La Cafetière Edited Induction-Safe 4-Cup Brushed Stovetop Espresso Maker : Nice looking but takes less coffee than I expected.

Very stylish and looks more expensive than it is, made an ideal gift for my lady as colours are very stylish. Delivered in great time and condition.

What a fantastic buy at £10 this great hob top espresso coffee maker is. The only reason i haven’t given it full marks is that it doesn’t suck up all the water. It carries a good weight, which is unusual and is so attractive – so am happy to keep it out and ready for usage on the stove top.

Wow i was pretty amazed at the quality of this coffee maker, it makes i normal mug of coffee the 4 cups as per the description must be child’s tea party sized but this does not detract from the quality and price of this pot. I had paid £8 for a glass cafetière which broke after 2 days this wont go wrong highly recommended.

Very impressed with the quality of this and great value to.

Absolutely brilliant percolator. It looks great and of good quality. For those who question how much coffee it makes, i would say 4 espresso shots or 2 small cups of coffee. The handles don’t get hot as long as you don’t have that section over the heat.

So beautiful i am nearly willing to overlook the hideous design flaw that causes the handle to become roasting hot once your coffee has brewed. Who needs skin on your fingers when you can have brushed steel and copper?. They do warn you the handle will get hot, so this pretty thing is staying.

Lovely piece of kit that works well on an induction hob and makes great coffee too.

Only half the water in the tank is turned into coffee 🙂 i have tried not to press the coffee at all and still it makes just a full cup of coffee. The coffee is strong and the cafetiere is classy but i would not recommend if you intent to make a double espresso for more than 2 people.

  • Well, I’m pleased at any rate.
  • Pretty Hot and pesky!
  • Recommend

La Cafetière Edited Induction-Safe 4-Cup Brushed Gold Stovetop Espresso Maker, 200 ml (7 fl oz)

From the manufacturer

La Cafetière Edited Classic Gold 4-Cup Coffee Maker

Bring some classic barista-style coffee into your home with this glamorous, brushed gold stovetop espresso coffee maker.This espresso maker takes influence from rustic design and modern café culture to create something timeless and unique. Made from stainless steel, the cafetière has a beautiful brushed gold finish helping you serve fresh espresso in style. It couldn’t be easier to use. Simply fill with water, add your grounds, and heat on the stove to make the coffee maker work its magic. In just a few minutes, you’ll hear that unmistakable gurgling sound, and you’ll have a pot of fresh, rich, flavoursome espresso coffee.This cafetière has a four-cup (200 ml) capacity which will make a generous serving of coffee for you and one or two guests. It comes in a handsome, easy-to-wrap La Cafetière gift box.

Edited Collection

Coffee earns a luxury makeover with this premium Edited collection, taking La Cafetière’s finest models and bringing them together with one prestigious look using the newest on-trend metallic. Stunning brushed gold is combined with brushed chrome elements and minimalist product shapes for a premium look that will sit like an understated trophy in the modern kitchen.

About La Cafetière

The traditional home of coffee, La Cafetière has provided households with sleek, contemporary hot drinkware for over 50 years. With a timeless yet trendy collection La Cafetière has everything you need to bring cafe culture into your home.

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I bought this to replace my ageing aluminum one. Very pleased with its looks and the coffee it produces.

Amazing product and service.

Works well on induction hobs, and the handle doesn’t heat up during the brewing process – so that was a happy surprise.

Great price, superb italian espresso coffee, induction job compatible, looks very chic.

The handle is a bit hot and it would’ve been better with a heat proof knob on the lid as the hinge is dangerously hot. Unlike most stove top espresso makers i’ve used this one will not suck up all the water to give you that extra mouthful. Coffee tastes great though but it’s a tad small for coffee addicts like moi first thing in the morning. Looks good on the shelf along with other copper items. I’ve long since bought a larger one to get enough calming black juice for the morning.

Amazing price and makes great coffee (dandelion coffee in this case) looks really well made. Very fast too, so you don’t have to worry about it burning dry if you forget it cus it takesso long you go away to do something else. Apparently they need the gaskeet replacing every few years so im hoping they are widely available. Edit:ive had this a long time and normally wash it quickly. I made the mistake of leaving it to soak and the copper effect has peeled off (seems to be some sort of plastic layer). I did like the copper, but it is still a functional stovetop coffee maker i suppose. . I will be continuing to use it.

Great little pot, looks great, matches our other appliances and washes well.

Not only does it look beautiful (and is retaining its looks after daily use for several weeks) it screws together with precision and makes great coffee. Capacity is a little smaller than i would consider ideal. But we make the coffee strong so a little top up is fine. Works really great on induction hob. At £10 it was a real bargain. Tried to buy another today – over £40. No way is that a price worth paying.

  • Well, I’m pleased at any rate.
  • Pretty Hot and pesky!
  • Recommend

La Cafetière Edited Induction-Safe 4-Cup Brushed Gold Stovetop Espresso Maker, 200 ml (7 fl oz)

This looks gorgeous and works perfectly well – no spills or leaks. It was immediately noticed by guests who wanted to know where we’d gotten it. It looks much more expensive than it actually is.

I really love this cafetière it’s just the right size for a mug of coffee or maybe two small cups. It’s very well built and compliments the copper ware in our kitchen.

I ordered this because i wanted something slightly bigger than the 3 cup traditional moka pot i’ve been using for a while. Unfortunately i found this ‘4 cup’ pot only takes the same amount of ground coffee as my old moka pot (though does hold more water) , so i decided to return this as i might just as well get 4 cups by adding a little boiling water to that made by my old one. Having said that this stainless steel pot is very nice looking and looks well made though the top chamber looks as though it might be a bit difficult to keep cleanif i hadn’t already got my 3 cup moka pot i would certainly have kept this one.

Works like a charm, but it is more like a full dubble espresso, not a 4 cup.

Works really well, looks good, well made.

The best coffee maker i have ever owned – i can’t be believe for what good quality it is for the price. Works beautifully on my induction hob and looks very good.

Great product, especially considering the price. It works very well on induction stove too and makes great coffee. On top of it it looks beautiful and i received so many compliments from everyone i offered a coffee to.

Wonderful wonderful espresso maker. It’s beautiful and functional. With that said, it does get very very hot, so make sure you’re careful when you’re working with the espresso maker.

Makes lovely coffee but is tiny compared to the coffee quantities consumed here :dthe unit is tiny, and will not fill up a big mug of coffee.

Ridiculously cheap and very good quality.

Don’t bother getting the more expensive traditional italian looking one which usually costs more. This is very well designed and makes excellent coffee for much less.

This moka pot looks great and works on induction – a combination of features that’s not easy to find. The only downside i’d say is the steam valve doesn’t really work and sometimes if you don’t tighten it very strongly the water comes out of the middle, but for the price and everything else it’s still worth it.

I was not expecting much given the price, but i was pleasantly surprised. A quality item, made of stainless steel, reassuringly heavy, looks a million dollars, and the coffee is not bad eitherfrankly, i do not understand why the bialetti costs almost 3 times as much, this looks and feels much better. A number of the reviews here (including the 2-star ones) seem to be talking about a french press which is a different item.

Used it for the first time this morning. It is pretty, looks as good quality as in images, and it works on induction. Have tried so many others, got disappointed; and that’s why i am writing this comment. This is the best mocha (coffee maker) for induction on amazon. I tried also bialetti – venus which is apparently not for induction stove. I skipped this one before -while it was cheaper- cause i couldn’t see the delivery date.

Such a good pot for the price. Wanted one with no aluminium- so was really happy with this. It’s so pretty on the stove top, i leave mine out & i bought another one for friend who love hers too. Doesn’t look like one can replace the rubber ring when it goes. So it’s not a for ever purchase & the rose gold metal is scratching off after a couple of years use. . But it still looks good & i love it.

I bought this because i’d read all the other enthusiastic 5 star reviews and i agree wholeheartedly with them. A really lovely, small moka pot. It’s easy to use, easy to clean, easy to store. Very reliable in its taste – though you might want to experiment with the grind and bean. I’ve been using a single source brazilian coffee and find it’s nicest when you let the coffee cools slightly. Incidentally, if you let it become cold or store it in the fridge, the taste is gorgeous. I use it on an induction top, no problem with a small base on the ring. It’s a heavy base but that makes it feel solid. The handle doesn’t get hot to the touch on induction, like other reviewers, i’m surprised it costs so little for such an excellent item, and i’m surprised lots of customers aren’t grabbing it.

I had been looking for a new stovetop coffee pot since changing to an induction hob at home. I decided for £10 this was worth trying and i have been pleasantly surprised. It feels solid, looks really good and works a treat. Great tasting coffee and works super fast on the induction hob. I don’t see why you would need to spend anymore money.

Lovely stovetop espresso coffee maker, looks good and makes great coffee. Works very well on our induction hob. Handle stays cool, although there is a warning that it may get hot. I would recommend this product if you like espresso coffee.

Features and Spesification

  • Crafted for coffee enthusiasts, this timeless, glimmering espresso coffee maker is ideal for brewing espresso in style. Designed by the coffee connoisseurs La Cafetière
  • Just add hot water and your favourite coffee grounds, and heat gently on the stove for a smooth, rich brew every time. It works on all stovetops, including induction
  • Made from stainless steel this espresso maker has a gorgeous brushed gold finish on the body and brushed chrome on the base
  • Available in 2 finishes – brushed gold and copper – with a 4-cup (200 ml / 7 fl oz) capacity, which equates to 2 or 3 espresso servings
  • Both practical and stylish making for a great gift for all coffee lovers. Comes in a smart La Cafetière gift box