LG Electronics LG 49UK6300PLB 49-Inch UHD 4K HDR Smart LED TV : Great TV for price, however supplier seems a bit of a gamble

I ordered this tv because of the name, spec and fantastic price but i had a lot of drama getting it right. First tv had a small cluster of dead pixels visible in the middle of the screen. Unit was replaced with no trouble. Second unit turned up with the screen completely destroyed. Third time lucky unit arrived today in perfect working order, however it is very clearly not brand new. Scratches over the rear casing shows its been used before. Box was in poor condition and the packaging in the box upside down. I’m so fed up with broken units turning up that i feel i need to accept it. Now however i need to pay for 2 units to be posted back which they say they will refund. Great tv but i’m left feeling disappointed.

Picture quality is very good on this tv. Looks really good for gaming (used with an xbox one s). Only thing to look out for is that the hdmi ports are not set up for hdr out of the box, this has to be enabled manually. You can see how to do this via youtube. Sound is decent, you won’t need a sound bar unless you’re really fussy. The only downfall is the terrible placing and flimsyness of the feet. They’re so bad that i bought a wall mount. When using the feet, the tv appears to lean forward and seems very unstable. They would also require a very wide stand. Thankfully the tv is very easy to wall mount and arguably looks better.

This replaced an old tv and the difference is amazing easy to set up and looks great.

The product was just as described. Set up manual was a bit hard to use as it didn’t show my tv. Sticking black tape over the power socket on the tv mad it very difficult to find. Otherwise i’m very pleased with the tv. It was all delivered promptly. I would use this seller again.

Best tv ever for the price i had it at. The quality of the picture i see is amazing and the sound.

Alexa functionality is worse than crap. Most of the commands don’t work and when they do they’re long winded ‘alexa, tell lg to turn the volume up to 12’ by the time you’ve said it and the tv and alexa communicate with each other you could have done it with your remote 20 times.

Had everything 4k and records etc.

I’m very happy with this tv very good tv very good quality as well.

  • Great TV if you plan to wall mount
  • I returned it, here’s why
  • Good cheap 4K HDR10 TV with 11ms for gaming!

LG 49UK6300PLB 49-Inch UHD 4K HDR Smart LED TV with Freeview Play – Black (2018 Model)

Size Name:49 Inch  |  Style Name:UK6300
Product Description, See Every Colour Come Alive. Stunning picture is complimented by outstanding audio, all housed in a cutting-edge construction. These high-quality televisions support 4K resolution and upscale standard definition pictures to 4K like quality. LG UHD TV with IPS 4K Display and Active HDR for superb picture quality. ThinQ AI brings intelligence to your TV, responding to your questions and bringing convenience to your home while Ultra Surround makes your viewing more immersive than ever. Classy Modern Finish. Masterfully modern design. Your television is presented with minimal bezels and sleek modern lines providing a premium construction and a touch of real class to any living room. Packaged in a modern design and with the award-winning Smart TV webOS this set is a great reason to stay on the sofa.

Box Contains, Television Stand Screws Remote Control Batteries User Manual

From the manufacturer

Masterfully modern design

A stylish metal frame is wrapped around your television. Complemented by an elegant sweeping stand. This sleek design adds a touch of real class to any living room.

More power to process

To support the advanced picture processing required for bright, sharp 4K images there are 4 cores of processing power available at the heart of this LG TV. A fast and powerful brain to make sure you have the best possible picture.

Ultra Luminance

Enjoy brighter whites and darker blacks thanks to local dimming technology which lifts the brightest scenes to brilliant new levels and the darkest shadows to life.

Multi-channel bringing encapsulating sound effect

Great television deserves great audio. This sound technology creates virtual multi channels which produce the ultra surround effect.

More Features

A New Standard of Definition

A new depth of detail. ULTRA HD 4K resolution is four times that of Full HD producing brilliant clarity and vivid details that amaze, even when viewed up close. This level of detail is well suited to modern home entertainment, sports and gaming; the resulting images will redefine your viewing experience.

A vibrant and vivid picture from any angle

Our latest Ultra HD innovation is built into the unique 4K panel meaning your entertainment is viewable from any angle without distortion.

The Ultimate HDR 4K Picture

This advanced HDR technology can adapt to a variety of HDR formats and provides scene by scene image mastering, delivering pinpoint picture reproduction. Active HDR is better HDR.

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So firstly, i’m 21 and i’m well into tech. I’m very capable of navigating any interface and generally get along well with any bit of technology. And let me tell you, i found this tv to be extremely aggravating to use. The setup wasn’t complicated or anything, it was just extremely slow. This is 2019 now lg, i should be able to double press a letter and expect two letters to be registered. For example, if i were to use the on screen keyboard to write the word “letter” it would just process “leter” because it couldn’t keep up with a double press of the letter ‘t’. You almost have to wait a moment after pressing anything so that the tv can react. This became even more frustrating with the backspace/delete key. If i wanted to delete my password for example, i would generally just spam the delete button or hold it down, and expect it to be deleted. This tv can’t process that, you hold down the delete button and it deletes one character, no matter how long you hold it for. You can spam that backspace 1000 times but it’ll still only process one click every second or so. And it may be fine if you’re a bit slower with typing on screen or something, but for me, it was so frustrating. Any tv should definitely be able to keep up with me if a 20 year old nokia can. And then, aside from the incredibly slow lg operating system and general usage, my tv came with backlight bleed, only ever so slightly – i’ll admit.

Really love this tv and the picture quality is truly amazing and sound. Id definitely recomend lg tv 10/10.

Good job, was able to reduce number of set-top boxes as this has freesat as well as freeview.

As above, blacks can sometimes appear slightly grey when not in 10 bit hdr. Everything else looks perfect and is an amazing tv for the money. I doubt i would buy anything else for the next few yearsyou can even control your console on youtube and the dashboard with the tv remote via hdmiit will also switch on and off the ps4 or xbox if you turn the tv on or off first or vice versa. Another good thing is you can just insert a usb stick into the rear of the tv and start recording your tv programs.

Easy to setup, great sound and excellent picture. Webos is speedy, has plex and all the others you want. Remote has dedicated netflix and amazon buttons whic are handy.

Great quality budget tv for the price paid. However this price was clearly reflected in the handling and care taken from whoever supplied it. Box came damaged, tv however seems fine for now, luckily, the massive hole in the box was at the back of the tv not front which probably saved it. Inside the box itself the screws to attach the legs were missing so i had to get some of those myself. Not much care was taken when putting items such as the remote/cables into the box. Just thrown into a bag and sealed all together. Overall in terms of the tv i would highly recommend it, looks great on my ps4 pro and has low input lag. Maybe double check elsewhere as the risk of it coming smashed like many others in this review seems high.

Going from a 32′ tv i was looking at 50′ but found this 43′ and thought i’d give it ago. Picture quality is good, not sure i like the glossy screen, sound is good and don’t yet have a soundbar. Have viewed some films is hdr (4k) as well as the hd channels and picture is good. Certainly wouldn’t spend much more on a tv and so far been very impressed with what i got.

A good tv for the price,if you want a cheap alternative and like lg. Only problem is the remote is a bit clunky (if you are used to the magic remote)-i have this in my man cave,it’s light to fit and has enough inputs so for the price, i would recommend it.

  • Great TV if you plan to wall mount
  • I returned it, here’s why
  • Good cheap 4K HDR10 TV with 11ms for gaming!

LG 49UK6300PLB 49-Inch UHD 4K HDR Smart LED TV with Freeview Play – Black (2018 Model)

Love this tv considering it’s such a cheap model i cannot fault it at allpicture could be a little brighter but once i did some digging i got it to a setting we’re all happy using and the picture quality is amazingit’s made a great difference to our movie nights.

Had gone through mixed reviews for this tv and bought it anyways. I have been using this tv for last 1 month now and this tv is simply amazing. Great value for money, awesome 4k display, nice viewing angle, quality sound and easy to use web os. Overall a very satisfy customer after buying this tv and because of amazon’s prompt delivery.

Excellent product , beats it’s competitors easily.

This lg tv for the excellent price is just what i needed to view hdr films, perfect size for my room and gives tv viewing in glorious colour whatever i watch. All the connections i needed. I can watch bt tv sports in ultra hd, sky q sports in ultra hd, apple 4k tv in hdr, and the rest. Even the sound from the internal tv speakers is not bad with ultra surround sound, even though i use a sound bar for the immersive sound when watching films.

Picture quality is fantastic. The stand legs are a little fiddly to attach, however not difficult to do so (have screwdriver handy). Remote control is minimalistic and the user interface is very easy to navigate. I would highly recommend this tv especially if you are upgrading from conventional hd to uhd.

Universal rear bracket fixing points. . Ordered and delivered in a little over 24 hours.

Features and Spesification

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  • IPS 4K display; the latest ultra HD innovation is built into a distinct IPS 4K panel meaning your entertainment is viewable from any angle. Resolution: 3840 x 2160
  • ThinQ AI; an intelligent television that brings convenience to your home: ThinQ AI TV can listen, think and give answers to your questions
  • 4K active HDR; this HDR technology can adapt to a variety of HDR formats and provides scene by scene image mastering, delivering pinpoint picture reproduction: Active HDR is better HDR
  • Ultra surround; this sound technology creates seven virtual channels which produce the multi channel ultra surround effect
  • True colour accuracy; allows viewers to see vivid, rich and life-like colour on TV screens
  • Stand dimensions (width x depth) – 1032 x 231 mm and vesa dimensions – 300 x 300 mm