Lavazza 10080219 Italian Magia Plus Ice Compact Coffee Machine : delicios coffee

This is a super coffee maker which has a choice of 3 size drinks. Easy to clean and looks really good.

One of the best coffee machines in circulation, if not the best.

Such a great coffee machine. Easy to use and lavazza is the best.

Excellent design easy to use excellent coffee much better than basic model.

Right this is a really easy to use, smart looking coffee machine. It is made by aeg, so the build quality is very good. Love lavazza coffee, so i may be a little biased. Only one design flaw and that is, you get a lot more waste water in the bottom of the used capsule tray. This is noticeable if you have been using a nespresso machinethe coffee is equal to nespresso coffee, obviously depending on your preferred flavour.

We picked this lavazza because the coffee pods selection is large and very good. This machine was the least expensive lavazza maker that offered reasonably large spent pod and water storage that doesn’t required constant attention. Controls are electronic, simple, and complete. You can adjust the coffee temperature to suit, there are three coffee size selector buttons and you can easily customize out put just by keeping the button pressed until you cup is filled as desired. From then on, just press the on button, lift a lever on top to slip a coffee pod in, and press the desired cup size button. It is quite fast heating, but you do not need to wait to press the cup size; the machine will automatically start pouring your cup when it warms up. The water tank is large enough that a 2-person household doesn’t need to fill it every day (but we wash it out with soap once a week to keep it algae free, which we have experienced before even though we use bottled water). Conveniently the clear water tank overhangs the machine sides so that you can see the water level from the front. I need ‘simple’ before my morning coffee and this machine is that.

I received this machine as a christmas gift and i agree with the other reviewers who give it 5 stars. We had a tassimo pod machine previously and were very unimpressed with the quality of the drinks but the lavazza makes excellent coffee and the associated milk frother (a must buy if you enjoy cappuccino) works very well too. My only issue is that the used pods don’t eject fully when the lever is raised and i have to stick my finger in the top to help it along but aside from that small annoyance it is an excellent machine.

  • Nice looking compact pod machine that doesn’t take up too
  • Works Well, Not As Good As Others
  • Really loved this machine but stopped working

Lavazza 10080219 Italian Magia Plus Ice White Compact Coffee Machine, 18/10 Steel

Product Description, Lavazza 10080219 Italian Magia Plus Ice White Compact Coffee Machine

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Firstly i should say this is our first venture into “capsule” type coffee machine. I actually bought it from a well know high street department store group because they were more competitive than amazon. Having travelled a fair bit in europe for the past few years and enjoyed continental coffees we were becoming increasingly disenchanted with instant coffee at home despite trying various sorts. We did consider the ground coffee approach however we don’t drink an awful lot at home (that is changing) so we decided to look at the pod offerings. One store we were in did a great job at putting us off nespresso type ones but on turning away from them i found myself looking at the lavazza ones and this one in particular. It looked like a better machine than the nespresso equivalent so i went home to research further. It was clear from reviews that most people liked lavazza machines and almost everyone liked the coffee. Black friday meant not only was the price good but we got a free milk frother/heater too. I guess i would say this machine is not fast not particularly quiet. However it is quite flexible compared to other machines i’ve looked at.

My first machine leaked water but amazon replaced it very quickly and easily.

This machine makes the most wonderful lavazza coffee and i would guarantee the flavour is just as good as machines that cost five times as much. Only problem is this machine is not as long lasting ie we had to replace our first after about two years but the superb flavour made the decision to replace a no brainer.

I bought this after i had issues directly with nessprsso, saw some bad reviews about his machine, however i am happy with it, makes some good strong coffee, stronger than nesspresso can offer and the machine and coffee works out cheaper. I have only had it for about 3 weeks, so no leaking issues yet, lets hope it will not brake :-).

Excellent product and service.

I’m going to keep this simple. If you’re a massive fan of coffee and you can’t afford to splash out on a bean to cup machine then get this lavazza machineit’s incredibly easy to set up and able to extract the full coffee flavour from the dinky pods due to the powerful 15bar pressure. This is replacing my nespresso machine and so far, i’m not going to miss it.

Best ever purchase for the kitchen, love it to bit’s.

This is the second one i have had, not from the same retailer. The first packed up after 8mths of working, but this one seems fine. I just love lavazza coffee and its a nice machine.

  • Nice looking compact pod machine that doesn’t take up too
  • Works Well, Not As Good As Others
  • Really loved this machine but stopped working

Lavazza 10080219 Italian Magia Plus Ice White Compact Coffee Machine, 18/10 Steel

Nice looking compact pod machine that doesn’t take up too much space. I tried all the sample pods that came with the machine and also the qualita rossa pods. My favourite was the delizioso pods. The machine has three quantity settings but it’s best to only use the “espresso” setting because the others will just put more water through the pod which makes your coffee taste bitter. For a longer coffee, i always make the espresso shot and top up with hot water from a kettle. It’s not easy to see through the front so you need to keep track of how many pods you’ve used. The capsule container can get stuck if there’s more than ten pods in it.

Excellent machine far better in my opinion than nespresso or any other pod machine. Looks great and coffee tastes amazing. The extra features on this are a nice touch but in all honesty i never really use them (bought with xmas vouchers so not fussed about the extra spend above the more basic machines). Would definitely recommend any lavazza machine.

I’ve had a few coffee machines over the years but this is the best one we’ve had. I buy the lavazza rosa capsules from amazon and we have been extremely happy with it. We usually have up to 2 cups each a day, but it is an essential part of our morning routine. It stays clean, doesn’t drip, it’s easily cleaned and comes with a water filter which is great if you live in a hard water area. And then, suddenly, 11 months later, it just stopped working. I contacted amazon via their tech support button within the order page, who put me in touch with lavazza uk. Their tech support carried out a live video diagnostic with me and agreed that it need replacing (“thermostat regulator broken” ???). They said that aeg will have to send out a new machine and i was told that they would contact me in a couple of days. After a week of not hearing anything i sent them an email.

Super coffee maker ,easy to use lavazza coffee is superb.

I go this as a present for my nephew, who will shortly be going to university. He was thrilled – as was i when he opens the box. It is a robust, but compact machine and definitely delivers 🙂 the coffee is delightful and has a wonderful crema. It also seems pretty easy to get pods for, which is important for regular coffee drinker, lol. One other thing, it’s great that no matter what size of coffee who want, it’s one pod for all.

Excellent coffee machine and excellent coffee.

I was really surprised how well this machine made coffee, i never would have thought a pod machine would be able to. I have always liked lavazza ground coffee so after a recommendation from a friend i bought one. Very quick and easy coffee which works well early mornings. If you like decent coffee i would defiantly recommend this over other brands of coffee.

Features and Spesification

  • Three coffee settings – espresso, espresso lungo and caffe lungo
  • Easy to load capsule
  • Memory function, program the exact amount of coffee you want