Lavolta SH-301 Lightweight Stereo Headphones – Monitor Style Closed Back On Ear – : If you shave your head beware

Ok, so they are made in china. Virtually everything is these days. Chose these after reading the good reviews, for such a low price. Excellent sound quality and they look really well built. I definitely would recommend these to anyone.

I use these headphones for monitoring on the move when travelling with radio recording / podcast style work, and while they work well enough, the coating on the earpieces has begun to degrade and flake. Given the price, this isn’t a major issue (and they still work perfectly well), but perhaps i’ll be looking to spend a little more in future.

Bought 19 of these headsets for a project involving people walking around busy streets listening to a detailed soundtrack. Was concerned that the sound quality would be poor, but was more than pleasantly surprised. They give a full, loud sound. Good range across the bass/middle/treble sounds. They are also very comfortable to wear. After a while i forget they are even on my head. I bought them when they were on offer at 99p a set though, so perhaps that’s why i was so surprised. Not sure i’d pay more than £4 for them. The build quality on them is somewhat less than the sound/comfort quality. And yes the lead is a bit short.

I bought these to replace a set of damaged ‘open’ headphones (the type with sponge earpieces) to listen to online videos, so i wasn’t too bothered about sound quality. The dynamic range is excellent and there is plenty of bass for music tracks. Lightweight and comfortable but a tiny bit tight for my head. The earpieces are angled too so they fit comfortably over the ears if you wear them the right way round. For such a low price these headphones are amazing. The only downside if you can call it that, is that they are over-sensitive; volume through computer speakers may be the right level but become far too loud through the headphones. That’s solved by turning down the volume on your player/computer but there is a slight background buzz during silence passages due to the over-sensitivity. I bought two sets, one for a laptop and one for a mac and can recommend them. I’m a sound engineer so i’m critical about these things, they’re obviously not top-end but for such a low price they’re good value.

I am a professional sound engineer and i foolishly bought these based on the reviews on amazon. They do not have a ‘flat’ sound at all and have a lot of hyped bass. They are not great sounding in the bass area either and hurt my ears as they boost that area of frequency unnecessarily. I do not recommend them at all and they will only sound good to the most naive ears. Even after wearing them in there is little difference i hate using them. Also the mini jack broke soon after buying them so not even well made. The only good thing about them is they are rather sensitive and most devices will drive them well, also they offer decent isolation from outside sources. That is why i gave an average review, as they do tick some boxes but the sound and build quality is not that great and pretty much what i would expect from any other headphone around this price range including panasonic. Cheap and hyped bass, lacking in over all fidelity, crappy high’s and hurts ears.

As stated in the title if you shave your head like me these hurt after a short time, the upside is they sound brilliant so if you have lots of hair purchase now. If you are a baldy like me, purchase but look in amazons hat section first.

I brought these for my partner’s dad to replace some in ear headphones that broke which he used to listen to the football on (am radio). He seems really impressed with them. I did get around to having a listen to them myself and put on some music and all though the sound quality did not blow me away i was genuinely impressed and didn’t expect cheap headphones to sound so deep and musical for what i paid. My conclusion is they are very good value and more then good enough for the purpose they were brought for.

Feel comfortable and sound ok. Although low cost they don’t look or feel low quality and seem ideal to use with my tablet.

  • Big Surprise
  • Good value, good headphones but the earpieces degrade.
  • Excellent quality sound and comfort

Lavolta SH-301 Lightweight Stereo Headphones – Monitor Style Closed Back On Ear – Black

The Lavolta SH-301 headphones offer minimalistic yet stylish design with a lightweight headband for comfort fit and soft earpads for excellent sound isolation. With 3.5 mm driver unit and full 20-20000 Hz frequency response range, the headphones create an amazing audio experience and deliver rich bass sound, crisp highs and natural vocals. Just connect the headphones to your MP3 player, laptop or mobile device and enjoy clean and consistent sound from your favourite tunes, games and movies.With its distinctive design and compact size, the Lavolta SH-301 stereo headphones are the perfect audio companion to your music activities. All Lavolta products come with a standard 1-year warranty included.

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The headphones work fantastically for a casual music listener, however the cable from jack to headphones is only 4ft which is a restriction at times.

  • Big Surprise
  • Good value, good headphones but the earpieces degrade.
  • Excellent quality sound and comfort

Lavolta SH-301 Lightweight Stereo Headphones – Monitor Style Closed Back On Ear – Black

Features and Spesification

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  • Makes perfect Christmas gift
  • Neodymium magnet brings clear hi-mid-range sounds and a deep thumping bassline
  • Lightweight headband style designed for lasting wearing comfort
  • Durable and lightweight cord for tangle-free listening
  • Optimized for portable audio includes MP3, iPod, iPhone, CD Players