Krups NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Oblo Manual Coffee Machine – : Brilliant coffee/chocolate etc maker

This is a coffee maker; it is easy to use although the coffe contained in the capsules which you use could be stronger.

We have had previous styles of this product before and always been very happy. However, this time the machine just isn’t quite as good. The main problem is too much vibration. The coffee is as always very good and just to our taste. What is hard to accept though is that the red power cord is a different shade (more orange than red) – and the plug is another shade as well. A photograph does not clearly show this, so i have not been able to attach one.

Really liked the design of this machine which was bought to replace a different model. It looks good and works perfectly. Very happy with the purchase.

Water reservoir easy to refill. This machine does not automatically stop and has to be stopped filling manually using a lever.

Nothing wrong per se as a coffee machine, it makes good coffee, but the water container is really small which is a pain when your office is 2 floors above the nearest tap for refills.

It does not have coffee strength levels selection like other dolce gusto coffee makers.

A bit noisy after few weeks but works well and make nice drinks.

Not a bad machine and nice, if somewhat expensive coffee pods compared with our old senseo. Unfortunately the 2 year warranty has just run out and it is leaking all over the worktop so we can’t keep the tank full. Obviously the tank seal has a limited life. We will be going back to senseo if only to help the planet use less plastic.

  • Great Machine, Great price
  • Easy to use stylish coffee machine
  • Great product but look after it

Krups NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Oblo Manual Coffee Machine – Red

Product Description, The stylish and compact NESCAFE Dolce Gusto Oblo not only looks great, but with a maximum 15 bar pump pressure creates coffee shop quality drinks in a matter of seconds. The maximum 15 bar pressure pump is essential for delivering delicious drinks just like you will find in your local coffee shop. NESCAFE Dolce Gusto coffee pods are sealed after the roast has been ground to deliver to you a delicious aroma and full flavour. And with over 30 varieties of roast & ground coffees, delicious hot chocolate drinks and coffee shop specialties you’ll wonder how you ever coped without it.

Box Contains, 1 x Nescafe Dolce Gusto Oblo Red

From the manufacturer






High Pressure

Our machines produce high quality coffee, like in your local coffee shop. Our high pressure system, with a maximum 15 bar pump pressure, produces velvety cremas and froth coffees.

Over 40 Drinks

From frothy latte macchiatos to smooth Americanos, with over 40 different varieties in our range, there are plenty of ways to bring creativity to each day.

High Quality Coffee

Our coffee pods are sealed after the roasted coffee has been ground, to deliver a delicious aroma and full flavour.

No Mess No Fuss

Our machines are easy to use and clean, simply pop in a pop and free the flavour. All the coffee grinds stay in the pod so there’s virtually no cleaning either.



nescafe eclipise lumio colours oblo jovia
Eclipse Lumio Colors Oblo Jovia
High Pressure (Up to 15 Bars)
Automatic Machine
Hot & Cold Function
Touch technology
Automatic Opening
Water Tank Capacity 1.0L 1.0L 1.0L 0.8L 0.8L
Extra Large Cup Function
Dimensions 33 x 32 x 27 cm 18 x 37 x 22 cm 18 x 37 x 21 cm 25 x 32 x 18 cm 17 x 33 x 23 cm

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Purchased this instead of a coffee machine previously owned a tassimo which was not as good as this machine. Before purchasing i did read some negative reviews about the size of the water tank but to be honest this is not a massive issue. The tank is compact but this is good as. It makes the machine itself more compact taking up less kitchen space. The tank holds enough water for 2 drinks then you have to refill. The other good think about the tank is i use fresh water every time. Great purchase at a great price.

No english instructions bit of a problem but after following pictures it was easy to operate.

I purchased this in may, i have used it everyday, and now it’s stopped workingplease could i have some help?.

It looks okay, it works quite well and heats up fast. Refilling of water tank could be bit better more user friendly but you will get used to it. I used to like taller glasses but my girlfriend is using regular ones which made me use regular ones as well as i can’t be asked sliding that wee tray on the bottom in and out.

Wonderful, i needed to replacement old machine and liked the look of this one. Nice lines, lovely colour, and takes enough water for two cups. Looks good in my kitchen too.

Love this, looks classy in my new kitchen, works perfectly, love this machine great price too.

Great value for what i paid , machine has worked great since i purchased , and makes good coffee.

Excellent loved by all in tge house.

  • Great Machine, Great price
  • Easy to use stylish coffee machine
  • Great product but look after it

Krups NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Oblo Manual Coffee Machine – Red

This coffee machine is fantastic. It makes 2 good sized cups of coffee. Without having to refill the water.

Great item works well also well packed.

I love this product, i would strongly recommend using a water filter jug to fill the tank if you live in a hard water area, since doing so i haven’t had to descale once, whereas i previously had to do so each month.

Brilliant coffee/chocolate etc maker. I was 1 happy lady as my son bought it for me for christmas. . Looks fantastic in my kitchen.

Being european i will not touch the instant ‘coffee’ of course and have always used filter coffee until buying me one of these maybe 3-4 years ago. Now we couldn’t live without it, it is more dear to me than a laptop or phone. This one has worked very well for the last couple years pushing out an average of 6 piping hot and good quality cups per day. Over the last couple months it lost its will to live (taking 2 minutes to make a mug of coffee) and now just died. But decided to buy the same after reviewing all other options. Price, design, quality, usability, coffee range; i think it’s worth its weight in gold.

Bought this after my krups melody broke. I now prefer my new coffee machine. Easy to use, and doesn’t take up as much work top space as the melody.

Pay the right price and it’s worth it.

Purchased for the friends who helped with the cleaning of the house during illness, will by another one soon.

My first coffee maker and i love it, does the job well and looks great.

Very good product and promt delevery. I used every morning and very pleased with it and you can buy capsules everywhere.

A smaller water tank than our last but as we drink a lot of espresso, not too big a problem for us. A great price here rather than in the shops.

Absolutely love the coffee, very easy to use, amazing flavours.

Great looking and compact machine.

Features and Spesification

  • Maximum 15 bar pump pressure for coffee shop quality
  • Over 30 varieties of hot and cold drinks
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Pods available in supermarkets and online
  • 2 Year Guarantee
  • To prime the machine please follow the initial setup guide and run just water through without a pod