Latest In Beauty | The Perfume Society Scented Skincare Review

If you haven’t tried out a monthly beauty box or a beauty box in general (subscription based or not), then now is the time to consider looking into one. When I first tried a one-off beauty box out, Latest In Beauty were the first company I went to and have always gone back to over time. Nevertheless, I’ve tried an array of other companies like Love Me Beauty, which I do also love, but I’ve always opted for Latest In Beauty as my go-to place to look for new beauty boxes on the market.

If you don’t want to sign in to any monthly subscriptions or simply want to ‘try before you buy’, then Latest in Beauty do offer that option. You can sign up to their subscriptions here, where each monthly box will of course be cheaper than a one-off box, but they also offer the option to try it without any contract. Additionally, they also have their Collections which can be found here, which are pre-built boxes which follow a theme like the Beauty & The Beast Beauty Box, or even part of a collaboration like the one I’m going to show you today in my Latest in Beauty review of The Perfume Society Scented Skincare.

Skincare is hit and miss for me, so when it comes to trialling a whole bunch of items; masks, exfoliators, creams etc. I want to be able to try the best, for less. The Perfume Society Scented Skincare collection at Latest In Beauty definitely offers this option, as everything you see below (some being full-sized products, and others being a generous 30ml) is only £22 for the lot. Plus, because it’s collaborated with The Perfume Society, you can guarantee this bag of skincare will smell A M A Z I N G!

It comes in a large black makeup bag which is perfect for travelling with and big enough to store skincare, makeup and hair  care in all one – although let’s face it, we’ll still need a bag for each. Here’s what’s in the collection and a little review of the pieces I’ve already tried to date.Latest in Beauty Review

Amie Deep Pore Exfoliating Polish
I received this bag around 2 days before flying to Brussels and instantly put it in my bag for the trip, as it’s a handy 25ml bottle and I’ve still been able to bring it back with lots more usage left in it. This is a very creamy exfoliator, which is great if you have sensitive yet dry skin like me, as it tackles the two issues. But the other thing I love about this since trying it over the weekend, is the smell – I’m not 100% sure what it is, but to me it smells like a Mango & Banana smoothie kind of combination…not sure if that’s the best description, but it smells delicious and leaves my skin feeling super smooth with no irritation.

Aromatherapy Renewing Rose Body Cream
In all honesty, I’m slightly put off by rose-scented products right now, as I feel they’ve overtook the whole beauty industry in the last 2-3 months, but I’m always up for trying new brands nevertheless. This definitely smells just like the Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist, but is a creamy body lotion instead. I’ve yet to try it, but the bottle reads: ‘Experience the deeply moisturising and conditioning powers of rose, geranium, shea butter and evening primrose for a rich and luxurious daily treat.’ Does that sound enticing to you?

Rosalena Rock & Rose Face Oil
I’ve never come across Rosalena before, but this is a bio-active skincare brand from as much as I know from this Collection. Again, I’m instantly not a fan of yet another rose-scented product to come into my life, but when it comes to face oils, I will try anything. I actually packed this for my trip to Brussels over the weekend also, with the intention of using it at night to rejuvenate my skin as I sleep, so I could wake up with hopefully very soft skin. However, as you may know, travelling around all day in a new city is very exciting, but also very tiring. Therefore, my skincare routine went to pot in Brussels, so I’ve still yet to try this Rosalena Face Oil out. My intentions were good to say the least, so don’t judge me!

This Works Sleep Plus+ Trouble Shooter
I was sooo happy to see a product by This Works in this pack, as I have been religiously using their 3-in-1 Mask, Moisturiser & Primer cream every morning before work, as it does everything I need in one go. This is the Sleep Plus+ Trouble Shooter which comes as a spray bottle in a 10ml tube. In all honesty, I thought this was a facial mist at first, but after reading the back, I’m slightly unclear as to what you supposedly should use it for. The directions read: ‘Shake well before applying nightly to problem areas such as elbows and knees.’ – I don’t exactly what these problem areas should be, but I’m assuming it’s an attempt at relaxing aching joints to some extent. I’ll get back to you on this one.

Sukin Detoxifying Clay Masque
I’ve heard all about this skincare brand from others in the blogging community, but never have I tried anything – until now. Simply put, I love this product and can now see why people rave about it so highly. Clay masks are great for my skin in general; dry and sensitive, but their also great for problem areas I like to tackle, such as deep-cleaning large pores. I’ve tried this twice so far (hardly enough for a full review), but so far it’s great. It states you should put this on after cleansing and sit for 15 minutes to let it really sink into your skin whilst you relax. Although that sounds bliss, I’m a busy gal and I don’t have the time to be sitting for 15 minutes just for a mask to do its thing. Therefore, I layered this on before jumping into the shower where I was doing the full works, so 15 minutes was more than enough time. Then once I came out, I simply washed the mask away with a warm cloth and ta-dah! My skin was so smooth, so soft and also had no redness considering it required a little pressure to remove it.Latest in Beauty Box

Balance Me Restore & Replenish Face Cream
Balance Me was another brand I was happy to see in this Latest in Beauty collection, as I’m a fan of their Congested Serum for when I get hormonal breakouts at that time of the month. However, I’ve never tried any of their face creams. I’ve yet to try this, but from what it reads on the back, it’s great for using day and night which is what I love in a face cream. I hate having to buy multiple products for day and then night time use, so the fact this is an all-in-one and is great for all skin types, is a bonus to me.

Weleda Pomegranate Regenerating Body Lotion
Yet another body lotion in the collection, but in a handy 20ml bottle and with a lovely Pomegranate fragrance. This scented skincare collection by The Perfume Society with Latest in Beauty is definitely the best smelling skincare I’ve tried in a long time, so kudos to them! Unfortunately the information on the back is limited, but also in another language, so all I can tell you is that this smells lovely and would be great for travelling.

Ultrasun Face
This was another product I took to Brussels with me and I’m so glad I did. With SPF 30 in, I lathered this stuff on my face and neck each day and boy am I glad I did; the weather was great and the Sunday offered temperatures between 18-20c all day, but due to being up in the hills with strong winds making us feel cold rather than warm, we didn’t realise just how much our skin had caught the sun. My boyfriend was fairly red on the face, where as I could tell my shoulders had caught the sun ever so slightly, and my decollete also. Better yet, I’m now on the lookout for where the best place is to buy this product in a bigger size, as it’s an awesome moisturiser and primer in one; once rubbed in, it leaves a slightly tacky texture which is great for applying your foundation to and makes it look flawless!

Aurelia Skincare Aromatic Hand Cream
I’m no stranger to Aurelia Skincare, so this came as a nice little treat to the skincare bag. You can check out my previous Aurelia Skincare review for more details on other products of theirs. This is only a small 7ml bottle, but it’s perfect for popping into your handbag or sitting in your draw at work for when you need it most.

Fortifying Green Bath Potion

I figured I’d leave this one till last because it’s a product for those who take baths, and I don’t do baths – showers all the way! Nevertheless, here’s a little about the products itself: It contains peppermint and fennel and smells really refreshing and is probably great for relaxing your muscles too. It comes in a funky green tube which definitely gives the idea of a potion too!

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