Kygo E4/600 Wireless Bluetooth 4 : Great sound stage from a truly compact wireless device.

I have been put off earbuds by another inferior brands, but this lot are great. I found them much easier to pair than the ones i’d had previously, which kept faffing around going from right to left. They also come in a container which charges them up really quickly. As other reviewers have noted, the battery life certainly isn’t 10. 5 hours – perhaps it’s that if you take the earbuds out of the box and don’t use them?. – but it isn’t bad (i got 4 gym sessions out of mine, which is just over 4 hours) and the box (as long as it itself is charged) charges them up very quickly and easily. The earbud container itself is small enough to be portable which is a real bonus. I have small ears and these earbuds come with covers in a number of different sizes, ensuring that there is a pair which suits. You do have to do some fiddling with them to position them correctly so they block out outside noise, but you get used to that, and you’ll get to know when they feel right. Music quality – i’m no afficionado so i can’t talk about equalisers or bass.

I use headphones for books and podcasts mainly. And sometimes a bit of bedtime music while doing a jigsaw on the ipad. Consequently my sound demands are not high – i don’t need a great thumping bass for example, but i do want the music to feel rich and get into my soul. These headphones work well enough but sadly, they’re not as convenient as i would have liked for the price. Pros:- quick and easy to put in- bluetooth connects like a dream each and every time- the sound quality for audiobooks and podcasts is superb- music sounds good too, i get the notes i want to get from george ezra. Like i said, i don’t need a thumping bass. – good clear built-in microphone for calls- store easily in a little coin purse brought specially for themcons- they takes hours to charge. If i forget to charge them after i’m done with them in bed, they’re unusable the next day- one charge gives me about 6 hours play which i think is quite terrible- they do not fit comfortably but i do have unusually small ear canals apparentlyi think they’re okay for what they are but i don’t understand where the high price is coming from. Perhaps they’ll last longer than the cheaper ones i have that sound similar. They’re not comfortable for me personally and so i can’t recommend them.

These kygo e7/900 earphones are a collaboration between norwegian kyrre gørvell-dahll aka kygo and peter larsen a design and audio engineer. They are manufactured in china. The earphones come presented in good quality packaging. Initial impressions are good. Inside the packaging is a black soft to the touch storage and charging box a mini usb-c cable, two earphones and three sizes of comply-tips and three sizes of freebit sports wings. They were ready to go out of the box but i decided to ensure a complete charge before use. The charging box is magnetic ensuring the earphones are positioned correctly against the charging pins. A full charge of the box takes around 2 hours. With a little trial and error i was able to obtain a good fit.

These earbuds do work well, but they’re let down by terrible battery life of only about 2 hours from a full charge. The bluetooth connects well, and both earbuds work perfectly. There’s no issue with the receiving master earbud functioning better than the secondary slave bud (as happens with the jabra band). The audio is clear enough for my day-to-day use, radio 4, audible & a few music tracks, but my muso partner declares these aren’t good enough for ‘proper’ music appreciation. The depth of sound isn’t there. The function settings reached from the single button do work, but they’re too much faff for me to routinely bother with. These are a perfectly functional pair of earbuds, but they’re a little uninspiring and the battery life is a problem.

I wasn’t terribly impressed with these for a number of reasons. I do have quite specific requirements as i listen to a lot of audiobooks and also want an earbud and mic for my phone so my reasons might not apply to you. So forgive the extra detail but i’m hoping it will be helpful as these are an expensive purchase. I got a pair of enacfire wireless bluetooth earbuds for my birthday last year enacfire wireless bluetooth earbuds at the time of writing they are almost a quarter of the price of the kygo onesi’ve used the kygo for almost the full month allowed by amazon for vine reviews to make sure that i wasn’t just preferring the pair that i constantly use and that i’ve had plenty of time to get used to the quirks of kygo and after 4 weeks constant use – i simply have to say that i would not buy them myself. The biggest plus is definitely the bluetooth connection it’s flawless and it does stay connected. I don’t think i had a single lost connection other than once when i walked the dog forgetting to take my phone with me – it was a good 30 metres (maybe more) before i realised. I think that the flawless connectivity that they claim is absolutely true. I’ve used them with an ipod nano, my phone and my ipad – no problems with anything. Easy connection with them all (and the nano can be difficult)ok onto to all the things i didn’t like – and i am sorry i really dislike writing negative reviews – but at this price, they should be close to perfect and yet there are so many simple but necessary common features that they don’t have. 1: battery life is dreadful.

These are actually a lot better than i had hoped. They come in a neat package and they are easy to charge. I particularly like the inclusion of premium comply buds. The fit is good and i had no problem with them during my hiit session which is a bonus. Sound is really good and battery lasts me long enough for my workouts. The mic function is average as is bass but overall a decent package.

Great sound, fit & aesthetics.

My son hates in ear headphones but needed some for the gym (rather than the usual gaming headphones he uses). He was very dubious but has really been blown away, kygo kow what they are doingsetup with an iphone 8 plus was simple, no issues, they paired perfectly. Sound: wow, very, very good. Deep bass and no tinniness, i’ve tried them and they are as good as any in ears i’ve used. Even more amazing given they are wireless. Comfort: my son said that even after a gym session for an hour they don’t give any irritation (and they stay in well). All in all a well crafted set of headphones from a little known but excellent company.

  • Quality appearance
  • Great sound, fit & aesthetics
  • Surprisingly decent earbuds with rock solid connection. No configuration options.

Kygo E4/600 Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Sports Earphones, Built-in Microphone, aptX Codec, Magnetic Housing and 6 Hours Playback, 1.5 Hour Quickcharge – Storm Grey

Colour Name:Storm Grey  |  Style Name:E4/600 Earphones
Product Description, These lightweight wireless earphones are perfect for an urban lifestyle. Bluetooth technology lets you move freely without compromising great sound quality. No need to worry about battery life; it recharges quickly within 1.5 hours and delivers up to 6 hours of playback. Music pauses when a call comes in and returns automatically. Pick your favourite colour and you’re all set!

Box Contains, Kygo E4/600 Bluetooth earphones 3 sizes of silicone tips Carrying bag User manual

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These arrived in a lovely presentation box, with quite a choice of buds and outer connectors to ensure you get a decent fit. The headphones come with a really smart magnetic charging box – the box has a magnetic lid and when you pop the headphones in to charge, they give a satisfying ‘click’ when they latch on to the magnets inside the box. The charging box uses a usb c cable (it doesn’t come with a plug though). Charging is really quick – a couple of hours. The beauty is that thne charging box has a built in recharger so you can pop your headphones back in and once recharged keep using them. I have found the battery has lasted between 3 1/2 and 4 hours for each charge, which is a little different to the claims on this website. Pairing was very easy – once you have paired the first time then they will connect automatically once the phones are lifted out of the box. Sound quality is excellent, maybe lacking a bit of bass but overall very sharp and impressive. The headphones are not configurable, unfortunately. Controls are reasonably easy to get the hang of – press left earphone to decrease volume and the right earphone to increase volume.

These wireless earbuds are quite impressive. Tiny devices like this would have been impossible just a few short years ago, and it’s astonishing really that all the electronics, batteries and sound drivers cab be squeezed in to such a tiny space. But they have been, and the result is impressive sound and endurance given the overall size. My initial fears of accidentally losing the buds have been proved groundless so far, and the clever rubber wing attachment helps them sit securely in my ears, without causing any discomfort. The kit comes with pre-fitted memory foam tips, which i swapped for one of the three differently sized silicone rubber tip pairs, which are easier to wash and keep clean. Prior to first use it’s always advisable to fully charge new items, and this took about two hours. It’s an indirect system whereby you charge up the carrying case in which the buds sit, and from which they are themselves re-charged. Having a portable and wire free charging case is a great bonus, and every time you drop the buds into it for storage, their charge is refreshed. The downside is that i find the buds give me about two and a half hours of use (depending on volume) but take about the same length of time to recharge in the case. The answer is not to run your buds down flat, and to keep your case plugged into a mains charger as much as possible.

I have very mixed feelings about these wireless earbuds from kygo. First the good:they are without doubt nicely designed. They come with all the expect3d range of accessories/tips etc to ensure you get a good custom fit. I love the design of the circular storage/charging pod (where the buds can be safely kept between uses). They paired first time and continues to provide a reliable and solid reconnection when used thereafter. The functions (play/pause/forward/reverse etc) are easy to get the hang of, and the mike works ok). What particularly impresses 5ough is the fit: they are considerably more comfortable than other similarly-priced wireless earbuds i’ve had previously (which i eventually gave up on as they were simply too annoying). After a while i found these buds to be almost unnoticeable (other than the sound of course) yet very snug (with no danger of falling out even with pretty strenuous activity). 5eyre also pretty discrete too – and do not protrude to proud from the ear. Now the bad:the audio produced by these earphones is nowhere near the quality one would expect from a pair of ‘phones at this price point.

I’ve had a few pairs of bluetooth ear buds in recent times and i’m usually disappointed with certain aspects especially sound quality and volume, however these buds from kygo solve some of the issues i have had in the past. Firstly these earbuds come very well packaged, or over packaged depending which way you look at it, there are lots of fitting choices including comply foam tips which are only in one size already fitted to the buds, they were too small for me so fitted the larger silicon tips for a better, tighter seal as this is essential for getting the correct sound quality from these ear buds. Also supplied are ‘ear blades’ for keeping the buds in place, now for me these felt a little uncomfortable so took them off and used just the tips to keep the buds in place. Build quality of these earbuds from kygo looks good and these buds are claimed to be water resistant, they are not totally waterproof but will be ok for the gym or a rain shower, not suitable for swimming in though. Pairing with each bud was easy and painless, basically it’s auto pairing, pairing with my phone was also easy and a rock solid connection without drop outs. Now onto sound quality, for me once i got the correct seal and fit the sound quality was excellent, these buds use aptx hd and my phone (sony xz2) also uses this technology for hd audio quality, these ear buds are not the loudest but they do have a very good quality of sound, bass is good but not over blown, mids are good and treble is clear and not at all scratchy. I used my favourite album to test these buds, pink floyd – dark side of the moon ripped in a wav format for lossless audio, i was completely lost in the music for the whole 43 minutes. Noise cancellation is passive and relies on a good seal on the buds to cut out noise. Kygo supply the ear buds with a neat little case that can charge the ear buds whilst they are in the case, the case is simply charged using the supplied usb cable via any usb port or mains charger. Battery life seems fine so far, it’s claimed 10.

I think these have a nice presentation – arriving in a nice box and it’s all well set out. If you were gifting you’d be quite pleased. The bix has all you need – such as tips (variety such as ones that seem to expand) and charging bits. (magnetic)the comfort factor is going to depend on the person and the adjustment really. The fact they have an over ear hook means they seem more secure and they are nice and lightweight. Great they are wireless and also bluetooth – that makes it easier and also ideal for walking around or exercising. Also handy they are waterproof. You can adjust things on them like volume and tracks. Decent sound however i’d like them to be as good on every single genre of music and that’s hard to achieve fir any earbud and every genre deserves this. However i think most will not to disappointed.

These arrived in a nicely presented box filled with different sized hooks and tips, plus a set of ‘comply’ foam tips, which i used and found extremely comfortable as they seem to compress and then expand when they’re in your air. Pairing was simple and easy. They two buds connect automatically to each other and you only need to connect to one from the phone. The sound quality was impressive, clear and smooth. I used them to walk around the city centre a bit and drown out the piped music in a restaurant i had lunch in. Unlike other earbuds i’ve used, these did not slip out and stayed in place, perhaps thanks to the ear-hooks. I found the best results came from sticking them in and rotating them until they were secure. A few hours later, however, the right bud stopped working and wouldn’t power up. I left them to charge, but the right one never seemed to hold any charge and would not power on even after an overnight. Eventually i just left them in the case and the battery for the case discharged a bit too rapidly but the right earbud still didn’t work.

This set of earbuds from kygo are an interesting item. I have been a user of wireless earbuds for some time and have developed some preferences for aspects of the design which i will attempt to highlight in this review. First impressions are pretty good. They come in a nice sturdy box, inside which is a pre-formed plastic layer that houses all of the different sizes of swappable silicone buds, wingtips and the earbuds themselves (with the comply foam tips pre-installed on the devices), plus the charging base itself. You need to keep this inner and box as there is no other means of storing all the bits. There is also a usb charge cable (no supplied wall plug) which is full-size usb to usb-c – which is nice and relatively modern – although some modern phone charge plugs are usb-c in as well so you’ll need to ensure you have a suitable full-size usb wall plug. The advisory leaflet states “for battery charging use the usb 2. 0 that is included with the earphones or headphones. ” that doesn’t really make any sense in itself, but i’ll let them off. The base is an interesting design.

They’re easy to link to a device and produce a good all-round sound. However, they are expensive. They do come in a very nice case and are easy to charge.

  • Quality appearance
  • Great sound, fit & aesthetics
  • Surprisingly decent earbuds with rock solid connection. No configuration options.

Kygo E4/600 Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Sports Earphones, Built-in Microphone, aptX Codec, Magnetic Housing and 6 Hours Playback, 1.5 Hour Quickcharge – Storm Grey

Extremely comfortable to wear, good sound with surprisingly good bass for such small drivers. Incredibly easy to pair with my phone (samsung gs8) and have a good charge length of over 2hrs before going back into the case. Very nicely designed earbuds and charger case. Great build quality with nice reassuring “snap” when you put the earbuds back in and the magnets ensure proper fit with the charging points. Controls on the earbuds are good and very easy to use.

My daughter has spent all week testing these earphones in many types of environments,she has sennheiser earphones which are wireless,bluetooth,her view is that these kygo e7/900 are better,the sound quality is better,the only other thing that she has picked up is that if you get alot of high hat on a track you loose some of the sound but not enough to ruin the sound,the other is listening to the spoken word/audio books she has said they are very good, the fit is better & she has found that they clip into the ear nicely which makes them very comfortable to wear,the price is better to. The kit comes in a very nice box which contains the earphones and the earbuds in various sizes,it also comes with a smart carry case which you can charge your earphones up whilst in your pocket or bag. The box that the phones come in says you can get up to 9 hours of play with the earphones when charged & using the case for a quick charge. The earphones auto pair really easily and quickly which is a bonus,they also keep up if you change tracks or function,this is really good as you can loose when changing tracks. The only thing that has come up is that on the bus another passenger had similar earphones and they caused some interference on the earphones. The earphones are waterproof so if you happen to be out in rain they wont suffer for having a bit of water on them or if your running sweat wont harm them. For £149,00 that’s alot of earphone with alot of good points to them and a better price than some of the major players,really pleased with the chance of being able to try them out through vine.

I’m really pleased with these. They connect both to iphone and android with no problem, and come in an excellent kit with a number of spare parts to replace the rubber bits that go in your ears when they wear out or get lost. The earphones themselves are controlled by a button on the device, to pause music or control the volume. The pocket-sized carry case for the earphones is also the charger, so when they are stored they are recharging. The case also has an intrinsic battery, so you can get some extra charge while out and about.

This review concerns the kygo e7/900 wireless bluetooth earbuds, ipx7 waterproof rating, built-in microphone, auopairing with comply foam tips – black, price at review £149. Also available in white, these very compact earbuds provide a great aural soundstage for both music or speech based audio output. Setup for both connecting between left and right buds plus bluetooth was achieved within seconds to a variety of devices; sony tv, ipadair, macbook air, windows10 desktop. Promising over 10 hours use, plus a further 10 available with the buds stored in their compact case/charging station they are also waterproof to the ipx7 standardbeing so compact, getting familiar to the multi-function dial takes just a little patience but once learnt they offer a multitude of options such as volume, next track, call answering / calling etc. The well designed storage box includes one set of ‘comply’ eartips, 3 further sets of silicone eartips plus freebit sport wings and silicone rings. Compact, well designed providing a great sound stage at a very competitive price.

So i have experimented with these for months. They are really easy to use. No phone app is required, you just need bluetooth to simply pair them. The initiation process is very easy, much like jam audio speakers an automated voice gets you up and running.Using them, is also very simple; a button on each bud operates everything. The taps are a bit all over the place though as you will have to press one ear, for example, to increase the volume and another ear to turn yourself down. Enjoy doing that walking down the street. Likewise, skipping tracks is a little over-involved and to be honest i tend to control such functions through my phone. Maybe it’s just my ear shape but i just can’t get used to them.

This was my first experience of bluetooth earpieces. Despite being interested in technology, i am at heart an audiophile. So, the thought of horrible sounding music or audio books daunts me. The box contains ear buds of various sizes, two blue tooth earpieces and a small hard cased holder which protects the earpieces when not being used and acts as a base to charge them. With the earpieces placed in the charger/ case, it took around three hours to be charged. The case is small but being hard cased very robust. A micro usb connects to the base which in turn a standard usb connects to a charger used for a phone (apple/android). The earpieces can be used to listen to music via bluetooth and even make and receive phone calls. A reasonable amount of time is needed to find the correct size ear bud.

The kygo are an attractive pair of buds with a couple of customisable options to ensure a great fit. The base is circular and doesn’t protrude too much, so they’re subtle, and the wing tips – you get three sizes to choose from – ensure a snug fit even when you’re moving around. They have a case, which doubles as a charger, and a number of different sized buds, and are packaged nicely. You can replace the wingtips with sleek circle-only covers too, if that’s your preference. Pairing was very simple and seamless. I have also had no issues with them dropping connection or with any loss in sound quality. They pair and they stay there. The battery life is impressive – i have them on and off over the course of a working day and only really charge them once a week, and between their own charge and that of the charger case, they hold up just fine. I have to say, though, that compared to other wireless buds i have, the bass is quite lacking. This isn’t too apparent indoors sitting in a quiet room with them in – it’s noticeable but you can get by.

When i run and i go to the gym i use headphones. In the gym i have used wire free headphones but not when running where i use wireless bluetooth. I want decent sounding music when i run and i have never felt comfortable in wire free as i think they will fall out and i will lose one. These have ‘broken the mould’. I was initially impressed with the sound quality. Not tinny and not just weird bass sound. I normally listen through quality, well known headphones and these tick the box. As for staying in your ears, i do like the squashy in ear headphone.

User very happy and was able to connect them easily to her phone.

The product is well polished and comes well presented in a neat looking box with all the parts laid out. I was lucky enough to get a set of jaybird runs about 6 months ago so i can do a direct comparison in this review. They are set to almost the same price point at time of review so i think it’s more than fair to compare them like for like. I’ve not tried the apple equivalent so i can’t give you perspective on that, but i have read reviews that favour the jaybirds over the apple pods (i’m sure reviews to the contrary exist, naturally). The battery life seems a core concern here, possibly because it’s been apparently overdeclared in the product listing: it is about the same between jaybird and kygo, both brag about long battery life but they both have the same real world battery life for me – the headphones last about 4 hours and the base unit has a seemingly vast ability to recharge them without using a charger. 5 hours came from for this unit i’m not sure. I left the buds on the desk playing music and sure enough, 4 hours later they expired. Battery life is definitely in the 4 hour region, i assure you. I like the jaybird’s supporting app where you can change the eq settings, this pair has no supporting app. These earphones i found much more reliable. The jaybirds sometimes drop connection – these stayed solid the whole time through testing, failing only when i walked over ten metres away. The jaybirds also have problems connecting l to r sometimes, you have to put them both back in and take them out again to sync up – no such problems here yet with the kygo.

Features and Spesification

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  • Developed by Kygo, the E4/600 headphones use aptX Bluetooth 4.1 technology to ensure seamless connectivity while delivering superb sound quality
  • The magnetic housing enables you to carry the headphones around your neck when not using them, without the fear of loosing or tangling them
  • With a microphone and remote control incorporated, you can quickly and easily make and take calls while on the move
  • Weighing just 20g, these can be taken or worn anywhere without even noticing
  • Carry case and 3 sizes of silicone tips included