Lekue Microwave Grill – Great grilled veg too

Bought this to make toasties while the oven is in use. It makes good toasties, quickly and easily, and the family love it. The only small criticism is it does not seal the toastie, therefore the filling is prone to leaking out.

Really good concept and well worth the money.

The rubber securing bands do not stay in place and fall off easily. Apart from that it does what it is intended for.

The plates are very tight so not a lot of cheese needed in the sandwichdoes not suit everyone but it suits me.

Quick & easy toasted lunch snack really nice & crispy and so easy to store in cupboard.

First time of use grilled tomatoes, need to keep trying but pretty good. Just used for burgers … so quick. I agree the silicone retainers are not very reliable … will see how it goes.

This is fantastic only used it to make a toasted sandwich, so easy to use & clean would definitely recommend.

This grill is so easy to use and clean, only used it for toasted cheese and ham sandwich but is brilliant.

It did my toasted sandwich nice and crisp.

Just bung it in the microwave for 3 mins to warm up. Add in your tostie, bacon, burger whatever and in a few mins it is ready to eat. No mess, easy to wash, just great .

The best thing for quick and healthy foodclean ready to use and a fantastic buy.

Absolutely brilliant, cannot fault this grill at all.

Disappointed in this as you can really only do one sandwich at a time and it tells you not to reuse until cool. This was bought for my husband and i to make wick and easy lunch sandwiches but is not possible for two to be done at once. Not impressed as it wasn’t cheap. Here are the specifications for the Lekue Microwave Grill:

  • An innovative and easy alternative to a toastie machine or tradiitional grill!
  • Cook ‘grilled’ food or makes crisp ‘toasted’ sarnies in your microwave
  • Quick and convenient – takes only 3 mins to heat up
  • Ideal for meat, fish, and vegetables – how about a tasty salmon fillet, or a classic cheese and ham?
  • Buy this product from Lakeland & you can return it for up to 3 years. Proof of purchase is necessary

Loved it so quick only thing against it is the fiddely strap fastnings.

Excellent for quick lunchtime toastie’s , glad to be rid of those awful bags.

Great piece of equipment for your kitchen. So good i bought two more one as a gift and the other to use in my caravan.

The best thing (and there are many)about this item is,.

Cooks very well economical and clean. Only one gripe the silicone straps are a very bad design should be attached to the grill keep falling off when trying to attach them it is very fiddly and when the plates are mad hot dangerous l have burnt myself more than once.

I was very impressed with this. To be honest i did have my doubts but it really workd with a little adjusting of times. I bought this to use in my campervan but in the meantime am using it at home. I woul recommend this to anyone.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • It works

  • very crisp toastie

  • Crispy Delicious Toasties

Bought for my 92yr old dad then found out his microwave was not right for this so i have it now. Used it today and have to say i’m not impressed. The cheese ran out the sides and made a mess. The bread was like cardboard. I will keep trying it out only because it was so expensive. The £2 toastie bags used in a toaster give better results.

Play around with the times and make your own delicious and crispy toasties.

Really pleased with the grill, makes brilliant toasted sandwiches, easy to use and clean. Versatile as can use it for other things but haven’t tried it for anything else yet.

Tried it for the first time yesterday. Works as it should and is a great improvement on our old sandwich toaster.

Happily surprised that this works but it does. It doesn’t seal the sandwich in the classic way a normal sandwich toaster would and is a little fiddly but the results are worth it.

This sandwich grill is brilliant up to now have used it for thick burgers and a sandwich and so easy to clean and cooks quickly leuke.

Makes brilliant toasties , hot crisp and with stripes, but so easy to clean rinse under tap. Hard to believe a microwave can grill anything so easily.

Bought this as crimbo present. Good toasted sarnies in 3 minutes. Easy to clean and doesn’t take much room up in kitchen.

I love this microwave grill. Toasted sandwiches are really good. Grill chicken with parma ham and dates is very tasty. It is so easy to keep clean.