Krups Espresseria EA8108 Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine : Amazing bean to cup machine – better than a pod machine

Stylish, practical, relatively small, easy to use and excellent coffee. My only complaint is how long it takes to do a quick rinse (as i feel its best to do one before and after each use) but then again it takes the same time to do a quick rinse than it did on my last machine. Both water and waste compartments easily accessible, something my previous machine had issue with. Great product overall, especially for the price.

 as a single cup expresso maker, and for cappuccino too, this is an ok coffee machine. It is bean to cup, which is good for freshness, and is well designed in terms of cleaning and servicing. The espresso produced has a perfect crema and tastes good. Unfortunately i have enough niggles with it so that i can’t recommend it. Firstly, there is a basic strength setting (weak/strong) and 3 grinding settings. This is not good if you want 2 cups of strong espresso or indeed a longer, strong coffee – it will only have a single shot. The manual recommends making 2 or more separate shots in the same cup if you want this – not ideal. Finally the unit as a whole vibrates when grinding and dispensing. I’ve included a video that shows this – the effect is that you cannot press a button and walk away because the coffee cup moves away from the dispensers.Better design on the drip tray could have overcome this.

Great product, easy to use and it makes great coffee. Replaced our old tassimo with this and i would definitely recommend. Only slight gripe is the design of the steam nozzle which blocks easily and gets dirty because of the small crevices. Not a major issue though, as it’s easy and quick to remove and clean. Overall a great machine and should work out a lot cheaper than buying pods in the long run. I would also buy some of the krups de-scaling sachets as it doesn’t come with any but it does come with 2 cleaning tablets.

Took a couple of weeks to arrive & i worried needlessly. On arrival it was as described – quick review of the manual and away we go. Makes delicious coffee easily.

There is nothing bad you can say about this piece of kitchen equipment. My wife is a coffee addict and to give her a good cup of coffee was a must. This machine definitely does that every time. Would highly recommend it to every one.

This is clearly a classy bean-to-cup coffee machine. It looks the business, solid yet not flashy, and sits very nicely on top of the worktop in a modern kitchen without hogging too much space. In use i’ve found it delivers consistently good coffee, at just the right temperature. The fact that krups have included a strength control on the front panel, effectively a second one in the grinding mechanism (finely-ground tasting, to my mind, stronger than coarsely-ground coffee), plus a continuously variable liquid volume control, means that the perfect cup of coffee is always attainable. The initial setup was a little bit of a rigmarole, but you only have to do that when the machine is either brand new, or has been out of use for a long time. During that process, it spurted hot water all over the worktop from its steam nozzle, while i diligently held a 600ml receptacle under the coffee outlets as instructed in the manual. Don’t get caught out – make sure you catch what comes out of the steam thingy as wellafter that it has been largely simple to use in everyday life. The grinding and coffee-brewing is completely automated. Some of the symbols on the front panel are perhaps a little cryptic, requiring a rummage in the manual to decode the difference between, say a shot of steam (looks like a drawing of a shower) and a rinse of the coffee nozzles (looks like a shower, but without a broken line in the middle. The machine makes good frothy milk for lattes and cappucinos, quite easily. There’s the usual slightly dark art of judging how far into the milk to put the steam outlet, but it hasn’t failed me yet. One nice feature is that you can move the coffee nozzles up and down to accommodate different sizes of cup or mug – and (unlike my previous espresso machine) it is possible to get a full-size mug under the nozzles without having to resort to dangerous leaning-tower-of-pisa manoevres around hot liquids. The machine displays a red light when it needs its coffee grounds container emptying. And the same red light when the drip tray is full, or the coffee drawer needs cleaning (all simple operations).

Great automatic bean to cup machine. Looks very stylishbrews good espresso with a degree of customisation (strength / size / corse)simple set up and easy to get startednice, hot espressotidy and clean.

Only had this item a clue of weeks but i have found it to be brilliant, really easy to use and does make a great coffee. I cannot think how anyone could find it difficult to set up and use. If this turns out to be as reliable as krupps say it is then i think you would find it very difficult to get a better machine for the money. I have had some very expensive coffee machines and this stands up well to any of them. As i say if the build quality is as good as the coffee it turns out then you cannot go wrong.

  • Fantastic product. Stylish
  • Very pleased!
  • Great automatic bean to cup machine.

Krups Espresseria EA8108 Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, Black

Product Description, Compact without compromise: Krups smallest Bean to Cup machine for coffee lovers who are big on taste, but short on space. The ideal introductory Bean to Cup espresso machine .Ultra compact machine delivers maximum coffee taste, while using minimum space. Ergonomic and intuitive design makes it easy to achieve cafe-quality results at home. Compact Thermo-block System heats water to the optimal temperature quickly for consistently hot coffee from the first to the last cup and less lime scale. Stainless steel grinder produces a precise and uniform grind, and the ideal crema .Krups introduces its most compact, fully automatic, Bean to Cup espresso machine: the Espresseria Automatic EA8108. Providing simplicity without sacrifice, the ergonomically-designed EA8108 features a patented water heating system and professional-quality grinder, making it an ideal introduction to a world of Bean to Cup machines. This fully-automatic machine has a 15 bar pump pressure for maximum flavour extraction and a milk frothing nozzle for a barista-quality latte or cappuccino. It’s also quick to heat up and uses a metal conical burr grinder – the same grinder used by professional coffee houses. In fact, it’s a coffee shop that fits neatly on your worktop. Finished in piano black, the diminutive EA8108 unites style with function. The large rotary control knob and push buttons allow for intuitive operation. Users can select their coffee type, adjust the temperature, volume and intensity, and achieve professional-tasting results with ease. Automatic rinsing, cleaning and descaling programmes take care of system maintenance. In common with all Krups Bean to Cup machines, the EA8108 features the patented Compact Thermo-block System. This innovative system delivers rapid water heating for consistently hot coffee, right from the first cup. Furthermore, as water is constantly flowing through the system, this means less lime scale build-up – and less descaling as a result. The Krups EA8108 features a professional-quality, resistant stainless steel conical burr grinder. This ensures a precise and uniform grind, while preserving the maximum bean aroma and the perfect level of crema. The grind can be adjusted to fine, medium or coarse; the finer the grind, the stronger the coffee

Box Contains,

  • 1 x Krups espresseria automatic EA8108 bean to cup
  • 1 x Instruction Booklet
  • 2 x Cleaning tablets XS3000

  • From the manufacturer

    About Krups

    KRUPS began its journey towards good coffee back in 1846 as a brand dedicated to precision and technical enhancement. KRUPS has continued to build on its widespread reputation for quality, far sighted design and technical refinement. With KRUPS, you can have a stress free, quick and easy coffee solution. Enjoy the pleasures of drinking and making a variety of coffees in minutes from the comfort of your own home with KRUPS.

    KRUPS Bean To Cup – EA8108

    Compact machine filled with features for easy barista results

    For coffee lovers that are big on taste and short on space.

    The KRUPS EA8108 is a fully automated espresso machine packed with features for easy barista result. Designed for use with coffee beans this machine boats all the key features of KRUPS’ renowned Bean To Cup line in a smaller footprint for easy cafe quality coffee at home.

    • Ultra-compact system with 1.8L capacity. Stylish casing finished in Piano black.
    • The ergonomic rotary knob and height adjustable coffee dispenser  provide intuitive operation.
    • Compact Thermoblock System fast-heats water to the perfect temperature. Cup warming tray  keep your coffee at the optimum temperature.
    • Stainless steel conical burr grinder ensures a precise and uniform grind to make the perfect espresso with a rich crema.
    • Adjustable settings for coffee size, strength and type.
    • Simple and easy to use interface to achieve the best coffee possible.

    Thermoblock Heating System

    Patented Thermoblock system ensures a hot and aromatic coffee.

    Rotary Knob

    Easily adjust your coffee preferences with the ergonomic rotary knob.

    Milk Frother

    Easily make the perfect cappuccino using the multi-directional steam nozzle and directly froths the milk into a cup.

    Easy Maintenance

    Easy to clean and maintain thanks to the stainless steel burr grinder and automatic rinsing, cleaning and de-scaling programmes.

    Stainless Steel Grinder

    The Active Speed grinder launched by KRUPS is 20% faster than the grinders used in previous models, it will guarantee you an express espresso!

    The new KRUPS Active Speed grinder was designed to offer high resistance during use, and to ensure that it can complete up to 280,000 cycles without fault.

    Hydraulic Cylinder

    It is imperative to ensure perfectly even tamping, so as to achieve a flat, faultless surface on the grounds before percolation. With KRUPS technology, a hydraulic cylinder ensures the correct tamping of the coffee. The force exerted by the UltraFlat tamping system is therefore very high, at approximately 30 kg (or 294 Newtons). This ensures a balanced and flavoursome espresso.

    Thermoblock Heating System

    The Brewing Optimiser combines a compact thermoblock, purposely designed by KRUPS, and a 15-bar pump, simultaneously activating the hydraulic part of the machine and creating the espresso. The combination of those elements makes it possible to achieve the right coffee temperature already in the very first cup.

    Automatic Drainage

    Thanks to the AutoClean Pressure System. As such, the machine is automatically drained after each drink. This ensures the total absence of stagnant water in the machine, and therefore minimal scaling, ensuring the good health of your product.

    This low pressure cleaning ensures the longevity of the thermoblock.

    EA8108 EA8150 EA8298 EA9010
    Milk Frother Frothing Arm Frothing Arm Auto Milk Frother Auto Milk Frother – Self Cleaning
    Bar Pump Pressure 15 bars 15 bars 15 bars 15 bars
    Number Of Pre- programmed Recipes 0 2 6 17
    Control Panel Manual rotary knob LCD screen LCD Screen with rotary knob Full Colour Touch Screen
    One Touch Setting Espresso Espresso Espresso / Cappuccino Espresso / Cappuccino
    Automatic Cleaning

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    Quick review:does it produce decent coffee?. Yes, equal to that from high-street coffee shops. But rather fiddly to use long term?.Long review:where i work there is a costa shop with all the paraphernalia for the barista, so that was my benchmark for the coffee produce by this machine. It arrived well packed, with plenty of foam protection and items taped down. There’s numerous booklets, ‘first use’ guide, safety manual, two cleaning tablets and an incredibly thin loop of wire for cleaning the steam nozzle. This i can imagine getting lost pdq in most kitchens. The manual has recipes for making a basic caffe latte up to espresso parfait. The gloss black and chrome looked good in my kitchen where i have gloss white cabinets and a gloss black range cooker.

    My only criticisms are a) the steam wand which is great until the tiny feedback hole needed to make the froth blocks up. Failed to unblock it even using the tiny pin that comes with the descaling pill. B) the complex function modes, you really need the instruction book. I assume this is why subsequent models have a screen. However, once set up, it’s as simple as pressing a button.

    It is a nice looking machine that takes a bit of time to get used too. The instructions are ok but you need to read the in-depth version in the main book for most things, no quick start with this machine for some people. I found that my water tank some how leaks even if you haven’t spilt a drop of water while filling the tank that is annoying. After initial setup on how strong you want your coffee and on the size of cups it is great to just press a button and you have a great cup of coffee. Love the columbian beans for this machine. We have found that we can drink it without milk, it doesn’t seem to want milk that surprised us all. Even though it is not a steaming cup of hot coffee, it seems the perfect temperature, especially if not using milk. We also find that it is less messy and less stressful especially in the morning when in a rush and it is just press the button. You have to keep the beans and the water topped up or it stops working. It is a nice machine but it has flaws.

     [edit]if you completely dispense with the steam nossle, it’s a wonderful little frother. Just takes a little bit of getting used to (gauging when is the right time to stop and avoid a little spillage). The demonstration video was the best i could muster whilst double-tasking 😜. You do get a fantastic sheen however. [original review]i love so much about this machine – it’s a beautiful looking piece of kit and produces coffee that agent dale cooper himself would give the thumbs up to. The frother fundamentally lets it down. It is a mere gesture of a cappuccino that i rustle up on this machine. A beautiful cup of coffee nonetheless.

    Makes coffee to my liking consistently. No issues yet – and it gets used every day.

    Forget the cafetierre, instant coffee and pods.

    Makes great coffee, and better value than lots of competitors.

    The first one went wrong after about 18 months and amazon replaced it immediately. However i have noticed a slight problem with coffee grounds becoming embedded between the seals of the tamping plunger causing the machine to bubble back a bit when it should be pressurizing. The solution seems to be to remove the top plate and then unscrew the one below with a star key. Using a long and soft brush it is then possible to very carefully remove the coffee from the two o ring seals on the plunger. We use the finest grind and it may not happen if it is coarser, but at least it solves the issue. Otherwise a great machine which makes really good coffee and would recommend to anyone. We will just have to see how long this one lasts.

    • Fantastic product. Stylish
    • Very pleased!
    • Great automatic bean to cup machine.

    Krups Espresseria EA8108 Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, Black

    Excellent service and very pleased with our new bean to cup coffee machine.

    I have been a long time nespresso owner, impressed by the taste and the convenience of coffee pods. Capsule systems are great but the continual waste and cost of 30p a cup is not. Deep down i know that freshly ground bean to cup is the way to go but cheap machines are not the answer. Friends and colleagues have tried budget machines – and they have the shelf life of bananas. They break down for fun and leak everywhere. So replacing the tried and tested nespresso is a tall order but one that so far this machine is achieving. I will also update the review each 6 months or so with a reliability report. Well it is a 18 inch high slab of metal and plastic with a water container on the back, a coffee grounds bin on the left and some spouts on the front. Just like every other machine.

    Features and Spesification

    • The most compact Krups fully automatic machine with adjustable settings for coffee size, strength and temperature
    • Simple interface makes it easy to achieve barista style coffee
    • Provides optimal temperature coffee for every cup with professional quality grinder for precise and uniform grinding
    • Get more from your espresso, explore the Krups recipe book found in the Technical Specification section of this page