LCD Projector – Allows you to create a Home Cinema experience with a surround sound system

This is just great projector. Mine old one broke down, so i decided to replace it and i wont regret i single bit of buying this one. Really impressed with quality.

Love the picture quality of my projector. Have taken photos during day time to show quality with just blinds closed and projecting straight onto wall which is pale yellow. Use projector for internet, netflix, youtube etc. Excellent quality, fantastic with popcorn.Son plays minecraft pc and nintendo switch. Good communication from seller. Would have given 5 stars if it had 3d. If your not looking for 3d then this is perfect.Get about 5ft projection at a distance of approx 10ft.

I put the projector in the living room where my son plays around to play songs and movies for him. My husband sometimes use it to play video games. So far so good,we all like it. Enjoyed the projector so much.

Easy too set up, clear picture, only reason it’s not 5 star is there is no height adjustment for the projector to raise up/down.

This is my first projector for home cinema and i am very pleased. Its easy to setup and the screen quality is very good. The projection was good enough to watch a film on a dull winters day with all the windows open. It worked even better in a darkened room. I don’t know how bright and sharp a more expensive projector would be but for a simple person like me who enjoys a good film its brilliant, especially for £150.

Very please with this so far. Bought it for doing meetings and it projects powerpoint through hdmi really clearly and well. Have only tested it in the home so far and worked well in a slightly darkened room. Cant comment on its use as a home cinema unit. Only one small issue is that the vga post is to close to the casing and as such a vga cable wont go into the unit i have. However hdmi works perfectly and therefore not really an issue for me.

Used for business presentations. I connect my ipad to it easily using hdmi cable and bought an apple lightning adapter. Really easy to use and set up.

The first one had a blue line running in the middle of the screen and it has a loud fan but the picture is great compared to the cheap ones, at 3200 lux its bright.

At first i was skeptical about purchasing this projector. I read the reviews and was reassured i couldn’t be happier this projector is simply fantastic especially for the price. The picture quality is suberb would definitely recommend.

 i’ve wanted a projector to watch films and sports with my mates rather than on my smaller tv, which is ok for everyday use. The projector was bigger than i though but has a lovely white smooth finish. The box isn’t fancy but it was protected well and if you don’t read any further it has enable me to produce a big hd picture that all my friends and family can watch so i’m happyin the box:————–inside there is a 1. 5m hdmi cable, approximate 1. 4m audio cable, instruction manual, cleaning cloth, screws x4 (not sure what these are for), 2x fuses. The remote was soft buttoned but doesn’t contain the 2x aaa batteries. It is quite simple to navigate and use. Projector:————-the 3200 lumens led lamp is pretty bright and the device is simple to set up. I liked that there are numerous connections e. 2x hdmi, 2x usb, tv aerial input and vga port. The built in speaker is pretty good but lacks base. If you wish to watch a something with sound then i would suggest you use an external sound system. The fan keeps the unit cool but you can hear it if you use the in built speaker but it isn’t noticeable when connected to a surround sound system.

My expectations were not sky high when i ordered this but i assumed it would be a good value mid-level projector. Once received i set it up on the sameday and have been using regularly since. Great quality picture and very straightforward to get it up and running. I have plain white walls in my house and the picture generated by the projector is strong and clear enough that i do not need to purchase a separate screen. I have projected football, various movies and even used it for standard tv viewing. My 6 year old daughter had a pyjama party with three of her friends on saturday night and they pretended they were at the cinema. The sound quality is adequate but best fed through a sound-bar. Some fan noise but i understand this is fairly unavoidable with any decent projector due to the necessity for a strong light source. Very happy with the projector and strong recommendation from me.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Very good for the money
  • Very please with this so far. Bought it for
  • Fab in light rooms