KuKoo 7 Litre Fruit Crusher/Portable Pulper Manual Shredder/Apple Scratter Cider Wine Juice – Solidly constructed and easy to use.

Works very well, though a larger one would be better.

Purchased together with fruit press (6 litre). Very happy with the crusher. We quartered the apples, in line with the instructions, and it made very short work of them. The pulp was perfect for pressing and we got a got amount of juice out of them. Reasonably sturdy and easy to clean with a hose pipe.

We crushed enough apples to make 3 gallons of apple juice for apple wine plus more apples for pure apple juice. So much easier than the cooking method and well worth every penny.

I have used this to mill apples to press for cider. It works well and seems well made and solidly constructed. It’s light enough to lift and use myself though i can see a spare pair of hands to half or quarter the apples before milling would be helpful. A rinse under the hose got it clean. Don’t forget this only mills the apples; you’ll need a way to press the milled apples to extract the juice.

The scratter arrived within 2 days of its order. It appears to be robustly made with a stainless steelhopper and aluminium grinding teeth. The frame is of painted steel. It effectively grinds up apples if they are quartered first and seems to work best if they are put in a few at a time. A good tool that will save me a lot of work. I will have to devise a frame to mount the scratter as it is a little difficult to balance and use singlehandedly.

This device is excellent for pulping apples. I haven’t tried any other fruit yet. As other people have mentioned here, it is quite hard to hold the shredder still while winding the handle. I am going to try and clamp it to a couple of old tables and if that doesn’t work i will make a frame to bolt it down. This would increase the speed of use a great deal. Having read other comments, i started with halved apples so i haven’t seen any problem with apples just rolling round and round and not being pulped.

We have an old apple tree at home and every year far too many apples go to waste but not any more. Very good at its job and not too difficult to operate just resting on a bowl using the wooden handle provided.

I never knew that cider-making was such physical work. It doesn’t stop at picking the apples. Oh no – you’ve then got to mash the apples. Thankfully this machine is remarkably effective. It sits neatly on top of a cider press and the gearing of the crank handle makes it (relatively) easy to mash a good 7litres of chopped apple in a couple of minutes. Make no mistake, your arm will get sore – but you will also get a lot more juice from your apples than if you just tried topress then chopped. It’s easy to dis-assemble for cleaning, the steel hopper unclips and the mashing apparatus can be rinsed under a tap. Mine has mashed a good 100kg of apples or so this season and it looks like new. There’s a knack to using it and the design of the maching parts means that it will only work turning the crank in a clockwise direction when looking at the device from the crank-side.

We have had three apple juicing sessions since purchasing. We are both amazed how sweet the juice is after pressing the mashed apples even if the apple is tart to eat. Excellent at mashing our quartered apples. However needs additional anchoring as holding down wooden cross bar with one hand and winding with the other results in occasional movement of the whole device when the mashing suddenly requires more force. Should be a simple matter for a diyer to anchor more firmly. A previous reviewer suggested using a hosepipe to clean, which is good advice. I also suggest a bottle brush to assist in loosening stubborn pieces of mashed apples.

Crushes quartered apples perfectly into pulp for squeezing. Place on top of a bucket and turn the handle. Sturdy design and build i’ve crushed enough apples to make 90litres of juice so far.

I don’t understand why someone gave it 1 stars because it works exactly as expected. I suspect the 1 star person didn’t realise you have to cut up the apples. You only have to half regular sized apple and quarter big cookers because if you don’t, even with the crab sized apples they tend to just roll over the teeth but this is as expected and all brands do this, it’s just physics. The apples need a straight side to be grabbed by the teeth. But that part really doesn’t take long at all. On a very serious note, this is a not a piece of kit to let the kids play with. If two people use it you have be in agreement about never, ever putting your hands inside the hopper. There needs to be nobody messing around and no pets jumping around. This really is not a toy or a game.

Magnificent, scratting made easy, also builds up muscles in arms. Scratted 250lb of apples in one day.

It’s not the easiest of equipment to use, you turn the handle and it scrapes on the metal hopper. You cannot balance it safely on a bucket, and use it at the same time. So i’ve had to bolt it down on a lump of wood. However saying all of this, it does crush the apples up to make pressing them extremely easy. Here are the specifications for the KuKoo 7 Litre Fruit Crusher/Portable Pulper Manual Shredder/Apple Scratter Cider Wine Juice:

  • Heavy duty construction, holds up to 7 litres of fruit
  • Easy to clean stainless steel feeding hopper
  • Manual handle turns the internal blades
  • No wires or motors, great for use outdoors and easy to transport
  • FREE next working day UK mainland delivery when ordered by 2pm (excluding Scottish Highlands)

It’s a good item and does what is claimed of itit works at its best if you only quarter or third fill the hopper. I’m not sure as to what level of production it’s aimed at but having some several hundred weight of apples to process, i’m beginning to wonder. All in all, a good product at a fair p[rice.

Works well on halved or quartered apples but wouldn’t want to try cleaning it by hand. (i put it in the garden and got the hosepipe on it)will be interesting to see how long the hopper lasts as it looks like it might rust.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • A serious piece of kit.
  • Great and reasonably priced
  • Does the job!