Lavazza 18000175 Modo Mio Tiny Coffee Machine – Small and good

Second lavazza machine i have, love it.

A little bit more noisier than my last machine but adequate for brewing coffee.

I wish now i had bought a larger model. Typically slow for these machines.

Very compact and looks nice.

I absolutely love this coffee machine, very easy to use and it looks very nice too in my orangery.

Small and easy to use and cffe flavour is amazing.

This is a great little addition to the kitchen if you’re just after a good espresso or americano coffee. It’s compact and super easy to use. Comes with a taster box of capsules to find your ideal taste/strength.

. And for very little money.

Lavazza coffeepods contain more coffee than nespresso and an espresso is extracted more slowly. This compact machine does vibrate. My coffee machines sit on a small mat which mitigates this somewhat, once the cup starts to fill it stays in place. I purchased this after reading a which?. Review which i don’t regret.

Great product, very good value. I like the way it takes only one pod at a time, other machines pop the pod into a storage area underneath which can smell like fart if not constantly washed (and some are difficult to wash properly), this seems more hygienic. The only slight issue with this one is the vibration.

I bought this to replace a lavazza fantasia (a much bigger machine which also froths milk) because the heating unit had failed after 3 years of use. As i’m the only person in the home who drinks fresh coffee this much smaller, and cheaper, machine was an ideal replacement. It only makes expresso, but i have a milk jug with a manual frother that i can use if i want to make cappuccino. Expresso is also a good way to go if you are dieting, which i am, as i can then skip the calories in milk. It seems like a good machine so far, which seems to be solidly made.

Recommended by which and thoroughly deserves the award. Terrific tasting italian espresso coffee. Very small, compact, well made machine, which is very easy to use. No milk frother, which suits me as i prefer black coffee. Just a pity the pods are not yet compostable or recyclable. A little noisy too which means 4 stars.

Amazing product and worth every penny. Here are the specifications for the Lavazza 18000175 Modo Mio Tiny Coffee Machine:

  • Tiny is the smallest Lavazza a Modo Mio coffee Machine. It is beautiful, compact and above all practical: with a single button It turns on, turns off and prepares coffee
  • Selected coffee, roasted and ground, with slow extraction that maximizes flavours. Every espresso is a good opportunity to be among friends
  • From Lavazza experience and passion for coffee, a system made of blends, single-origin selections and machines suitable for every need
  • Coffee Machine with removable cup rest, all the parts are dishwasher safe. Compatible with Lavazza a Modo Mio capsules, ejection of used capsule manual
  • Water tank capacity 0. 75 L with transparent tank

Great coffee, nice countertop profile. No need for a larger machine, you can do a lungo if you prefer. Great price tooit helps to prewarm your cup with hot water, but that goes for any coffee maker.

Great small lavazza coffee machine.

This was too replace my old modo mio machine that had given up after several years. I prefer the design of this aesthetically but practically, the cup holder/tray is smooth and too small. I learned this the hard way when my almost full cup of coffee vibrated off and spilt everywhere. I now hold the cup in place as the coffee is made. An annoying ‘niggle’otherwise i like the size of the water tank and how easy it is to fill, the small size is perfect and i like the single button to control it.

On special offer with 9 free taster capsules, what’s not to like?. It makes espressos or longos, lavazza capsules are the best. Can’t go wrong with the rosso though i am trying them all, slowly. A little noisy but on a solid surface it’s fine. Tightens my mornings at work.

Simple to use and great tasting coffee.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • It makes a great espresso, easily and cheaply.
  • Great coffee machine
  • Fabulous

Great little machine, i’ve owned 2 nespresso machines in the past and recently used one of these in italy, i was so impressed i bought one when i returned home. Makes great italian blend coffee. . Check out the caffe bourbon range of pods.

Simple to use and the taste is great. Comes with sample capsules so you can try different types. Really quick to warm up (10 seconds) and great espresso takes 25 seconds. Great for a quick morning kick.

Quality same as lavazza but cheaper.