Krups Automatic Coffee Machine 1 : Excelent value for money choice

Purchased as a replacement to my delonghi machine which packed up after just over 2 years and could not be repaired. This product is smaller and more simplistic in its operation so hopefully it will last(it was also approx £100 cheaper than the delonghi). The coffee settings are not as adjustable as my previous machine, although the coffee tastes fine. Appears to be generally well made with the exception of the milk frother and drip tray. The only issue of note is that the container containing the spent coffee requires emptying very frequently(when containing is nowhere near half-full.

Delighted with our purchase. Lives up to our expectations.

I’ve had this machine for about a year now & i’m very pleased with it. The safety device for the steamer is a bit rubbish & it will pop the nozzle off without hesitation – make sure both the male & female parts of the nozzle are bone dry when you put them together & it seems to do the trick. As i said i’ve had it about a year – but i still don’t have a clue what the two top right hand buttons are for (one shows an empty cup & the other a full one) . I got a friend from mensa to help with the instructions but even he couldn’t figure out the two buttons. I bought mine down here in portugal – amazon stopped the free deliveries down here so it worked out cheaper locally.

Disappointed delivered with a continental electric plug.

I’ve been looking for a bean to cup machine which is small enough so it fits on our secondary kitchen counter. Unfortunately most coffee makers are too deep so my options were limited here. I decided to go with this machine even though i was aware of some limited features such as no ground coffee compartment or display. Upon arrival i noticed that the appliance has eu mains plug, luckily i had a quality adaptor although it would have been nice to show this in the product description. Operating the machine is quite easy, and even though it is not a full metal construction, it does have a quality feel to it. When turning it on for the first time in the morning it takes around 20-30 seconds to heat up before you can make your first cup. It makes a really nice espresso provided the beans are of good quality and that temperature is configured to your taste. I like a traditional espresso from italian or french roast beans and i find this machine is quite good at it. I can also make nice latte for my daughter by frothing lots of milk in a separate frothing jug and by making only a half shot (another sip for me)overall it is a nice little machine with some limitations and there is hope that it will last given the required maintenance tasks are carried out as the machine requests them.

I know is expensive, but i have been looking for a while to buy one and replace my nespresso which i find the pods now too expensive. In fact i bought one which was more expensive than this one and was doing nothing but coffee, but i didn’t like it and returned it. You have many opions here, fine to course coffee, small amount or large amount of coffee. The steamer is good and yes, you need a jug to froth in, not straight into cup.

My coffee machine is noise, is that normal?. And the coffee doesnt come that strong. I need to make 3 strong cups to have a proper caffe late and i am using lavazza espresso beans which is a strong coffee.

Makes great coffee, but the milk frother is poor. Also the machine vibrates a lot when dispensing so make sure your cup doesn’t move away from the nozzles.

  • Excellent machine but terrible instructions
  • great coffee machine
  • Excelent value for money choice

Krups Automatic Coffee Machine 1.8 Litre 15 bar, CappuccinoPlus Nozzle White

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I had the previous version of this machine and the(minor) improvement s are good ,this is an expensive product but,overall good value.

Still going after 2 years of constant use.

Firstly, this machine makes great coffee. Build quality is good and it looks the part on a shiny granite worktop – i would have to say that value for money probably cannot be bettered. My one criticism (not enough to dip below 5 stars) is that the instructions supplied with the machine are pretty rubbish, there is also little info on the krups website. I emailed krups who then mailed me back a comprehensive manual and the even posted me a hard copy – go krups.But why on earth didn’t you put that with the machine in the first place. Final tip from me is, that when you lose the little wire frother nozzel cleaner (which you will and they are expensive, you have to buy a new nozzel as well), i found that the wire from a bottle of rioja works perfectly.

If you are looking for a value for money product and you drink most of the times just expresso coffe (without milk) this is the product for you. Max price i suggest to pay £ 300 (i paid much less than that)temperature: perfectwater qty regulation: perfectvolume of beans and water container for home use: excelentgrinding levels: perfectsteam system: fair but not badi am very satisfied.

Wonderful easy to use machine. Put the coffee beans in the top dispenser, water in the tank and press the button.

I was very very sceptical as to how good this machine might be. For the money it delivers everytime. I’m a strong coffee drinker – espressos are almost perfect (i say almost since the italian down the road with a £2k machine is better but hey i’m comparing apples with apples in this review)i was going to buy another traditional espresso machine – but opted for this for the reduced hassle factor and low mess. Yes you might think its noisy but you can’t grind beans and be silentpro’ssmall neat machine sits in my office on a shelf – similar machines are much bigger, this is less than a foolscap folder hight and just a little deeper. Great coffee (you do have to turn down the volume dial to get a strong coffee but that’s its nature)very easy to use and keep clean. I’ve not even read the manual yetcon’snone yet i imagine there will be somep. S i’m not a milk coffee person so i’ve not done any of that milk stuff with this machine.

Good makes lovely coffee easy to use and it’s the best coffee machine i’ve ever had .

Great machine, so easy to use too.

  • Excellent machine but terrible instructions
  • great coffee machine
  • Excelent value for money choice

Krups Automatic Coffee Machine 1.8 Litre 15 bar, CappuccinoPlus Nozzle White

Delivered with a european two pin plug. It is illegal to supply such an item without a proper conversion plug for uk three pin. This did not even come with an adaptor. Come on amazon, stop flouting the law.

I love this coffee machine and makes great coffee. But can anyone please explain me how the steamer works?. I have not been able to work it out as the hot air takes a while and the milk gets spill everywhere. The instructions are not very clear ;-( apart from that great quality coffee from real coffee beans.

Good machine which compares well to the delonghi magnifica which it replaces. Easy to clean, coffee hot and not as noisy as the magnifiaca. I found the steamer awkward but i now have a separate steamer which is much better so no problem. It came with very poor instructions.

I never realised how great home made coffee could be.

Not the cheapest and certainly not the most expensive espresso machine but a nice compromise. Compact and, with good beans, makes a fine coffee. I’ve not found the steam wand much use but i usually drink espresso so not a problem. I’ve got a separate milk frothier/warmer for when someone wants a cappuccino or latte. Had mine for a couple years and wouldn’t want to change it.

Features and Spesification

  • integrated coffee grinder