LETSCOM Wireless Earbuds : Surprising in a good way

I would recommend this earphone over the other budget headphone very premium for the price hd sound quality, inexpensive, true wireless and easy controlthe earphones generally connect by wireless within 5 second doesn’t take long once they have been paired before. Can leave them 3 feet away making it use for the gym or library. Has indication light to show you paring mode. Battery life is excellent, last similar to airpods if not better, case acts as charger and battery bank. Which means you can enjoy longer with these headphones. Excellent fit in ear comes with medium, small and large tips for comfortable and security stopping from losing themnot only for music but for phone calls in hd and hands free use for cars using the microphone. Good mids and highs and good amount of bass, good control where music is not distortion. Key features include-charge on go definitely works- hd stereo best quality with crisp and clear sounds- sweat and splash proof works definitely in the gym- easy connect with one touch done- signal strong and reliable- stereo and mono sounds effectsdefinitely worth your money for budge headphone buy now.

The battery does not dievery impressed with this set of buds, i bought a pair not too long ago with a similar build – they were a tad smaller and the case was also minimal and less comprehensive. Adequately, these buds comes with a case that tells you how much charge is left (thank the lord) and i have to say. It’s been 4 days and they’ve had extreme usage, i’ve been to the gym everyday and also commuted to and from university, they still haven’t ran out of battery. Mind you the case is on it’s last indicator of battery life but i’m genuinely impressed. Sound quality is decent, handles bass well but one complaint i do have is the volume threshold can be quite low on some content. Spotify was fine, however when i tried to watch netflix/youtube was a bit on the quiet side.

I’ve been looking for something convenient for me to travel and exercise with, and i’ve finally found them. While travelling on trains or planes i always like to listen to some music to drown out background noise, but not at the expense of carrying huge over-ear headphones, or cables that get tangled in your pocket. Also needed something that i could use while riding my bike, where cables can be a real problemthese earbuds, provide a great battery life and good sound, while being incredibly easy to use, with many controls (volume, skip tracks, answer/end calls, etc. ) all possible via the buttons on the earbuds. Used as a pair, or as a single earbud (ideal for a bike where you need to hear traffic around you) they switch between mono and stereo perfectly just by having one or both turned on. Sound quality is very good considering the size, and the battery life is great. I actually got slightly longer battery time between charges than stated in the description. They are also quite comfy – have worn them for continuously for 3 hours without ending up with painful ears. , which i find unusual for most earbuds. At the end of the day, it is possible to buy something with better sound quality, or longer battery time, or cheaper cost, but not with any of those in combination as an earbud.

First impressions after taking these earphones out of the case were that they looked a bit chunkier than expected. When using them and walking around, it didn’t feel like they would stay in despite changing the eartips but they remained comfortable to wear for prolonged periods of time. The case charges through micro usb and has light indicators to show whether it is charged, and when closed, the lights will pulse then turn off after a minute. The battery is decent, especially as they can recharge just by putting them back into the case. The earbuds are magnetic so they automatically snap into place and light up red when they are charging. When this happens, they will turn off if both are put in, or just the single earbud if it’s put into the case. Does not hinder the music playing on a single bud. The quality of sound was surprisingly pretty good for wireless earbuds. The volume using the earbuds alone wasn’t as high as i expected though but it still plays music at a respectable volume for casual users. The microphone isn’t amazing but those receiving calls from me were still able to make out what i was saying.

I purchased these ear buds for safety reasons so i don’t have to carry my phone in my hand when taking a call or listening to music. I was excited when they arrived and couldn’t wait to start using them. Setting up the buds were so easy a child could have done it, the instructions were clear and concise. The ear buds themselves are very comfortable to wear and block out much if not all of any background noise (obviously dependant of where your are). It is so easy to answer a call you just have to press the button on the bud and you are connected to your caller and there is no dip in the quality of sound. I managed to get approx hours usage of listening to the radio constantly at work before i needed to change the and it is so useful being able to just pop them back in their case and within 90 mins they are ready to go again. If i had to be nit pickky the only thing i would say there is no l or r indicator on the buds themselves that i can see and this would be useful to have. Would recommend this product for anyone looking for a good hands free option.

Bought these to use on holiday and i’m very impressed with them. I find them very comfortable to wear and fit very securely in my ears , so i don’t have to worry about them coming loose, they also come in very handy on the plane also as you can share with a friend and watch the same show or listen to music. The charging case is great as i never have to worry about them dying on me and the case can easily be charged through my laptop with the cable provided. They were easy to connect up and the sound from them is nice and clear and they go to a good volume.

First of all- they are comfortable- the earphones come with different size ear plugs so you can adjust the size of the plugs so the earphones are 100% secure in your ears and do not fall out. But it also means that we can both use them- the plugs i use are smaller than the plugs he uses. Second of all- the ease of connection- this was so simple even i can do it- they connected to the phone in seconds- all the while the earphones talk in your ear telling you that they are connecting- so you have no doubt that you’ve attempted to connect to the wrong device. And once connected- these are stable- there is absolutely no fading of signal or dropping out- consistent soundsbluetooth connects well with my phone and automatically goes into pairing mode if my current phone’s bluetooth is off. The bass sound is decent for what i listen to and the earbuds are pretty comfortable to wear with plenty of earbuds size available with the packaging. I like that it comes with docking port which acts as charger for the headset (up to for headset charges once fully charged from main). The headset also turns on automatically once taken out of the port and switches off when placed back for charging.

Bought these for my girlfriend as she needed headphones. At first, she was quite hesitant of the idea of going wireless, but now she wouldn’t put them down. Here are some of the comments she made about them:+ sound quality – better than the apple headphones that come in the box of every iphone+ long battery life – have charged them only once in the past two weeks+ comfortable – she uses them for hours each day and says that they don’t bother her at all. All in all, i think this is a great present for someone who has never owned wireless headphones and i am glad i decided to buy these for her.

  • Surprising in a good way
  • Really impressed!
  • More than an earbuds to me 🙂

LETSCOM Wireless Earbuds, Upgraded Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones Deep Bass True Wireless Earbuds Stereo Hi-Fi Sound Wireless in-Ear Earphones with Mic and Charging Case

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Many of these kind of earbuds suffer from poor stereo performance but these work well. I also appreciate the design, particularly the actual button controls. The majority are touch instead of buttons which makes them annoying to handle without doing something unintentional; just because you can replace a button with a touch surface doesn’t mean you should. The controls aren’t very well designed and make mono usage difficult whilst still being difficult to use in stereo, but that’s a problem with all of these kinds of earbuds and they at least provide what you want which a bunch don’t (pause, play, skip, volume, answer and hangup). Also the supplied ear rubbers are far too small for my ears which exacerbated the lack of volume. Easily rectified with rubbers from other earbuds but even then the volume is only just loud enough. Overall i tentatively recommend these earbuds; they perform well and the downsides are irritations not deal breakers. Decent product at a reasonable price (although annoyingly a 10% off voucher appeared the day after i bought them; c’est la vie).

I am very impressed with this new true wireless earbuds. They look really good and solid built. Very good quality and straightforward to use. I took them out of the the box with out any problems connected them with my phone via bluetooth. I did not even have to type in the default four digit key. In my opinion sound quality is very good. One thing i was worried about was the disconnection issue, which is mentioned in other products review but i must say i have not faced any issues, it stays connected with your phone so far me no lost signal problem at all. Each ear piece has one touch button for all your controls, (forward, reverse, turning on and off. )earbuds stay in nicely while i am walking to work and obviously no more wires to worry about. I can’t find any fault with them so far.

Having used the headphones a few times in sports and at home, i can say that i am completely satisfied with them. The headphones are supplied with a small storage bag and the specified accessories. The headphones are perfect for me, so that they suppress noise very well to the outside. The pairing works smoothly and i am also very satisfied with the sound in view of the price. They are lightweight and due to the excellent fit they do not fall out during sports, which is why i do not want to miss them anymore. Also with the battery power i am satisfied.

Having tried out these earphones, i can honestly say that i am very impressed with how easy the ease with which they pair with other devices. So much so that i was listening to my music within minutes of them being delivered. I tried them with an array of musical genre’s and they coped well with all of them, giving good sound reproduction to all, including indie, rock, northern soul, r & b, blues and hip hop. The sound comparison was also good in comparison to other in-ear headphones i have including a pair of jams bluetooth earphones that i purchased a couple of years ago. I would have no problem recommending this to anyone and at the price they are real value for money.

I got these headphones to use mostly for work – i have a lot of teleconferences and travel, so watching movies on the plane. First of all, i really like the capsule charger that they come in. It is super compact and easy to charge – there is even an indicator light to show that it is charging. I have not yet tested how long this holds charge. The headphone automatically charge when they are placed in this capsule, which is a really nice feature. I was hesitant to buy headphones like this due to fear of losing them, but with the capsule i labeled it with my info and don’t have to worry as long as i keep it handysecondly, i really like how well they fit in my ear, they are labelled l and r, but i use them interchangeably without issues. They stay in really well and are pretty good at blocking outside noise, depending on firmly they were inserted. Sound quality: this is really excellent. Compared to my lg headphones, the quality is even better. I even got compliments on how clearly i was heard when i let them know i was using my headphones.

I bought these earphones for the gym to use with my samsung galaxy s8+, and i’ve been using them for a few days. First impressions were that they looked too chunky, but they never fall out (even whilst working out), and fit into the ear really nicely. They arrived fully charged which was a nice touch, and the charging stand feels durable and well made, whilst looking good on any surface. They also charge faster than expected, which is important for wireless earbuds. The battery life is decent, i wear them at work and at the gym aftwards and they haven’t ran out of battery so far. The sound quality is really decent on them. I expected bad bass, but it’s decent, and they’re loud enough to drown out all sound on the highest setting. They were easy to set up, and paired up nicely with my phone without any real problems. No complaints, and brilliant for the price.

Spent months considering different wireless earbuds and almost bought £250 master & dynamic or sennheisers but thought i would trust the reviews on these which said that the sound quality was high, connectivity was easy and good, and the noise cancellation – whilst not active – was good due to the great fit: the reviews were right. I can’t believe how good these are for the money. I have b&w p9s, bose qc250s, sennheiser momentums etc so appreciate good audio quality and build but found that these letscom earbuds offer a great sound. Connection and use easy and fast, every time of use. So glad i bought these and didn’t spend the extra £220+ on bigger brand buds.

Ok so i got these because i was getting tired of the ‘in-ear’ earbuds and wanted something more comfortable. These do not disappoint in that aspect. And they fit my head perfect. Nice crisp treble and deep bass to even out a fluid powerful sound. I’m really enjoying these headphones.

  • Surprising in a good way
  • Really impressed!
  • More than an earbuds to me 🙂

LETSCOM Wireless Earbuds, Upgraded Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones Deep Bass True Wireless Earbuds Stereo Hi-Fi Sound Wireless in-Ear Earphones with Mic and Charging Case

Ok so brought these headphones off use in the gym connected to a samsung s9. They connected easily and charged up quickly, the box charges the headphones really quickly without the need for plugging in and the headphones sit very well once you find the adapter that fits (comes with three sizes) they hold in the ears perfectly even when running. The only minor downside is he limited base in the sound, this isn’t rare with such headphones so doesn’t stops them working well.

I needed something for work that was less obvious than giant headphones with wires everywhere. Not because i’m not allowed to use them, but because my office is located in a very busy hallway and people like to test to see if i can hear them (i always can) by saying hi constantly. Which gets rather distracting. There’s no wires, there’s the option of having in just one ear (which i do), it paired immediately to my phone with no issues, the case is protective and fits in my purse no problem (even the case power cord is short so doesn’t drape all over my desk). It came with multiple ear thingys, which i like cause my ear canal is really small and i like that i can adjust it. The only thing that i wasn’t expecting is that it takes some getting used to for your ear to have a direct sound in it, i started to get a mild headache. But, i am sure i’ll get used to it and it will be perfect for my needs.

The music quality was realy good, and picks up the stars on its own, however when using to make and recieve phone calls, the other party in the phone call could not hear me talking. This happened with three seperate clients, so they rang back (i blamed a dodgy signal); for this reason i have returned the headphones. I was also a little dissapointed that there was no siri activation, although it is not listed as a feature, so i cant realy complain.

I spend a lot of time on my indoor bicycle trainer and needed something that allows me to listen to music and reduce the whining noise from the trainer. I had been using wired earbuds, but these don’t allow me much freedom of movement and sweat runs down the cord into my iphone. I got these because of the price and was not expecting much in terms of music quality. I was pleasantly surprised by the sound, solid bass and not too hissy treble. The earbuds paired easily and re-paired automatically each time i turned them on. One issue that i had was to find an eartip that fitted properly. Medium would work loose over a few minutes while large felt tight. I solved the problem by using an after market foam earbud. Let me add that i have had similar issues with my wired earbuds, so probably my ear canal is in between medium and large. Overall very pleased that i have them as they perform well and are just perfect for my needs.

My new headphones arrived today and they were already pre charged and ready to go. It literally took 1 minute after taking them out of the box to have them paired up with my mobile. I chose these as i was not sure that they were really going to be for me. I assumed that they would fall out easily and generally be more of an annoyance than a solution. However i have been out for a run using them already and they didnt fall out which was my biggest fear. They are so easy to use and makes changing tracks on the go much easier than having to keep looking at my phone. Based on my first reaction i would definitely recommend them and the sound quality seems to be as good for the money as my wired b&o headphones. If like me you were skeptical at first then i definitely would recommend anyone to try them.

The two wireless earbuds are great, they can be used separately by using both earpieces or one of them. Also they are made with exceptional premium quality. From the packaging to the product i could tell that the product was professionally made. The product comes with a charging case, a great functional and provides 4-6 times charges for continuous use. Along with the instructions they are very easy to sync and is a aspect which i didn’t have any problem with. They are perfect for walking, jogging, hiking, biking, gym and watching tv, or sleep. And if you do run out of battery, they are very easy and quick to charge as well i must say. Up to 120 minutes continuous talk or music time on a single charged. The quality was great and very durable and fit very nicely and well to the ear, suit for most peoples ear. They ease the problem of popping out, soft material to protect ears, make your phone call and music time more comfortable.

Nice product, decent sound quality, they fit nicely, i have fairly large ears. The connection is solid and if you use a bluetooth 5. 0 device you won’t notice any delays in the audio playback. Pairing is easy enough, opening the case powers them on which is ideal, no pressing buttons etc. The plastic of the earphones is absolutely rock solid, don’t worry about dropping them, the case itself is fairly strong too. Sound quality is decent enough for this price range. My only gripe is the lack of usb c in a lot of these products, that would literally make them perfect. Battery life so far has been pretty great imo.

I bought this specifically for one purpose and that is to keep my music noise down, i must say it is delivering results. A couple of months ago, i got myself a treadmill on my balcony in an apartment in the city centre and guess what, i had to have music on when i am running on it, i mean loud music. Well, there comes a problem, i have a flatmate. Although she doesn’t mind, but i feel bad because of it. Then comes the letscom true wireless earbuds, ever since i have been able to do exactly what i have been doing without causing any pain to other people ; ). Isn’t this what we call a win win situation. The earbuds produce very high quality sound and the battery do last. So far, they stay firmly in my ears even though i am flying on the treadmill xd.

I like the pod they come in, i like the feel of them, they fit well in the ear and have never fallen out even when running or climbing. The battery life is very impressivethe only downside, and this is a small one, is that they aren’t overly loud. The sound they make is very clear and crisp. However, don’t let that deter you from thesewould definitely recommend.

My first impressions of this product is pretty good. The box opening experience was pretty decent. Everything is neatly arranged underneath the earphones which includes a micro usb cable, ear pieces, user manual and a letscom card where you can sign up for more of their products, as a “seed user”pairing up the earphones was a piece of cake. There is a mfb (multi-function button) on the actual earphones. Press and hold for a few seconds and it starts into pairing mode. Turn on bt on your phone/device and you should find the device (d32-l) and that’s iti am quite impressed with the sound quality of these babies. The bass is decent, good highs and mids. I didn’t even need any equaliser tuning, worked fine with just the default settings. What is more impressive is the fact it doesn’t seem to leak sound, or so i am told.I had it on high volume and no leakage which is fantastic.

Small headphones, light weight and really comfortable to wear. The quality of the sound is really clear, you can clearly notice the bass in detail, which i really enjoy. Pairing the headphones with your phone is really easy, just be careful to get both of them out of the case at the same time. The design of the headphones and the case is nice and feels like a premium product. For this price, i would really recommend this product, excellent value for money.

Satisfied with the letscom wireless earphones as they do a decent job of cancelling outside noise and playing crisp and clear music without any sound leakage. The earphones also come with different sized tips so that the earphones fit nicely in your ear. Also these were the only pair of wireless earphones i’ve owned which have synced easily and quickly within a minute. Charging is easy as well as you only need to charge the case and when you need to charge your earphones you just have to put the earphones back in the case and they’ll charge.

I own a different wireless earbuds from letcom. I have to say, this particular pair of earbuds is like an upgraded version of the previous one i own. These earbuds allow you to control your music volume, skip & choose the previous song. They fit perfectly in my ears right out the box ( i have small ears). They sit comfortably in my ears and do not fall out at all during an intensity workout. Look wise, these earbuds seem elegant for the price. The sound quality is nice and clear, and you can hardly hear any noises from the environment you are in. One earbud will continue to play even if you place the other one in the charging case, which is nice. Two drawbacks of these earbuds are that the charging case is a bit bigger compares to apple airpods and the previous letscom earbuds i own, also that the earbuds are a bit ‘slippery’ to take out from the charging case. I am still giving this product a 5 stars for its quality, i can definitely overlook the drawbacks.

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