Krups Espresseria EA8150 Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine : Great Coffee Machine

Initial set up was complicated due to an instruction book which is less than intuitively clear. However once you have worked it out the machine is easy to use.

Got me into drinking coffee daily, does not compare. With any coffee you can buy in coffee shop, even the expensive ones. Does consume rather large quantities of coffee, but well worth it.

This is an excellent unit that sits between the somewhat wasteful coffee pod machines and the more complex all singing and dancing bean to cup devices. The pod machines do give a very standardized cup of coffee each and every time once you have finished experimenting with seemingly endless varieties of coffee pods some which work and some don’t. The milk frother on these units is an agitation/heater type that does a fair job but does not inject and therefore add steam to the milk. The resultant latte/cappuccino is somewhat slightly different to the other types of machine that do use steam. The more complex bean to cup devices general use a fast boiler to heat the water and produce the steam, this takes time to start up and is often left on for some considerable time afterwards. Also there may well be a long time gap needed re-cyling back to coffee mode from the steam mode (some 4-5 minutes on my delonghi model)the krups ea8150 sits between these two types of machine and will be ideal for those who want the less waste and better choice of fresh beans but want to retain a two button push to deliver a coffee and steam frothed milk. No boiler here but a fast heating ceramic heating system that heats on the fly just like the pod machines. Much less complicated than other bean to cup in terms of choices but you only tend to use one or two anyway. Excellent choice for those who want better and less waste than a pod machine and less pomposity than most bean to cup devices.

The big brother of this machine (krups ea8298 bean to cup espresseria auto machine) makes rather good cappuccinos (it comes with a milk dispenser). From the instructions, it seems that this model can also be fitted with a milk container, but you’d need to buy it separately. So what does it do as it comes?. Well, it grinds its own beans, which means that the coffee is as fresh as it could be (far better than buying pre-ground coffee, and less messy than having a separate grinder). All you need to do is keep the coffee bean holder at the top and the water container at the back topped up, and it will make you lovely coffee. Except it’s not quite that simple, of course. There’s a grounds container on the left that you need to empty regularly, and the frothing spout needs to be cleaned, and the drip tray needs to be emptied, and every now and again you need to put in a cleaning tablet and rinse through. Which all sounds quite complicated, but it isn’t. The complicated bit is learning how to use the front panel, which (in my opinion) could have been designed a bit better. You can configure shot strength, shot size (the amount of liquid you get out) and the number of shots that will be dispensed consecutively – one or two.

Ordered this machine on amazon. Machine is good for warranty period, but. Half year before warranty is over start to leak under machine on table. Krups was happy to take to repair, after month of instant coffee, machine was back with note – no problems found. After couple of weeks it start to leak again, i did a pictures. Krups again took it to repair, and after one and a half months it was returned with answer – no problems found. So now warranty is over, 3 month i was without coffee machine. And it still leak, but works. Stay away if you from ireland, because here is no krups repair services, only third party.

Fresh coffee at the touch of a button.

For me, and without exaggeration, good coffee is one of life’s great pleasures. That early morning cup after breakfast gives you the most satisfying and warming buzz you could wish far. I’ve tried most methods of making coffee over the years; filter, cafetiere, moka, pods, etc. Over time i’ve fallen in and out of love with each. Over the past few years my preference has been a senseo machine i prefer it to the tassimo version, and was surprised that philips/douwe egberts decided not to continue production. So anyway, i’m a coffee lover, so was very excited at the chance to try out a ‘beans-to-cup’ machine. First off, this is a very handsome looking piece of kit. The matt black and steel finish looks very smart, especially if you have a contemporary kitchen. The manual is brief, but adequate. Setup is pretty simple; add beans and water, allow the machine to perform it’s initial rinse, and you’re good to go.

I’ve been using this daily for three months now and it’s a seriously impressive bit of kit. You can tailor your coffee to exactly how you like it using the multiple setting which include:3 x heat settings. Cup size (from 20ml up to 180ml). With a glossy black finish, it looks smart and the digital panel is simple to navigate. Further features include:1 or 2 cup delivery. Adjustable auto-switch off (between 15 minutes and 2 hours). Once setup to how you want it, it makes a fabulous espresso with a rich crema with just one push of a button. The milk frother works effectively and just a small amount of milk can make a lot of froth. You need to keep the frothing element exceptionally clean.

  • Bean to cup at its bestBrilliant.
  • German Quality Made in France
  • Easy to use, great coffee!!

Krups Espresseria EA8150 Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, Black

Product Description, My first Krups – The easy-to-use, introductory range of fully-automated coffee machines designed for the first-time buyer. Quality coffee without complication or compromise .Extra-large LED screen and three simple menus for no-nonsense navigation. Compact Thermo-block System for faster preheating to the ideal temperature; guaranteed uniform coffee ground volume for outstanding in-cup results. Krups quality management ensures value for money and no compromise on taste. Bold new design in glossy black with contemporary chrome accents. KRUPS introduces its new essential range: the EA8150 fully automatic espresso machine. Designed with the first-time buyer in mind, the EA8150 combines simple operation, patented water heating system and guaranteed constant coffee ground volume, backed by the Krups quality guarantee for outstanding in-cup results at an affordable price. Designed to be as easy to use as possible, the EA8150 is the ideal introductory, fully-automated Krups coffee machine. It has a 15 bar pump pressure for maximum flavour extraction and an easy-clean steam nozzle for ideally frothed milk. Plus, it’s quick to heat up for perfect temperature coffee from the first cup. No complications, no compromise; just quality coffee. It’s a coffee lover’s essential. The easy-to-read, extra-large LED screen – one of the largest at this price-point – plus three simple menus (coffee brewing, milk frothing and maintenance) make for no-nonsense navigation. A Favourites option allows two recipes to be stored, while an Intelligent Alert System prompts users to run the rinsing, cleaning or descaling programmes. The machine can even be programmed to switch off automatically. In common with all Krups Bean to Cup machines, the EA8150 features the patented Compact Thermo-block System for faster preheating and perfect temperature coffee from the first cup. There are three levels of granulomere and coffee strength: the finer the grain, the more intense and flavourful the taste. Plus, Krups guarantees a uniform coffee ground volume for the best in-cup result, no matter the quality of beans used. Adjustable settings for temperature and coffee volume (20 ml to 220 ml) allow for a wider range of beverages, each with an authentic, rich crema. The Krups quality management process monitors product quality at every stage of production, culminating in a demanding machine life test. This guarantees the best product reliability, quality and performance for the best user experience. Delivering outstanding in-cup results with no compromise on taste and quality, the EA8150 offers great value for money. With its bold new design, the EA8150 is as easy on the eye as it is to use. The glossy black casing, with hot stamped branding and pyramidal pattern signature, is accented by the chrome drip tray and steam nozzle, while visible screws give the EA8150 a modern, industrial feel.

Box Contains, 1 x Krups Espresseria Automatic EA8150 Bean to Cup 1 x pack Cleaning Tablets 1 x Instruction Booklet

From the manufacturer


KRUPS began its journey towards good coffee back in 1846 as a brand dedicated to precision and technical enhancement. KRUPS has continued to build on its widespread reputation for quality, far sighted design and technical refinement. With KRUPS, you can have a stress free, quick and easy coffee solution. Enjoy the pleasures of drinking and making a variety of coffees in minutes from the comfort of your own home with KRUPS.

KRUPS Bean To Cup – EA8150

Designed with the first time buyer in mind

The KRUPS Espresseria EA8150 is a fully automated, compact espresso machine equipped with a high definition display. Designed for use with coffee beans, this automatic machine with its small and compact design and stylish finish, produces effortless coffee every time.

  • Ultra-compact system: With and 15 bar pump pressure for the perfect coffee extraction.
  • The LCD screen , ergonomic push buttons and height adjustable coffee dispenser  provide intuitive operation.
  • Patented Compact Thermoblock System fast-heats water to the perfect temperature.
  • The durable stainless steel conical burr grinder ensures a precise and uniform grind to make the perfect espresso with a rich crema.
  • Comes in an elegant stainless steel and black finish.

LCD touch screen

Save and programme your favourite recipes using the LCD screen. Auto-start your machine to have your coffee ready when you wake up.

Heating system

Patented Thermoblock system ensures a hot and aromatic coffee.

Multi-directional steam nozzle

Easily make the perfect cappuccino using the multi-directional steam nozzle and directly froths the milk into a cup.

Easy maintenance

Easy to clean and maintain thanks to the stainless steel burr grinder and automatic rinsing, cleaning and de-scaling programmes.

Stainless Steel Grinder

The Active Speed grinder launched by KRUPS is 20% faster than the grinders used in previous models, it will guarantee you an express espresso!

The new KRUPS Active Speed grinder was designed to offer high resistance during use, and to ensure that it can complete up to 280,000 cycles without fault.

Hydraulic Cylinder

It is imperative to ensure perfectly even tamping, so as to achieve a flat, faultless surface on the grounds before percolation. With KRUPS technology, a hydraulic cylinder ensures the correct tamping of the coffee. The force exerted by the UltraFlat tamping system is therefore very high, at approximately 30 kg (or 294 Newtons). This ensures a balanced and flavoursome espresso.

Thermoblock Heating System

The Brewing Optimiser combines a compact thermoblock, purposely designed by KRUPS, and a 15-bar pump, simultaneously activating the hydraulic part of the machine and creating the espresso. The combination of those elements makes it possible to achieve the right coffee temperature already in the very first cup.

Automatic Drainage

Thanks to the AutoClean Pressure System. As such, the machine is automatically drained after each drink. This ensures the total absence of stagnant water in the machine, and therefore minimal scaling, ensuring the good health of your product.

This low pressure cleaning ensures the longevity of the thermoblock.

EA8108 EA8150 EA8298 EA9010
Milk Frother Frothing Arm Frothing Arm Auto Milk Frother Auto Milk Frother – Self Cleaning
Bar Pump Pressure 15 bars 15 bars 15 bars 15 bars
Number of Pre-programmed recipes 0 2 6 17
Control Panel Manual rotary knob LCD screen LCD screen with rotary knob Full Colour Touch Screen
One Touch Setting Espresso Espresso Espresso / Lungo Espresso / Lungo
Automatic Cleaning

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Ever in search of the right balance between convenience and quality coffee, i have recently been switching between a good old-fashioned stovetop moka pot and the compact, quick aeropress. We didn’t have a coffee grinder, so had to buy ready-ground beans. I tend to go for a shot of espresso rather than a long drink, so those subtle changes in character really make a big difference when the flavour is so concentrated. The aeropress is surprisingly decent for “espresso” but a tad watery, somewhere between a cafetiere and a proper coffee. The moka is great but inconsistent – smooth one day, burnt the next. And always so much cleaning – more so than with a cafetiere. So, a bean-to-cup machine clearly has several advantages, the promise of which are fulfilled very well by the 8150 here. Fresh beans means fresher coffee. This definitely comes across in the end product. I haven’t had to do any actual cleaning of this apart from the initial rinse-through (an automated process) and emptying the grounds and water from their respective detachable compartments. No need to pay attention to what you’re doing – just press a button and go. This is true of the 8150, though you benefit from setting a couple of “favourits” settings to make it even quicker. In practice, the process of making a coffee with this machine is pretty simple and very quick.

Initially thought the machine was great. However, broke after 3 months. Krups terrible company to deal with. I do not recommmend this product based on the aftercare provided by the uk branch of the manufacturer. I will never buy a krups machine again. Mine came from amazon germany, as i needed a eu plug. My machine has been with them nearly a month and not been returned. 2 months later they decided to replace it. Here’s hoping the replacement lasts longer.

This made great coffee while it lasted. Easy to use and the steam wand works well. Cleaning and descaling can be a very regular chore. The waste bin built into the left hand side has to be emptied once it flags up as full. Unfortunately, it sometimes does this when it is completely empty. It is very loud, louder than most competitors that i have seen. We couldn’t really use if anyone in the house was asleep. The biggest problem i had was reliability. Initially, it produced great espresso.

My second krups machine and to be honest the coffee is amazing, obviously the beans have to be good but you won’t be disappointed with this machine. The steam function is impressive.

By far one of the better items in my kitchen and we have a brand new kitcheni wasn’t a huge coffee drinker, but i was asked to review this by another vendor so though i’d give it a whirl. I can safely say this produces the best coffee i’ve ever had and i’ve not become a bit of a conneseuir. (or i like to think so)it’s very simple to use and once you set up the favourites on it, you can have a tailored coffee incredibly quickly. The fine tuning is amazing and allows you to really specify how you want your brew. My only crisisism of the machine is that it’s a touch loud (but it is grinding coffee after all) and there is a little bit of maintenence every so often. The vast majority is automated but the frother needs to be kept clean as it can get clogged with milk quickly if it’s left. That being said, it’s much easier than the pod style machines that get gunked up way worse and are more difficult to cleanhighly highly recommend this product if you can stretch the price. It’s literally changed my mornings for the better.

A bean to cup had long been on the wish list for this coffee household and the krups has really delivered. The smell when using is divine and leisurely weekend mornings have been redefined with fresh coffee. Simple to use with a clear lcd screen and cup and strength options, the water tank and bean holder seem to last for ages. Not so much a fan of the milk frother but appreciate that on these machines one will be expected but it works well enough but rarely used. Coffee is supremely smooth and so fresh tasting and the bonus is that this krups will make the most of any bean from the value ranges through to high end. Just don’t keep the beans in the machine too long as best kept in the fridge. The krups is a premium price but then its quality is sound and proved to be totally reliable to date. For all coffee fans an investment but a worthy one.

We have this machine almost a year now. It is lovable and makes nice coffee and very easy to operate. The reason me scoring it down to three star are the following:- steaming rod very fragile and small easily comes of while using and than hot steam goes everywhere. – steaming rods airing hole get plugged easily unless notoriously cleaned regularly- costly to replace steaming rod- water tank floater stopped floating after 11 month and machine thinks it is empty- krups tech support non available (thanks to amazon it is sorted they bought a new one for me)summ:if you drink espresso and lucky not needing tech support it is a great machine. For latte/cappuccino lovers this is not the right choice.

This simple to use bean to cup coffee machine looks great and features clear lcd display and buttons. Milk frothing utilises a built-in steam wand which is easy to move a jug. The compact footprint allows this to be easily used even in confined areas. You can easily make espresso, latte, cappuccino, flat white, americano drinks. Unpacking is simple with minimal but effective packaging to protect the machine. The machine comes with a rather poor multi language operating manual, this should have been better. Setup is easy just plug in power on fill with water and run the initial setup cycle which takes about 2 minutes. Brewing takes around 90 seconds from standby so its about as quick as a pod based machine. 8 litre water tank is well designed featuring an integrated handle allowing easy lifting off the main body for easy filling.

  • Bean to cup at its bestBrilliant.
  • German Quality Made in France
  • Easy to use, great coffee!!

Krups Espresseria EA8150 Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, Black

Excellent machine, simple and easy to make great coffee, highly recommended. Don’t forget water is the largest component of your cup of java so treat your krups to something other than chlorine filled tap-water. I use waitrose essential still mineral water, pretty cheap for a pack of 4 large bottles.

Once this machine is set up and you get used to the symbols and buttons this is incredibly easy to use. Straight out of the box there is no assembly needed, just remove some packaging and retainers. Next its a case of filling the water compartment which comes away with a vertical pull on the inbuilt handle which also conveniently opens the covering flap to fill it. After replacing the water container its then a case of filling the machine with coffee beans. This means just lifting the very loose fitting lid on the top. But before doing this its worth setting the grinder to your preferred level, fine, medium or coarseafter this its first set up. This requires you to turn on the machine and place a vessel/cup capable of holding 60ml under the coffee outlets and the milk frotherpress start and it does its cleaning session and then you’re ready to go. There are a number of options on the front including a very handy 2 presets (a & b) which allows you to set your favourite combinations on the machine for very very easy coffee. You set the number of cups which is mainly intended for dispensing espresso. I’ve set to 2 for the larger americano style coffee that i preferyou set the number of ml and the coffee strength done in 3 beans.

As you would expect, this is entirely dependent on the quality of bean used. I’ve tried a few and the best so far is illy. The machine is a solid and efficient performer. Instructions are pretty easy to interpret. A good addition to the kitchen but do check the size particularly the height. I wouldn’t fit under the kitchen cabinets so had to be free standing elsewhere.

Quite simply one of my best purchases. I love my coffee and this machine delivers. Its only as good as the coffee bean you put into it. Now, many users have stated their preferred bean, lavazza rossa, illy. But by far the beast bean is costcos kirkland house blend. The kirkland bean is half the price (£8) per kilo than the others on amazon, and its better than all the others. I’ve had the machine for a year and it still performs as it did on day one.

Features and Spesification

  • Choose your favourite coffee with interactive screen
  • Adjustable settings for coffee size, strength and temperature
  • Provides optimal temperature coffee for every cup
  • Professional quality grinder with three adjustable settings – fine, medium and coarse
  • Automatic rinse and descaling programmes
  • Get more from your espresso, explore the Krups recipe book found in the Technical Specification section of this page