LEIYER Ultra Mini True Bluetooth Earbuds : A game changer!

I have ordered a ufo recently and got the product on very next day. Ufo has a good build quality and design, the product is exactly as described. It fits in my ear comfortably after changing the ear bud cushion, in fact the product came along with different sizes of ear buds cushion. Its very easy to pair with any mobile and once it is paired, it will be auto connected as soon as you take out from charging dock. Sound quality is just excellent and can compete with any other expensive branded earbuds. The bass is neat and vocal is crisp and clear. I’m very happy with my purchase and pleased to recommend.

Easy to pair to my phone & tablet, love the magnetic charger, so easy.

Firstly i love that it’s right size for my small ears and doesn’t fall out, beautiful colour, light and truly blocking background noise so you can hear only your favorite music. It’s magnetic when you put back to charging case so you won’t loose it and good sound quality for good price.

I have done nearly everthing with these cycling ,gym work on the train and they sound great. They stay in the ear very well and create a good seal to block noise if thats what your looking for.

I think that it is a great product. I was just hopping that the battery last a bit longer but even so it is great as it is easy to re-charge.

Having had many types of earphones and headphones over the years i decided to try these wireless earbuds and i have to say i have been very impressed. Build quality is very good and the charging case, along with the overall look of the product, is excellent. Most importantly the sound quality is excellent. I’m a fan of base and this produces excellent levels once you use the correct ear bud fitting. I used them in the gym recently and the range was excellent but most importantly they stayed in my ears while running. So far so good and i would recommend these to anyone looking at this type of earphone.

Excellent sound quality and perfect for gym user. The price is more than fair. I have recommended these to others as im very happy with my purchase.

The earbuds are great, good sound and excellent battery life, exactly what i was looking for. Very helpful and friendly staff who helped with replacement charging wire as my cat ate the original. Would recommended to anyone.

  • Great Quality/ Great Value/Great Comfort
  • Daughter loves them
  • Sound quality that exceeds expectation

LEIYER Ultra Mini True Bluetooth Earbuds with Magnetic Charging Case, 15H Playtime, Volume Control, Hi-Fi Sound, Dual Microphone, Wireless Headphones, Twins In Ear Wireless Earphones IPX5 Waterproof

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These buds are very easy to use and setup, good connection with my phone with great battery life and easy to charge up when put back in the case. But most importantly for me they stay in my ears when others have previously fallen out, and the sound quality is good, noise isolation also works ok. All in all a good purchase and well worth the money.

Very easy to use: it does almost everything in its own, really. Calls quality: excellent at both ends. Sound quality for music: way beyond expectations.

After spending time looking for wireless earbuds i’m so pleased i chose these. They connected instantly,they fit my ears well the sound quality is great very clear. I love the fact when placed back in the ufo shape charging box they turn off and charge straight away. I would highly recommend these earbuds and will be buying a black pair for my husband.

Brilliant performance, great product, light weight, small and easy to pair with your phone.

Brilliant bluetooth headphones i ever purchasedi love it how it has a docking and also act as a case. The docking is magnetic so headphones doesnt fall loose. The docking case is also the charger which is very convenient.

These ear buds have far exceeded my expectations. The sound quality is absolutely superb and the buds sit really comfortably in my ears. The case is sleek and stylish and opens smoothly when you want to get the buds out. The magnetic case is fantastic for keeping the buds from falling out but more importantly it grips the buds and quickly place them in the right place ready for charging. Set up was quick and easy and the buds hold a charge for quite a while. They came charged about a week and a half ago and this lasted for a few days. Since then i’ve used them regularly commuting back and forth to work and i’ve only needed to charge them once.

Nice sound quality at the price.

  • Great Quality/ Great Value/Great Comfort
  • Daughter loves them
  • Sound quality that exceeds expectation

LEIYER Ultra Mini True Bluetooth Earbuds with Magnetic Charging Case, 15H Playtime, Volume Control, Hi-Fi Sound, Dual Microphone, Wireless Headphones, Twins In Ear Wireless Earphones IPX5 Waterproof

It’s greatnot my first wireless set so i know the improvement is great and very well pricedi.

I use this product all the time i fact i went back to amazon to buy another pair and couldn’t order any more my son was disappointed as we ordered another pair and i’ve had to send them back as they didn’t work.

I really love these earbuds, the sound quality is very good, charging dock small enough to fit in pocket or handbag, charge quickly, connect first time, range very good, used mine in a 20 metre range from my smart phone, i would recommend jighly.

She has used them a lot since we got them. They come with a usb-c cable for charging the dock and extra ear buds. Easy to pair with phone and sound good. She mostly uses them for audio books and she says perfect for that. Batteries seem to last a while and they charge when in the dock. She loves the colour of them ( a rose gold).

I baught this item for myslef. This is a great product, the ear phones are made of the highest quality that would seem to last a while. The sound quality is clear too. They are easy to set up and get connected to yoir device be that a phone or tablet. The functions seem to work well too.

I love these earphones so much. From the ease of them connecting to your phone just by removing them from the case, tothe sound quality, and putting them back to charge — simply brillianti was really worried that 100% wireless earphones would fall out of my ear during running or exercise in general, but they stay secured and i can easily concentrate on my workout without worrying about cables or them falling out. Would 100% recommend to anybody.

Great quality headphones in a smart looking modern robust case. The ear phones magnetically fit in the stylish holder and take about 2 hours to totally charge and they are really comfortable in the ear. The best thing by far is the quality of the sound which was excellent and surpassed my expectations. I’ve mainly used these at the gym and they don’t fall out the ear which is a must for me. Phone calls were excellent quality too and no one has complained about background noise. The instructions were easy to follow and pairing the ear phones to my phone took a matter of seconds, i also received an additional set of the ear bud tips should i need them. I’d definitely recommend these for the price and quality, thanks.

I use these for running and they stay in place really well. I am so happy with the fact i can pause, skip a track and even control the volume from the buds.

It is a comfortable set of earbuds with ufo design. It has a good battery life and is lightweight.

Comfortable, clear with easy pairing, deducted one star only as bass a little wobbly at higher volumes….

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