Kygo A9/600 Wireless Bluetooth 5 : Comfortable to wear, sound quality good

These headphones are named after the a9 chord, specifically as played on the piano. Kygo say that this is their favourite instrument and that they were inspired by the piano when building these headphones. So, piano black colour aside, let’s see how they measure up:pairing – i actually struggled a bit to pair initially using bluetooth – it kept saying that the kygo rejected my phone. I then tried using the genius addition of nfc connection and everything worked perfectly straight away. No messing, synced up and working in seconds. Battery – the headphones came fully charged (nice) so i could use them straight away. They claim that the battery lasts 23 hrs (why not 24 then?. 🙂 ) and it seems to hold very well so far in everyday usage. I will update the review if anything deteriorates here.

These are well made and designed mid-price headphones. Packaging and build quality are very high. They are very lightweight and comfortable. Sound quality is very good, if slightly bassy for my liking. There is an app which updates the headphones and has an equalizer. The latter is however rather unintuitive and seems a little gimmicky. Instead of “rock”, “pop” and similar settings it has four city names which apparently give certain sounds. There are touch controls for volume and sound on one headphone but i found these a little unresponsive.

These headphones are very comfortable and the sound quality it great. The notice cancellation is good. The battery life is incredibly. The motion control buttons on the side are easy to use except from the pause button which i found hard to accurately locate without accidentally pressing the skip on instead. Other than that small issue these are one of the best quality wireless headphones i have tried and would definitely recommend.

These really are exceptional bluetooth headphones. Firstly, the come in a great box, with a carrying bag which has the kygo logo bottom right. They’re stylish, look and fit really well – you can forget you’re wearing them and they’re fully adjustable over headgear, hats etc. I really like the swipe mechanism on the right headphone – up for volume increase, down for decrease, tap to pause, next song etc. Clever, pairing is simple and quick and they contain a microphone so you can use them to make or receive calls on your phone. The noise cancellation is excellent, they maintain their charge for hours. And the sound quality – awesome. I have a pair of b&o bluetooth headphones, and, imo, these are better in terms of user experience and comparable in terms of noise cancellation, sound quality and comfort. The price tag isn’t excessive and the kygo a9/600s are worth every penny.

I must have owned dozens of headphones over the decades, but cannot recall any with the clarity and richness of sound as these kygos. The first thing i noticed on removing the headphones from the box (apart from the very black theme – black box, black inner, black bag, black leads, black headphones with black controls and black leds that light up black whenever you do anything – ok, i made that last bit up) was how wonderfully soft the memory-foam ear-cups and headband were. Just plumping them on my head effectively cut off pretty well all outside noise – nicethere seemed to be plenty of battery charge out of the box and bluetooth pairing with my ipad was effortless. Fired up a song (disturbed’s sound of silence) and wow.The audio quality simply blew me away with its depth and clarity. Stereo separation was exceptional too. The touch, tap and slide controls on the outside of the right unit are slightly fiddly to get used too – i found i skipped tracks instead of changing volume at first, but you soon get used to it. The kygo app, which effectively gives you a graphic equaliser, is a bit quirky. Initially, my ipad couldn’t find it. It was only when i changed the filter to ‘iphone only’ that i spotted it.

I have had several pairs for ear/headphones over the years, both bluetooth and wired. This pair by kygo is easily one of the best i have used so far. They have a strong feel about them. Not squeeky or cheaply made that i have previously come across. A nice quality headband and comfortable leather ear cups. I wear larger framed rayban style glasses, and these dont cause any issues on the glasses arm like some other over ear headphones. I read previous reviews, and people seemed to struggle with set up. I have yet to have any connection drop out when using these. Once connected, they are flawless from start to end of my commute. I am not a huge audionut, to me, these sound fantastic.

The kygo a9/600 wireless headphones are very good quality, they have the best sound quality of any headphones i’ve tried, the bass and immersive sound makes for a great experience. They have a touch activated pad on the side that controls volume, you can also skip songs on it. The design is strong and they feel robust, the ear cuffs are made of a very soft leather which make them comfortable for long periods of use. If you want to go travelling or just for day to day storage they come with a little pouch which fit the headphones perfectly. To fit them in the pouch you have to fold the headphones but they have a good folding mechanism. They will be reliable if you need long uses on them because they have 23 hours of using time before they need charging. 1 and the range isn’t an issue as i’ve tried them from my phone on the bottom floor to the top of our townhouse, the sound is still perfect. 1 there is easy pairing i’ve now use them with my iphone and apple watch.

The headphones pair very rapidly on android devices, both phones and tablets. During phone calls, both sent and received voices are clear and balanced. As assessed by a current university music student “overall very articulate bass, well balanced across the audible range but there is some lack of depth, richness and overall quality compared with similar priced over-ear models. Audio response is very good however, i. No discernible distortion and all high, mid and low frequency bands are crystal clear. ”the ear and headband pads on these headphones are exceptionally comfortable and the set itself is very light. They also fit easily over large-framed glasses without pinching. Sound leakage is low at robust music volumes and the build quality is high. Without active noise-cancelling, external noise penetration is minimal. Both the usb charge cable and the 3. 5mm audio cable are braided, making them soft and flexible. The headphones also fold down to a more compact shape. They come with a soft bag but no protective case.

  • Excellent Quality Bluetooth Headphones
  • Hard to fault headphones
  • Really excellent headphones after initially tricky set up

Kygo A9/600 Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Over Ear Headphones, aptX® and AAC® Codecs, Built-in Microphone, NFC Pairing, Memory Foam Ear Cushions, 23 hours Playback, Kygo Sound App – Burgundy

Colour Name:Burgundy  |  Style Name:A9/600 Over Ear
Product Description, Kygo A9/600 Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Over Ear Headphones, aptX and AAC Codecs, Built-in Microphone, NFC Pairing, Memory Foam Ear Cushions, 23 hours Playback, Kygo Sound App – Burgundy

Box Contains, 1 x Kygo A9/600 Carry Case User manual

From the manufacturer

Kygo A9/600

Kygo Life A9/600 Over Ear Bluetooth Headphones

The Kygo A9/600 is the headphones preferred by Kygo when performing on stage or producing music in studio.

With a fit that isolates you and your music from the outside world, and by use of aptX and AAC codecs, these headphones give you the very best Bluetooth sound quality. Ultra-soft ear cushions and lightweight ensures comfortable use, even for long periods.

Kygo A9/600

Kygo A9/600

Kygo A9/600

Kygo A9/600

Kygo A9/600


Kygo is a Norwegian DJ, songwriter and record producer. He holds the record of the fastest 1 billion streams on Spotify and has worked with artists like U2, Selena Gomez, Imagine Dragons, The Weeknd and John Legend.

Kygo Life unites Kygo’s love of music with modern Scandinavian design. He works with a team of designers and audio experts on the development of each of the products. The vision is to offer inspiring music experiences through high-quality sound products.

Sound Quality

The A9/600 has received several excellent reviews in the media. The sound is rich and powerful with deep bass. The sound is approved and used by Kygo himself on all concerts.

Scandinavian design

The Kygo A9/600 is designed in Norway and feature an elegant design that both looks great and is comfortable to wear. Charging cables comes in the same color as the headphones.


You can easily manage tracks, volume and calls on the touchpad on the right side. The touch function is tested in super cold environments and responds even if you have gloves on.

Kygo A9

Kygo A9

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Solid good quality headphones. Very good sound quality and comfortable to wear. Battery life is excellent, also had no issues pairing with phone and laptop. Wouldn’t use for phone calls as the ambient noise reduction makes it impossible to temper the volume of your voice. No doubt would be very annoying for anyone around me.

Really easy to set up with great sound quality. Didn’t know they were a personality brand item, great quality and glad to own them.

Kygo a9/600 wireless bluetooth 4. 1 over ear headphones, aptx® and aac® codecs, built-in microphone, nfc pairing, memory foam ear cushions, 23 hours playback, kygo sound app – blackin the box. The headphones, leads, carry bag and instructions. The headphones have the latest bluetooth technology and a built-in microphone for call taking if connected to a phone. They can be used wired right out of the box or via bluetooth – they need charging to active the bluetooth circuits. They have no active noise reduction built in but the ear pads seal sound from the outside very well so it’s not that necessary. Charging is via a micro usb cable which is supplied. Connection (pairing) was easy and took a bout 10 minutes following the supplied instructions. These are very well made and fully adjustable. Comfort is perfect, you don’t know you have them on. They take two hours to fully charge and this gives up to 23 hours of sound at medium volumes. At first, i was a bit hesitant to recommend the sound but as with most headphones they need time to run in and loosen up. These took a long time to do that but it was worth waiting for. Sound over bluetooth is dynamic with excellent separation and bass depth. Clarity is excellent even at high volumes. Noise from outside was never a problem as they seal around your ear very well. The sound really comes into its own when you cable the headphones to a decent sound source. I connected them to my cd player (an old but very good marantz cd63 se). I was rewarded with amazing sound from my cd collection. I tried everything from classical through to gothic metal. These headphones out performed my bose ones and ate my v-moda ones for breakfast.

The kygo a9 headphones give a great sound, with punchy bass and a sharp top end. They are solidly made and have a very comfortable fit. The controls, to change volume and skip tracks, on the side of one of the headphone speakers are sensitive but user friendly once you’ve had a little experience using them. It’s a nice touch that the headphones have a 3. 5 ml jack input (with lead provided in the box) so do not just rely on bluetooth connectivity. Given the genuinely excellent sound and comfort, the reason for 4 stars not 5 for this review is the set-up effort required to get the headphones to the state in which they can show off their capabilities. Out of the box, the headphones get a thumbs up for being charged and ready to go but the default sound set up of the headphones is sadly lacking. The bass is there but percussive snare sounds lack any bite and mid-range vocals are way down, making it sound like the singer was recorded behind a thin wall. Pairing via bluetooth is solid and reliable once done but has to be done carefully when setting up for the first time. The bluetooth of the connecting device has to be off as the headphones go into pairing mode and once pairing starts, you need to wait a while after the headphones are detected before actually pairing, otherwise the pairing is rejected.

Kygo is a company i must admit i hadn’t heard of before, but some quick research shows they have been around for just a few years. They are scandinavian, so thinking of other brands from this area such as volvo and ikea i hoped for the same levels of innovation and quality. It’s got connections with the singer of the same name (firestone). I am pleased to say these bluetooth headphones tick both boxes. On receiving them the first thing i noticed was the stylish packaging. The box is black and well designed and oozes quality. Now onto the headphones themselves. I’ve listed some good and bad points:super stylish and sleek, they don’t stand out and are not overly flashy like othersgreat price for what you get. Around £100 cheaper than more established brandson a full charge you get 20 hours use. More than enough for a long flight plus travel either sideextremely comfortable – the headband and cups are lined with memory foam padding.

I’ve never had over the ear ‘phones before, so bear that in mind if you read this. First of all, if you want to cancel out the outside world these won’t do that. I wouldn’t like the feeling of being cut off completely, so this suits me fine. They reduce, but don’t obliterate exterior noise. The app you can download is a waste of time. There’s a graphic equaliser with four soundscapes, like compass points, and you can shuttle between these but, for me, the default settings produce the truest sound. They are very comfortable on the head, memory foam type pads which may actually be leather covered, but i doubt it. Volume control, pause, skip controls are on the right earphone and it takes a bit of getting used to. You can skip a track or pause one while simply trying to adjust the volume.

I have tried pairing these headphones with my mobile phone, my amazon kindle and my husband has also tried with his mobile and devices and we cannot get bluetooth to work. Instead i am using the audio cable to get sound. I’ve never had problems pairing bluetooth headphones before. Once sound is on the headphones are great. They block out any outside noise and are comfortable to wear. The other difficulty is volume up/down. Instructions say you slide your fingers up and down the headphone to increase sound but nothing happens, so volume is done from the device. There is probably a knack but that is not good enough for me – i like push buttons to use instead. So all in all, good sound quality, and comfortable to wear but forget the bluetooth/volume aspect of these phones which rather defeats the object.

Gave these to my husband as he likes to listen to music at work (partly to stop people rocking up at his desk and distracting him). He was really pleased with them. They’re memory foam so comfortable and the sound is great (although he doesn’t have music blaring so don’t know what it’s like turned up to the max). The only thing is that they don’t appear to be noise-cancelling.

  • Excellent Quality Bluetooth Headphones
  • Hard to fault headphones
  • Really excellent headphones after initially tricky set up

Kygo A9/600 Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Over Ear Headphones, aptX® and AAC® Codecs, Built-in Microphone, NFC Pairing, Memory Foam Ear Cushions, 23 hours Playback, Kygo Sound App – Burgundy

Easy and light, smooth adjuster on the head and fit very comfortably esp when in action an walking=the sound quality was excellent from my phone and clear with above average block out of external noise.

As an engineer, i have to say the build quality of these headphones is a delight. Quality materials abound, and they are all finished and fitted together very pleasingly. Where metal could be used it has been, and everything works intuitively and invisibly. A quick look at the instructions is pretty much all you need to get going. The stroke/tap controller on the earpiece works beautifully and isn’t laggy to make you wonder whether you’ve used it correctly or not. There’s giant l & r legends on the inside of the cups, all the cables are reinforced and the whole thing just oozes quality. Kudos to whoever engineered these headphones at kygo. (see pics)connection with my phone is very quick, though the indication tones used could be a little more upmarket. They do the job perfectly well, but they’re not quite as classy as some manage. The headphones are very comfortable to wear for extended periods of time without making your ears all sweaty.

I’m very impressed with these. The build quality is top notch, battery life nothing to grumble about and the bluetooth connectivity is superb but how about the sound quality?. The bass is tight and yet very taut. The cans keep up with fast, melodic basslines and never lose their sense of timing. The treble isn’t in any way harsh yet it is extremely detailed. The midrange is a smidgeon cool and dry, probably to the designer’s taste, but the overall sound is highly addictive and non-fatiguing (*unless you are listening to badly mastered material). I’m not too keen on changing volume by swiping one of the cans themselves but you get used to it. The cables are a lovely, classy material much like shoelaces.

These headphones are really excellent the setup was quick pairing with my phone then the bluetooth on my pc. On my phone there is an app to change how they sound if you want more bass or more topend. Soundthey sound great and for me bring music alive with the sound stage being wider than a lot of headphones, bass, mids and highs produced are some of the best out of all the headphones i have tested. Comfortthey are really comfy with the memory foam ear cups resting snug and tightly on my ears but not crushing them. Head shakes do not budge then. This also reduces the noise around you so you can just enjoy the music / film etc. Designcoming in black and a stylish design with a in built mic there’s nothing outlandish when worn outside>powerthe inbuilt battery keeps them going for ages (up to 23 hours) so no worries here. Cant really fault them anywhere but yes they cost quite a bit but hear them to see it is money well spent.

My son is smitten with these. He uses them when he is training or going for a run and has had no issues with them. He doesn’t use them on bluetooth as he doesn’t have any real need to but has tried them out wireless and said there was no notable difference tot he quality of sound. He is very pleased with the overall sound quality but to be fair, he may not be the fussiest listener out there, as he generally uses these when he is focusing on other things. He finds them to be very comfortable and noise cancelling enough, though this is not 100%.

Really lovely comfortable headphones. Easy to set up and use and really came into their own when used to listen to music. Expensive yes but well worth it as you will not need any other pairs to meet all you needs.

I must be honest i’ve never heard of kygo, so when i first saw these i thought they were some generic chinese brand on amazon. Apparently he’s a norwegian dj and these headphones are part of his plan for world dominationin the box you get the headphones (nice and solid looking, i like the black colour) a micro usb cable for charging and a 3. 5mm cable, just in case you can’t use bluetooth for any reason. Charging is a doddle, plug in cable to usb plug, plug other end of cable into headphones. Pairing was a bit clunky on my phone, took a few attempts but once it’s done it’s done. Pairing to my pc worked first time. When using my phone these have been the best bluetooth headphones i’ve ever used. Sound quality is top notch, my hearing isn’t great but it’s nice to have a bluetooth device that doesn’t have that annoying hum in the background – complete silence when your music is off/quiet. They don’t have active noise cancellation, instead they have memory foam ear protectors which offer a decent enough sound barrier to stop ambient noise. The controls do take some getting use to as well, swipe up/down on the right ear for volume, left/right to change track.

These over ear headphones come in a good quality box. The head phones are black and obviously well made with nice material and lovely soft leather like ear pieces. Included in the box is an audio cable and a usb cable. These cables are not covered in plastic but look rather like laces. A user manual is all included. What is described as a carrying bag is also founding the box but there is no way the headphones would fit in this bag,the headphones may have been partly charged on arrival as it only took approximately one a half hours to show fully charged status. They paired without any problem to my iphone se. Sound quality was excellent and in fact there were many background sounds i had missed when using other headphones. The controls are on the right earpiece. I must admit i did have trouble using the controls but my husband did find them difficult at all.

These are classed as mid price headphones. But for 200 quid, i expect excellent quality. And you definitely get that here. The sound is deep and powerful, plenty of bass, and as a 70s rock fan, i need to hear that. I like progressive rock, so i need to hear good separation, every instrument crystal clear, and high and low end frequencies. All present and correcti need the phones to be comfortable and look cool. I need external noise to be minimised. These are not billed as noise cancelling, but they do reduce any distractions. Bonusi like some extras for my money, and you get a jack to use the phones hardwired if necessary, usb cable, controls for volume and move to next track. Not cheap, but good quality throughout.

These headphones arrived nicely packaged and when you take them from the box they feel very well made. For reference i compared them to my bose quietcomfort 35’s and my now aged sennheiser hd595’s. Firstly it shows how far bt headphones have come that the sound from both the bt sets were at least the equal to the open backed and wired hd595’s, unthinkable only a few years ago. The kygos are about £80 cheaper than the bose and for pure volume they destroy them. I could not comfortably listen beyond half volume. If you like your headphones loud go for the kygos. The build quality of the kygos is also substantially better than the bose. The noise suppression is good on the kygos with a tight fit but they are not noise cancelling so airplane rumble makes its way through and you lose the choice to just listen quietly. Comfort wise the bose are much lighter and nicer to wear, i don’t really notice them but i knew i had the kygos on. So in summary if you want a comfortable and quiet listening experience these probably aren’t for you but if you value build quality, tight fit and volume you wont go wrong with these kygos.

I had not heard of the kygo brand or the norwegian dj of the same name. However, i do enjoy listening to a variety of music in a high quality form so i was intrigued to receive these headphones. The box they arrived is sturdy and promises a quality product within. Once opened, that promise is delivered upon. Inside, you find the headphones in a moulded insert, underneath which, there is a fabric pouch which includes some instructions and warranty information, a corded usb cable for charging and an audio cable. (these headphones can be used in wired mode as well bluetooth). Pairing was straightforward, both on my mac and iphone. The sound quality out of the box is excellent. Lesser bluetooth headphones can have a discernible hiss; not the case here. These headphones sound very good.

They are easily my new favourite pair. The current full price of nearly £200 meant i had very high expectations. Once fully charged (i did an overnight charge to be sure) they paired easily to my sony android phone as well as my oldest kindle fire and now auto connect each time with no trouble. They are a big set of headphones so cover your ears really well, fit tightly but very comfortably. The padding does feel very nice and was perfect for extended listening. They fit so well that they cancel out loads of peripheral sound really well, not quite ear defender well but still impressive quality build. The way you touch-screen-style slide/swipe your finger left, right, up and down across the one headphone to control volume and track selection is really slick and works very well indeed. The sound quality is fantastic.My only moan is perhaps that if paying full price i am not sure if the sound quality is different to cheaper sets i use however the look and build does shout expensive/quality overall.

Features and Spesification

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  • Used both onstage and in-studio by Kygo, the A9/600 headphones use Bluetooth technology with aptX and AAC codecs and are compatible with the Kygo Sound App
  • With the Kygo Sound App, move through Bergen, New York, Ibiza and Los Angeles, experiencing sounds that resonate with the cities that have had a big influence on Kygo’s journey so far.
  • With up-to 23 hours of Bluetooth playback from a single 2 hour charge, you’ll have your music when you need it most, whenever and wherever!
  • With ultra-soft ear cushions and weighing just 320g, it ensures comfortable use, even for long periods of time.
  • With NFC pairing, these headphones make it as easy as possible for you to connect, listen, talk and enjoy!