LEVIVO Fruit & Fun Slim : Perfect fizzy water!

It’s light, looks great, super easy to use but unless you want to over £35 more you don’t get gas with it. To compond this they don’t seem to be selling the gas; it transpires that the soda stream gas does fit but again, you either have to order one with a “free bottle” for £28 or gas on its own for £21. The latter takes between 1 to 3 months to arrive.

Slimline soda maker, but the bottle rather large. Has to lie on a shelf in the fridge.

Very good i am really pleased with this product and i use it every day. No more plastic bottle buying. Good to do my bit for the planet.

I could count on 1 hand how many kitchen ‘gadgets’ i’ve bought that are near flawless, this is definitely one of them. It is around half the price of a similar soda stream type product, including 2 bottles and 60l canister2. As such, common electrical faults that would otherwise render this entirely useless are not a worry. Neither is the standby power used when plugged in. This is my favourite aspect of this product\3. Sturdy moving parts, time will tell but i highly doubt this product will fail4. Easy to install the canister, you can probably say this of all these types of products to be fair, but it’s certainly the case with this one too5. Nice size and easy to cleanhonestly love this thing, and recently found a page on facebook for a guy who does exchanges for the canisters for £7, so looking forward to not having to spend a fortune on gas.

Given as a christmas present, which was greatly appreciated. Easy to use and makes excellent fizzy water. Still unsure of where to get the replacement co2 cannisters so therefore 4 stars.

Levivo have bought out a new sparkling water maker. This version is an updated design with a smaller footprint and entirely new infuser mechanism. Don’t buy the co2 canister supplied/offered. It is almost impossible to recycle in the uk. Robert dyas do a very reasonable exchange system. Only down side is the water bottle is too tall to fit upright in most fridges without moving shelves around in the fridge. In a conventional under counter fridge you will need to remove the top shelf in the door to allow the water bottle to stand upright. However, the bottle is thin and tall in design which means that there is a high centre of gravity for the bottle. This means when opening the fridge door the bottle can topple over and potentially fall out of the fridge.

Bought this for my partner’s birthday because we don’t want to buy plastic bottles and got fed up with carrying glass ones home. Since i bought ours, i have bought another one for a friend (he’s very pleased with it) and recommended it to a relative, who has bought one and is also delighted. Still a little bit nervous about gas cylinder replacements; we have just ordered our first, which looks different from the original.

Great machine better value than sodastraam for doing the same job.

  • The Apple of fizzy water makers

  • Great value and well made.

  • 5 out of 5 in every respect

LEVIVO Fruit & Fun Slim, with 1 Litre sodastream Bottle, for Carbonated Water, Cocktails and Other Drinks, Colour White and Silver

Style Name:Fruit and Fun Water Carbonator with Bottle without CO²  |  Colour:White/Silver
Product Description, The patented Levivo water carbonator set is now not only suitable for water, but also for mixed drinks and cocktails such as sangria: thanks to the special injection function, it makes all kinds of drinks sparkling fresh – super easy to used with new AIR CHARGE technology – no more lugging heavy crates of water, because now you can make your own carbonated water from tap water

From the manufacturer


Levivo Water Carbonator Fruit & Fun Carbonator Slim, with 1 litre sodastream bottle, for carbonated water, cocktails and other drinks, colour white and silver


With the Levivo water carbonator set including 1L bottle, you can say goodbye to lugging heavy boxes and expensive pre-carbonated beverages. Now it’s easy to turn tap water into fresh sparkling water, and the new AIR CHARGE technology makes soda making even easier than before: no need to screw in the bottle.

Thanks to the very thin and stylish design, this carbonator with 3 technical patents will look good in every kitchen. The large opening of the sodastream bottle is ideal for adding fresh fruit or vegetables to the bottle, which also helps to spice up your drinks. Mixed drinks and cocktails such as sangria can also be carbonated thanks to the innovative injection technology. And of course, you can even add syrup to the water (syrup not included).

Water Carbonator Fruit & Fun Carbonator Slim, with 1 litre sodastream bottle, for carbonated water, cocktails and other drinks




This soda maker adds carbon dioxide to water, cocktails such as sangria and other mixed drinks

Thanks to the large diameter, the sodastream bottle is also suitable for filling with fruit

Easy to use water carbonator thanks to new AIR CHARGE technology



Update your home with clear lines, great materials and all the cleverest products for kitchen, home and living by Levivo. Silicone baking moulds or modern home and decoration ideas: Practical functions, a stylish look and first-rate quality make everyday life more beautiful.

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Guilt about the plastic bottles forced this purchase. I got this instead of the soda stream having read people’s reviews about ss not being an ethical company. Still on the first gas bottle and must buy another so as not to run out. The levivo is so easy to use and i got it at a great price. Best thing is not filling up the recycling wheelie bin with plastic bottles each week.

I purchased this in october 18 as we previously had soda streams. They always left us disappointed and meant we ended up going back to buying sparkling water from the supermarket. When we finally got one of these machines we absolutely loved it and levivo has been great up until the last few weeks. All of a sudden the gas canisters are almost getting stuck and then releasing all of the air. Which is costing us a fortune. Can the seller please contact me and advise. We are gutted as the machine has been fantastic up until now.

This is a fantastic alternative to a sodastream and at half the price. It is also far less cumbersome and the bottles are great because they are not so wide. They are tall but fit nicely in the door of the fridge, lying on the shelf or if your lucky enough to have a wine fridge, in there too. You can use the same cylinders and concentrate but i use ordinary good quality cordials such as belvoir, tessierrie sirop or bottle green. The gas is delivered via a removable top which i store, inverted in the base of the item as you can see from the first photo. Then use just stand the bottle with the top secured in the base, (2nd photo) and gently press down on the top of the appliance to add the gas (3rd photo). The appliance makes a slight whistling noise when you need to stop pressing and if you over press to prevent explosion of the bottle a little water will seep through the gas hole. This is a great safe idea as we’ve have 3 sodastream bottles explode on us to date. When you’ve finished gasing your water remove the gas top and replace it with the bottle cap to store.

Been using for a few months now and we have no complaints at all.

+ve nice slim design, useful stabilisers. -ve i am unable to refill the sodamagic cannister. I have now signed up for sodastream cannisters which are compatible.

Thought i would get good carbonated water.

This carbonator works well, and has saved us money on bottles of fizzy mineral water as well as cutting down on plastic.

Got it to stop buying plastic, it’s working great so far. Depending on how long the gas canister will last and the price of a new one, i’ll give it an extra star.

  • The Apple of fizzy water makers

  • Great value and well made.

  • 5 out of 5 in every respect

LEVIVO Fruit & Fun Slim, with 1 Litre sodastream Bottle, for Carbonated Water, Cocktails and Other Drinks, Colour White and Silver

Fantastic and also massive reduction on the plastic usage.

I had to return as item was faulty. I gave 3 stars because amazon resolved this for me immediately.

Great product and environmentally the right choice. Does what it does very well and no more single plastic waste.

Water fizzed and bottle keeps it fizzy in the fridge. Only down side is that i haven’t been able to find an exchange place in uk for the levivo gas cylinder. (on their online site you have to exchange 4 cylinders at a time) may have to buy a soda stream cylinder and use their system which means an extra £22 on the price (though you then get £10 refund if you use the scheme).

It’s over priced, and you have to waste most of a bottle of co2 to get a fizz. Plus, you can’t put the bottles in the fridge.

We wanted to cut down on plastic bottles, so i started looking for sparkling water makers, initially thinking sodastream. I read the reviews about levivo and decided to get one and have not regretted it. It is easy to use, easy to clean, everything is as described and the bottles feel sturdy and keep water nice and sparkling in fridge. Only downside: you can’t buy levivo replacement cylinders on amazon, so have to go with sodastream. I pursuaded a friend abroad to stop buying sparkling water in plastic bottles and they could only get a sodastream, and i can categorically support the opinion that levivo is much much easier to use. Last piece of advice: don’t ignore the warning not to put bottles in dishwasher.

Jist leaks a biy and doeant have a tray to catch the overflow.

Washers to bottle tops fall out and get lost.

Great product and really well built.

Bought my soda stream last year to cut down on plastic bottles. We got a set of 2 canisters, 4 bottles. We went through 2 canisters in 2 months or so. Taste is fine and you can use any squash with it. We couldn’t buy the original syrup to make tonic anywhere which is a big shame. You really do cut down on plastic. The lack of syrups and the cost of gas refill is an issue.

Have had sodastreams before. Like this better because of the wide bottle necks. The machine is tall though, so check it fits under your cupboards. Great for flavoured water etc (add a quartered lemon to fizzy water for great sugar free refresher). Works with normal sodastream syrups and gas cylinders, so get the version with no gas cylinder and buy a sodastream cylinder as its hard to get refills in uk for the ones levivo supply.

I bought this to cut down on the number of plastic bottles of sparkling water i was using each week. It’s a great design and works really well. The amount of carbonation after a single 2-3 second push is just right for me and the bottles are well designed. The unit has a reasonably large footprint but it’s smart and very easy to operate.

Good product – good service – good price. Bought to avoid sodastream who have dubious manufacturing locations but then you end up using sodastream gas canisters anyway as it’s too difficult to buy the originals.

The description and illustration is very misleading. I was expecting the ‘soda stream’ gas bottle as well. This was not included in the purchase. I had to buy the bottle separately at an additional cost. However the product is quite stylish. Easy to use once you get the hang of it (wait for the whistle before releasing the press for a good shot of carbon).

Well made, easy to use and not a soda stream.

Its not the most robust made one but it is nice and not so heavy to move if u have artherites im not gowing to coment on its taste or bubells as every one else seems to have and as this is my 5 or 6th soda stream in a 20 yr or so time span and i have updated each one befour it broke down im not ansitipaing enny issue with that however i do feel i have to say the missing sar is for a bad desing in that the hiden sand is impoibil to swing out for a person of my health issues and the usser book is of no help u need to reprint that so it explanes fully how to get the hiden sand out and also redesing it to make it easer to pull out but just my opinion otherwize im not expeting enty user usses and if that changes i will comnt on it at a later date.

Really like this – have been using it for around 4 weeks now and still on the same gas cylinder, producing around a bottle a day.

I received this as a birthday present and couldn’t be happier with it. I love the styling and sturdiness of the unit and the volume of water that can be carbonated and stored in the bottles is greater than other carbonated drinks maker, such as the soda stream. I was so fed up with buying fizzy water in plastic bottles (even though i recycled them), i feel it’s a more environmentally friendly option.

Features and Spesification

  • The carbonated water maker has 3 Technical patents: component-safe automatic sparkling water maker, practical model for upwards injections and for downwards injection (also invention patent)
  • Fruit & fun carbonator, the large-diameter design of the water bottles is convenient for fruit, while the divided structure prevents backflow and clogging with particles
  • Featuring air charge technology with no Screwing: simply place the bottle on the stand for injection, then the carbonator bottle can easily be removed by lifting
  • The Levivo sparkling water carbonator has 3 Technical patents: component-safe drink dispenser, new practical model for upward injections and new practical model for downwards injection
  • Carbonator slim material: 100% Plastic – Dimensions: WxDxH approx. 15 x 8 x 42, 5 cm – Colour: white and silver – Easy to clean, comfortable to hold – Compatible with Soda stream cartridges, not with bottles