La Pavoni Professional Lusso PL : Fantastic Machine I love it!

Absolutely beautiful, lives up to its name, la pavoni – the peacock. Elemental with the beautiful chrome, the pressure gauge, the exposed boiler and the steam wand. Getting the best from it is an art and needs much practice but as gail williams from seattle coffee gear says on youtube it will make the best espresso you have ever tasted (and she has experience of all espresso machines from domestic to top end commercial). To get the best from it you will need a good grinder like the os pharos (don’t recommend the zassenhaus grinders, sent two back) and freshly roasted coffee beans, but lavazza tierra ground coffee gives reasonable results while you are getting used to it. Spare parts and servicing is readily available in the uk. Supplier was prompt and best value. There is a massive amount of support on the www from enthusiasts and it is best to go through this before using the la pavoni but be discerning as some idiots also post on the web. The main things to watch out for are put water in it before the plug goes anywhere near the socket, be careful as it the exterior gets very hot, don’t put too much pressure on the lever if the machine chokes, empty the puck and start again.

I bought mine in 1997 and it still performs as new, every day. It remains the shiniest toy in the kitchen.

Using the machine is as much fun as drinking the results. Classic design , not changed much since 1905. For the simple reason that it is perfect. I have killed a gaggia , a saeco and a de longhi. This , however is built for a lifetime of service. . Even the ‘euro adaptor’ for the plug is a design triumph .

Very well made, produces fantastic coffee with great crema with a bit of practice but to get the best out of it you need freshly roasted beans (not supermarket rubbish),a good coffee grinder, i bought a (roncilio), a solid tamper and a bit of practice. There are many videos on the web to help you master this. Its a simple low tech machine which looks fantastic and makes wonderful espresso, wish i had bought one years ago.

I was delighted when i received my la pavoni professional; in all its chrome splendour – an aesthetic object of superb design – and i had to start straight away making cups of coffee. Not as easy as i had thought – i didn’t realise the importance of the coffee or how it was ground etc. However, i have persevered and am now producing some exquisite cuppasfrothing or foaming also takes time to get the hang of; but i am getting there as well in this area. This is not machine for the lazy coffee drinker – you have to work for your ‘exquisite’ coffee – which is worth it – and be careful you don’t burn yourself on the seductive chrome body – all of which becomes very hot. However, for all those dedicated officianados of coffee this is great machine.

Unfortunately the machine arrived with a faulty pressure safety valve, filling the kitchen with steam and in this condition would make an excellent wall paper steamer. I returned the machine and have serious doubts about quality control at pavoni. Two weeks have passed since collection and no refund has appeared yet.

Very happy with the machine, only to get the right temperature you have to waste 2 cups of water before you enter your coffee in the machine.

  • Fantastic Machine I love it!
  • The original and still best you can get if you want to dedicate some time to your espresso.
  • Very happy with the machine

La Pavoni Professional Lusso PL

Models Europiccola and Professional represent the best expression in terms of technology and valuable materials. Pure-gold-plated, they are a precious piece of furniture for creamy espresso coffees and foamy cappuccinos. The filter holder is equipped with a ring useful to avoid the filters fall during the ejection of the coffee grounds. All lever models are equipped with 1 cup filter which can be used both with milled coffee and standard pods ESE. By lifting the lever one raises a piston inside the group, allowing water under pressure to infuse the coffee in the filter holder. The lever is then lowered, causing the piston to force the water through the coffee into the cup. The user therefore can vary the speed at which the water passes through the coffee, ensuring it is made exactly according to his own requirements. Steam jet: it enables to obtain a frothy, warm milk, as well as tea or any other hot drink; interchangeable with the device Cappuccino Automatic. The Cappuccino Automatic, on the opening of a valve, automatically and easily sucks the milk directly into the cup.
-Weight: 5.5 kg Power
-Power: 1000 W -AC input voltage: 230 V -AC input frequency: 50 Hz Ergonomics
-Water level indicator: Y -Illuminated on/off switch: Y -Indication light: Y Other features
-Power requirements: 230 V, 50Hz; 120 V, 60 Hz -Dimensions (WxDxH): 200 x 290 x 320 mm -Type: Coffee/Espresso -Brewing time: 5 min Performance
-Product type: Espresso machine -Water tank capacity: 1.6 L -Capacity in cups: 16 cups -Maximum operating pressure: 0.8 bar

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  • Fantastic Machine I love it!
  • The original and still best you can get if you want to dedicate some time to your espresso.
  • Very happy with the machine

La Pavoni Professional Lusso PL

Features and Spesification

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  • 1 packet of scale remover for FREE
  • Steam always immediately available
  • Boiler 1.6 litres makes 16 espressos without refilling
  • The boiler is of brass, with chromium outside
  • Interchangeable steam wand and automatically cappuccino device and Bakelite handles and Boiler Cap