NEW: Lee Stafford Sea Salt Haircare Range

Me and my hair have been on good terms lately; it’s doing as it’s told to put it in words. Usually I’d have to stick to the same shampoo, rock the same hairstyle daily and also not be allowed to use any kind of styling product, else everything goes to pot. Over the last 2 months though, my hair has decided to be kind and let me explore new styles, which also means I get to try out new products too.

Lee Stafford Sea Salt Hair Range

Now, I will say one thing – I have a sensitive scalp which means some products are a simple no-go for me, as the irritation throughout the day simply is not worth any kind of product. Having said that, when the new Lee Stafford Sea Salt range landed on my doorstep, the first product I instantly thought, ‘That’s not going to happen’ too, was the Crystal Shampoo. This isn’t your bog standard shampoo that comes out of a bottle, no. Instead, this is a pot of shampoo which you have to scrape the product out of. I’m not a fan of the design, as I don’t find it practical in the shower, but I do understand why it’s packaged this way – the formula of this shampoo is not super creamy and silk-like when you apply it. Instead, you’re greeted with tiny rocks of ‘crystal’ within the formula, to provide a gritty texture as you lather it in your hair.

At first I was sceptical and somewhat nervous: sensitive skin + rocks of crystal being rubbed against it = disaster. But boy was I wrong. It actually felt somewhat relaxing. All you need is a small amount to gentle massage into your hair, quickly rinse under water to create a really rich lather, and rinse out thoroughly before going in with your conditioner. It’s as simple as a standard shampoo formula, but the new texture is fun to use. However, I don’t like this as a product itself – Since using it, I’ve found that I look like I have dandruff, which I thought was starting become a separate hair concern. However, it turns out that I only ever experience this ‘dandruff’ when using this shampoo alone – no other shampoo. It leaves large flakes of white from where the product hasn’t properly washed out and has almost clung to my hair, which then causes me to have to wash my hair daily…not great.

Now onto my favourite – the Sea Salt Foam Conditioner. I love me some conditioner, and trust me when I say my hair needs it EVERY time I wash it. Conditioner for me isn’t a ‘treat’ for my hair, as it’s not something I can avoid, otherwise I’m left with dry, unmanageable locks. This foam conditioner just looks like liquid in the bottle, but don’t be put off. Once you pump into your hand, it turns into a foam instantly! Then simply apply as normal and leave for 5-10 minutes.

Fast forward the drying off and towel-drying my hair, once my hair is slightly damp, I go in with the Sea Salt Styling Mist. I spritz a small amount evenly throughout the hair, then dry my hair with a blow dryer, scrunching the ends up towards the roots to create texture. Once my hair is completely dry, I spritz a little more of the good stuff all over and simply put in a few curls using my BaByliss hair straightners.