something compact, simple and cheap to use in the office at my desk. This fit the bill perfectly. – it is has cute and nice design. I find the design to be as important as its function. Not many manufacturers realize that. – the earpieces fold right in and the metal bar ends clip together making a full circle that makes it really compact. – there are three settings for the firmness of the grip on your ears, which is useful. – it is reasonably compfortable.

I was skeptical that these would be a good as people are making out but have to say i’m very impressed. The sound is very crisp, i showed my girlfriend an adele song on these and she commented that she could hear the drumsticks actually hitting the drum and noticed many things throughout the song that she’d never heard before. I listen to drum and bass and more electronic music and these cope really well with the varied frequencies these types of songs have. The bass is not ‘head shaking’ as the headphones aren’t that large to create such an impact but as i said it handles every frequency perfectly. The bass is loud and clear just not head thumping. Only bad part is that your hair does get stuck / ripped out by the metal headband. Thats a minor problem though. Really happy, they look great and for this price it’s an amazing purchase. Who needs ‘beats by dr dre’, i truly believe that these headphones can handle any song and in a way that the artist would intend you to hear that song.

I have recently taken delivery of these headphones (thank you amazon for your fast free delivery) and to say i am impressed with the sound quality in relation to the price point i paid for them is a serious understatement. 99 i have a fantastic sounding pair of phones that compare favourably with many more expensive units. I use them mainly for my mp3 player but have found them pretty useful for a number of other applications such as audio monitoring for video filming (although there is a bit of outside sound leakage in particularly noisy environments) and sound/vision editing. These headphones are slightly audible to non-users but not excessively so and as far as the sound quality is concerned for the wearer i can’t think of any better phones for under £60 yet alone ones for under £20. I really am that impressedthey have some very useful adjustments for head size and pressure on the ear and although some people say they can become uncomfortable over a period of time i managed to fall asleep wearing them and found them quite easy on the ear. Koss must know that they have winners here and the only thing i can’t understand is why they aren’t more expensive than they are at the moment – a top sound quality bargain.

Not really sure why i bought these,except to say i’m glad i did. My reason for saying this is because i have several pairs of phones of one sort or another. My main ones being the over the ear akg 702’s. And my in ear ones the soundmagic e10’s. So now i had a reference to listen and compare. These koss are a dream to listen to. Never mind those that say they have no bass. (all i can say is their source must be poor). And those that say they have no detail (rubbish).

I needed a pair of small headphones for taking abroad. I don’t like in-ear phones, & i didn’t want a pair of heavy or bulky ones. Of course, the sound quality had to be be good, so i looked for a pair of koss phones as i have used this brand before. I found these porta pro phones on amazon, & they were being heavily discounted, which made the choice very easyin use, they are reasonably comfortable to wear, although the steel headband is a bit fiddly to get right. The tension adjuster is also a bit of a gimmick & is not a good feature. However, they close up very neatly, & fit into the pouch which is supplied with them (with a bit of difficulty). I compared the sound quality against my bose headphones, although the price differences are extreme. Bose have a reputation for deep lows & high high’s. The koss can’t reproduce the lows as well, so you may need to boost the bass a bit on your player. However, the bass frequencies are very well defined & have good ‘presence’.

The best headphones in the world. The loudest and strongest bass i heard from 50£ headphones to 200£ (popular brands including that “b” j. Bieber everyone is buying), from earplug to headbands full cover, none of them can compete with that. You may not be a fan of bass, but of quality of other sound specifics, then there is different talk, i cannot say best quality, because i don’t care much about it. Weaknesses: the sponge comes off after about half year everyday use, the connector can get bad even after 2 month everyday use, but it is easily fixable. If you want bass, buy these, if you want unbreakable, then something else.

Sound quality surprisingly good for the size. The size sliders do not lock into place so you will have to adjust it to your head every time you place them on (easier than it sounds but may not be what you’re looking for). Cable is very short in line with its stated usage as portable music headphones. If you’re using these on a more permanent (i. Computer usage) basis you will probably need an extension cable, or may consider something else. Very compact and as you’d imagine excellent for portable usage. Having to resize coupled with short cable may put you off for static/desk usage.

These are really good, mind blowing actually. I am not a technical expert on sound but i am a simple lover – not huge enthusiast – of sound, whether be in music, games, tv, or radio. With koss porta pro stereo headphones, the sound is not only richer. Much richer, but it is quite loud as well. So much so that i had to turn the volume of most of my devices considerably lower than what i was used to with some other earphones and headphones. The first obvious plus point for me is that all those movies played from dvd that have louder music and much lower voices now run with a smoother music/voice mix. I first tried them on some youtube videos. The sound quality and the way i could feel the different sounds and voices was brilliant. Then i played some games and it was even better. For example i tried it while playing divinity: original sin and the voices and specially the ambience was unbelievable.

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