LG Electronics LG 49SM8500PLA 49-Inch UHD 4K HDR Smart NanoCell LED TV – Easy tuning, Perfect picture quality

Great tv with excellent sound and picture quality.

Best 4k tv i’ve had, best tv i’ve had. Amazing picture quality, easy to navigate and fun to use ui. Voice control is handy when you want to go straight to a certain app or ask it a random question. Lots of useful apps to use including the classics like netflix, amazon video, 4od etc. I use mine for mostly 4k gaming on my ps4 pro, no complaints – games look incredible, no lag or issues. If you’re looking for a tv for basic television watching, 4k experiences and 4k gaming then look no further. Only one con is that the stand is a little bit unstable so wouldn’t advice to have this tv on an unstable surface or in a room where you’ve got kids running / jumping around. Although, you could just do what i do and risk it but pay the cheap monthly fee for the accidental damage cover if it falls – so no biggie. Mine hasn’t been close to looking like its going to go over yet.

Picture quality is only ok with 1080p input and cant tell any different with a 4k input, many if not all of the default and auto settings for the picture are dreadful so prepare to keep messing about getting the settings right for yourself, doesnt always auto detect a signal into a hdmi when only the one has an active live signal, all my past and much older tv’s always switched to the active signal if there was only one. The menu system (especially for settings) is not very user friendly with some settings seemingly hidden so taking ages to find them, the idea with the (magic remote) as a pointer i found to be clunky to use at best partly due to the select button being multi purpose as its also a scroll wheel, however when you go to press the select button down to accept or select something on screen and the wheel moves around at all (easily done) then you end up selecting something completely different and have to go back into the menu system to put it right again. Connecting to wireless network was easy enough if not time consuming (with the magic remote). Verdict – for the price not very impressed, a smart tv that has to be told to do everything because it cant work it out for itself despite when only one option is available, i usually like lg stuff but have to say a little disappointed with this one.

Picture quality really good. Replace a panasonic biers tv which was good but this is better. Good colours and uhd is excellent. Built in google assistant and alexa nice additions.

Just what i expected from lg a good quality tv.

Good picture quality sound not to good price ok but had one day price had dropped by 100 pounds could have bought a sound bar with the 100 pounds i paid extra for the tv.

Great price and product £469 bargain as the (which) magazine states its one of the best for the money.

No manual, you have to rely on downloaded manual – written by someone whose command of english is limited. Remote control very difficult to operate without a manual to refer to. Screen slow to respond to remote commands. Whilst it is a decent enough picture the difficulties overwhelm so this is a poor buy overall. It compares very badly with the panasonic and samsung tvs i have had in the past.

A which best buy, and it deserves to be too. The size is perfect for our room, picture quality, colour and sound superb, although i do use a sound bar when watching movies. I’m an amazon prime member and this works well. Remote control is very effective, although i’ve yet to use the voice control. All in all a superb tv from lg.

Better than expected and installed very easily.

Lg, does what it says, life’s good, excellent tv.

Best tv at this price range, its got all of what i was looking for in a 4k tv. Also in game mode it performs as good as the two gaming monitors in the house due to it having the lowest in class amount of input lag once you enable gaming mode and it rivals the expensive oled models in that aspect.

Picked this tv months ago and was fortunate enough to buy it when it was reduced to £479 for jan sales. Delighted as everywhere else sold it at £549. At first sight, it’s not exactly the thinnest or most attractive tv but i knew it was a bargain and an excellent unit. Unpacking was quick and easy. Once it was connected up and wall mounted, i switched it on and the set up took only a few minutes. Sound quality was absolutely outstanding, actually better than through my lg soundbar. Picture quality was stunning too, even more so when i loaded 4k content on netflix. 4 hdmi ports were one main selling point for me. I immediately connected firestick, ps4 and sky q. What’s better is that it’s voice activated either through the magic remote (included), or via echo dot – ‘alexa, ask tv to switch to playstation’ – brilliantso not the best looking tv but stunning performance in picture, sound and functionality. Definitely a good decision and a steal at the price. Actually £549 would still not have been a disappointment either.

My previous tv was 32inches, so this 49 inch was a bit of a ‘shock to my system’, (i’m a pensioner in my 70s). I unpacked it myself, but i am quite fit. I set it onto the existing tv table and plugged it in. The magic remote came with the tv and i fitted the batteries. I have internet and wired the tv direct to my router. Switched on the tv, and played with the remote. I followed the on screen instructions. 1 all these ‘permissions’ impingeing on my privacy, and some might not even be necessary.

Unbelievable quality and looks nice as well. Dolby atmos is great and even better with a sound bar. Can’t believe i only paid £498, absolute bargain.

Love the product just so diappointed i recieved tis 2 weeks ago and now see its £30 cheaper ,,,apart from being miffed abt pricereduction in 2 weeks its an excellent buy ,.

Amazing tv, fantastic picture, remote easy to use one you get used to it. Love the netflux and amazon ore programmed buttons and easy to locate the apps.

Good tv, pointer remote excellent, built in amazon and netflix (icons on the remote). 4k from amazon looks wonderful. Don’t understand the ramblings of people discussing the black levels. On the tv delivered to me, the blacks are fine. The big negative is the fact that the idiot who designed the feet/support system, put the feet at the extremities of the set, requiring you to have a media stand exceeding a meter in width. I have had to purchase a vesa stand for it. Also works well with alexa, which was very easy to setup.

Brought to replace older tv,picture is a lot clearer,sound is so so,liked the idea of atmos,so will now need a new soundbar to deliver it fully,a decent buy.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Excellent all round TV
  • New Era in my TV Experience
  • Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision, LG WebOS, LG Magic remote

Use it only for gaming, netflix and amazon only (don’t watch terrestrial tv on it). Good sound and picture quality.

Nothing to dislike, easy to tune in. Quality picture is very good.

Great price for this tv relative to others of its size. Very clear picture, good sound (though i have a small living room).

Absolute brilliant tv love it, the picture is amazing in 4k on my xbox can’t honestly say the tv has any downsides. The magic remote you get with tv is really good works well and the tv is easy to setup it’s really not difficult. 100% recommend this tv to any one looking for a awesome 4k tv definitely worth the money you can see why it was so expensive when it first came out.

Best sound on any tv iv had. Picture quality for the price is amazing. My only issue as its edge lit is you do get alot of light bleed in dark scenes especially when watching for example a space documentary. This is because of the feature (led local dimming) if it anoys you like me you can turn it off at a cost of a bit of contrast. I primarily use for gaming so its not too bad for that. The tv features and remote are awesome. Add a bit of back lighting and almost perfect.

This tv is incredible, great price, fantastic all round.

Only works if environment is dark enough. Great kit and simple to install.

For the money this is a good value tv good clean picture, simple to set up. However, there are a few cons, the remote screen control is fairly complex to handle particularly if you have cable tv where we still find it easier to resort to the virgin remote to access recorded shows. However, the voice control when it works is very useful, although it does not seem to operate in a joined up seamless way with the cable box- although it does with some apps e. Overall it represents good value and probably we will learn to overcome some of the obstacles which it sets up to deriving instant satisfaction.

Simply amazing tv sound is brilliant and screen is so awesome it’s taken me a while to get used to it. Re watching movies we have seen before look totally different on this tv.

Purchased for use with xbox one s 4k, and very pleased with result. Ticked all the compatibility needs of xbox 4k and dolby atmos was picked up by apple tv 4k too. Considering the current discount (52%) it’s a no brainer.

Good quality tv absolutely brutal vi.

Very good, sound not brilliant but remote sound bar did the trick.

We cannot fault the picture and our sound bar seems to be redundant. The remote takes some getting used to and i am not sure i have got it beaten yet. Perhaps it is still a little early to tell, but it is a lot better than our sony which started to eat hdmi interfaces.

Excellent picture and sound remote very simple to use, sometimes does loose the wifi settings and you have to re apply the code which is a little annoying.

Bought this after checking reviews and am very pleased with it. The picture quality is as good as any unless you go to the oled tv’s that are considerably more expensive. The sound is very good and i don’t need sound bar for my lounge. The clear voice iii is excellent at bringing out speech that often is hard to pick up in modern productions. The picture settings sport, cinema, standard, vivid, hdr etc seem a little vivid but i found some settings online for dark room and bright room that are amazing. The dark room gives a perfect picture in the evening and the bright room gives the same picture in daylight. I just switch between the 2 depending on the light. The interface with the magic remote is brilliant. The os works well when you get used to it and catchup tv through bbc, itv etc all work quickly with my virgin internet. All round great tv for £450.

The best i have seen around. Sound is good too – often poor on tv’s with rear facing speakers, but this one is good.

Has a few ‘bells and whistles’ on it and overall a great tv. . Just not got the wow factor about it. I think for the price you can get a better picture, which for me, was the main thing. I know that this nano picture technology is supposed to be the future way forward (if you believe the technology blogs that are flying around),but it seemed a little lacking with the punchyness of that picture even with settings altered and i have seen either in store or in friends front rooms better. Sound is fantastic though,even without a sound bar,with quite a few settings to play around with and is super loud. Do i recommend you buying this tv?. . Well yes i would, after all lg do make great tv’s. Just don’t be too disappointed in that picture once you get it out the box and you’ve shelled out all that money.

The tv has a fine picture and the sound is good. If it were not for one thing i would be delighted. I have been unable to get bbc iplayer to work. When i try i get ‘device not supported’ message. This tv is on the list of supported devices. I have followed all the suggestions of both lg and bbc and had no success. They have all ended up blaming each other, and finally my isp. This is nonsense as i use iplayer on all my other devices without a problem.

Would prefer a central stand. Haven’t been able to pair control with set top box.

Best sound, picture and quality.

I originally bought the hisense h55u7auk 55-inch 4k ultra hd, which i returned within 24 hours because the picture quality was extremely poor. I decided to spend the extra £200 on this lg model and boy i am glad i did. The picture quality straight out of the box is excellent and requires very little adjusting to achieve the optimal settings. Sound is also very good, even without a sound bar. The magic remote is also a nice touch. The voice recognition and mouse like pointer that appear on the screen makes the tv even easier to use. Extremely easy to set up, the tv goes through everything step by step and helps you all the way. Overall excellent tv, i would definitely highly recommend.

The quality and additional features on this thing are ridiculous. A mouse that’s also a laser pointer, wireless screen sharing with lap top and phone, can surf browser and youtube direct on the tv, voice control that works, dedicated netflix and amazon prime buttons on the remote itself, speakers that have retired my sound bar and ultra hd for games and netflix that makes me put my phone down to pay attentionall for £500. It baffles me that lg haven’t completely taken over the tv market yet.

I’m very happy with the quality. I bought this for the alexa feature but i don’t actually bother to use that feature. Love the handy netflix and amazon video button on the remote control that is included with the tv. It doesn’t say it is but it is .Good all rounder, very happy.

Great screen and works reliably. Replaced a samsung as the smart tv apps often failed but no issues with this tv so far. Also tv recording works well (need hard drive}.

Fantastic deal for this product. Amazing picture quality, sound through arc allows for easy connection to av amp. Delivery was careful and considerate. Took time and helped unpackage and checked the tv thoroughly before allowing me to sign for delivery.

Absolutely stunning uhd tv from lg. Fantastic display and so easy to set up. Magic remote is sleek and fun to use – inc handy netflix and prime video buttons. I’d recommend a decent sound bar to enjoy quality sound along side the excellent pictures.

We now watch all the hd channels as it is such a great picture, the sound quality is also good. The smart features are easy to use, connecting to the wi-fi is simple and quick. Looking forward to watching the grand tour season 3 in 4k hdr.

I needed a quality second tv for our games/kids room. The tv gets used for xbox one and a number of films e. My main tv is a lg 960 oled which is nothing short of stunning. Being a second tv, i didn’t have the budget for another oled so looked at alternatives. After reading a number of reviews this tv ticked all of the boxes, game mode has a very low lag, magic remote, same tech as used in the oleds for black, the fantastic lg webos, dolby atmos, and vision. My only concerns were that a number of people have commented on dark scenes, the ips/led shining through to almost a gray, i believe linus tech tips also covered this tv in one of their shows but did put it next to a premium top end oled (over 3k)i’ve received it and very impressed. I’m impressed with the blacks, they look really good and not to much backlight bleed. The standard out of the box picture settings are on the eco side, so will need playing around with but very impressed considering owning an oled.

Bought to watch sky tv , so. No normal tvset up of tv ok. No issuesset up of alexa quite tricky but got there eventuallyalex can turn tv on and off, so not sure about previous reviews disputing this. Can also adjust volume etcpictur3 , sound spot on. 4k netflix brillianthighly recommend.

The connection was easy and once the tv was up and running reasonable instructions were available. The fact smart tvs only have one tuner is a nuisance so we had to connect a set top box.

Great buy and what an amazing slim line tv. Well worth the moneya must buy.

Same length that tvyou need a 1. Will be ok if you wall hung. The remote center wheel a bit to smallfeels naf.

Fabulous picture and a doddle to set up.

Great tv at an amazing discounted pricefive star rating for me.