LED Video Projector 3200 lumens LESHP 1080P Mini Multimedia Projector – for the money one of the best i have had

The picture quality is excellent for the price and easy to set up and use. An immersive experience with my xbox games on a 90′ screen.

This is a good quality projector. The picture is better than the previous one i had. It’s a little larger than i expected but the quality performance is worth it. It can be mounted upside down from the ceiling, the operation is very easy. Just remove the four black gaskets of the bottom and fitted with the screws to connectthe hanger, but for the t – correction that it has is only + – 15 degree, so it’s better use it on the desk.

Works great in all indirect light.

It’s good if you can’t get past the screen quality. Good for those on a budget, but i recommend you pay hundreds more for a proper full hd projector .

Very low light output, i have a 2003 panasonic that’s rated 700ansi and is twice as brightit’s ok for a kid’s room but that’s it.

An actually useful projector. Connect to your ipad , computer or tablet. Has 2 usb ports 2 hdmi ports and memory card port. With the remote you can control at a distance. It has nice resolution and you can plug an external speaker and makes for the ideal movie night. I have always wanted one of these and the portability makes for ideal projector. The contrast is 3000:1, which is much better than other projectors in the market at the same priceit supports 1080p even though it’s 720p projector. The brightness of this projector is 3200 lumens that means you can also enjoy a feast of movie in the day.

I bought this projector instead of a new tv for my playing room. My sons love to play video games and to watch movies and youtube from the computer on it. The projector outlook looks good. It was so easy to put together and even easier to operate. The picture was quite nice, nice color saturation and decent contrast for this price range. If you’re concerned about rainbows this model is perfect since it’s a lcd projector and therefore doesn’t have to worry. We can watch the movies and the football game at the outdoor.

For the money one of the best i have had. The sound is excellent and works well. For a home cinema for not a lot this is my recommendation.

This is a good projector for the price very similar to my optima i had. Picture us great in a dull room (doesn’t have to me dark) and the speakers are great no need for extra speakers.

Very slight fuzziness bottom right hand corner. Great sound, super easy connectivity. Worked straight out of the box.

This video projector has an amazing picture quality. My family enjoys watching from this projector and it is perfect for a movie night with some popcorn.

I truly did think it looked good, comes in a nice box ,accessories very neat. This projector was very easy to set up. Once set up it is not going anywhere, focus stays wherever i leave it. Picture quality even in a non dark environment ,i managed to play games and it was a really good experience. There are many functions within the menu where different picture setup can be auto selected as these are pre programed in, there is also a manual option to change eg sharpness, brightness, contrast. I really like this projector. I use it connect my computer,mobile and blu-ray dvd player to enjoy movie.

 we have just finished another evening of entertainment using this projector so fresh in the mind here goes. Comparing with the model we have had to replace it has plenty of colour and brightness which enables movies to be watched without any complaints especially the quieter fans on this model. Whilst still noticeable, then most are, so far we haven’t needed to ramp up the volume of the audio system to drown out the fans anymore. Setup is straightforward with the projector capable of being permanently mounted as we have or using the adjustable height stand in a more temporary/portable mode of use. The rca connectors are my preference of cable connection which means the applicable rca to 3. 5mm jack converters weren’t required which provide a more professional method of audio installation. The audio quality of the builtin speaker is not going to make explosions in movies sound as if they are close by but once connected to the audio system things come to life pretty well. The various input connections make it a versatile device so that it can be connected to multiple sources of input at any one time, i like this as we use both an android box and chromecast to watch movies and surf the internet with either device able to be powered by the 2 usb ports just fine. The software / operating system is simple and easy to navigate using the remote, or even the on board controls, with most modes or functions having their own direct access button. For this level of projector i cannot really find fault with its visual output given its price, hopefully, the uploaded video will give a good indication of this providing phone camera software hasn’t tamed things.

Ok, fast shipping and excellent product.

Excellent quality given the price :).

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Really happy with it
  • Five Stars
  • Not what you think, kids will love it