LG Electronics LG 55UM7100PLB 55-Inch UHD 4K HDR Smart LED TV – Brilliant picture quality

Overall, i’m pleased with this tv which i’ve installed in my den to use as a 2nd tv and a computer monitor. This is not my main tv, that is a large oled , which not too much else stands comparison with – if i’m honest. However, most purchasers will be very pleased with this tv, i enhanced my purchase by buying the deluxe ‘magic remote’ that lg produce to go with it – which seemed a sensible move at the time and has indeed proved to be so. For the ‘picture purists’ out there this tv doesn’t seem to fully/evenly light the corners of the screen – not normally noticeable on your run of the mill tv programme but on content where the reproduction of white is required in the corners, it seems to my eyes to have a slightly ‘smoky look’ a the extremities – though this can be mitigated by moving your viewing position – though this is not a practical solution in normal viewing unfortunately.It is however a minor issue and seldom annoys. Sound is a little better than average to be honest which was a pleasant surprise, but i’d already bought a soundbar in any case. For the price (sub £400 in my case) i don’t think you could buy much better than this. The warranty is a bit lack lustre at 12 months as far as i can tell, and lg don’t have the most sparkling reputation when it comes to after sale consumer support, so i’m hoping this tv just keeps working without issue.

I have a 55′ lg uhd tv, so i chose this because i like webos. This tv has a good picture the sound is ok and, unlike some have said, the tv can connect to bluetooth speakers and headphones. I like the tv, but, as some reviews have mentioned, the epg and webos are slow, which is a pity as the 55′ i have is a lot quicker. It isn’t the 55′ version of this tv, so it may be that the models across the range are slow. The legs are very wobbly and don’t feel at all sturdy. When my son is jumping up and down whilst playing on the playstation, i do worry that the tv is going to fall over, that’s how unsteady it is. The epg, whilst slow, is very good and the network connection for amazon & netflix is brilliant. Picture wise, the ps4 looks amazing and the clarity of the picture on all sources is second to none. I like the tv, its’ only drawback is it’s slow and the legs.

Picture quality very good even when used as a pc monitor.

Tip toeing into the world of 4k with some skepticism, i’m delightfully surprised with the resulting image resolution / frame rate and the positive effect upscaling has on my ps4 gaming. Software is simple to install and configure, gui highly accessible and easy to navigate, built-in sound is likely to appease even the sweatiest of thrill seekers, controller works fine, size is just dandy for a large room so stop wasting your time reading this and piss off please :). Oh yeah, first tv showed up with a large arse crack down the side. Broke my heart, dimwits, then they replaced it a day later, cool cats.

Superb picture, even on old movies. Cannot comment on sound because i use surround system. Nice easy side connections so very little guess work when locating leads. My only little gripe is the stand. The feet are almost on the edge of the tv so you do need to make sure the unit you are standing it on is wide enough. A plus though is that you can fit a blu ray player underneath between the tv and the unit on which it sits. Mine is an lg blu ray(same make as the tv) so it might be different for other makes. Really impressed though and great value.

This is a good tv with great sound and picture but unless you are technical and have the ability to connect your tv to a wired network you won’t be able to set up the apps. I hope this helps those who are getting the message ‘required update, you must update this app to launch it. The update may cause data to be stored deleted’ then getting ‘application has not been installed. Try again’ when connected to a wireless network. Plug the tv into your router with an rj45 (lan/patch) cablego to settings, general and then about tv then go to ‘check for update’install the update to the tv firmwareonce complete you can then update all of the apps on a wired connectionin summary, apps and firmware do not update on wireless connections and you need to update to use them when the tv is first used so you will need a cable and access to your router. I am a technical guy but lg need to consider the lack of technical skills when shipping their devices, not everyone would know to try this.

Review of 49 inch 2018 model. Differs only from new 2019 model in that it doesn’t have alexa built in, but the proprietory lg voice activated lackey (val) instead. Picture quality among the best, as you’ll find out if you visit a pcworld showroom and have a reccy. That’s where the good stuff ends. Poor, cheap build quality, fragile insubstantial feet, thin sound, far too many options in the settings that it takes forever to get a ‘normal’ picture, the default eco setting being cool and mauve. Remote control is hopeless, some functions are buried several layers deep in an on-screen menu. Does not upscale already upscaled blu-ray player inputs, only upscales files played directly from plugged in usb flashdrives, so expect your bluray experience to be a little down on what you got from your old hd television. Anyway, you’ll be wanting to replace this in a few years time when they bring in the ’16k’ format, already in developement. Why can’t they let us enjoy technology a little longer before making it ‘last year’s model’?.

This tv does exactly hat it says in the adverts, and good value for money.

Don’t seem to be able to completely disable overscan on hdmi inputs. I had to adapt my gpu settings to match which is not ideal. No light bleeding as some other review claimed. No problem with using the on-screen keyboard. Pixels are not 100% rgb 1:1 like a 4k monitor, with or without overscan adaptation if you look closely at it. But it can still show black text in 4k quite crisply. Hdmi can handle 3840 x 2160 at 60hz. The a+ power thing is a cheat. It basically keeps dialling back the brightness dynamically as quickly as it thinks you won’t notice. Of course with a pc hooked up to it, you are noticing it all the time.

Picture quality and size is perfect, bright colours and very vibrant and the blacks are dark and inky as should be. The colours aren’t as sharp as an oled tv which is to be expected but this tv does what it needs to and more, and i use this for 4k gaming, the tv can also upscale any game to 4k if it doesn’t support it and the result is fantastic. This tv is everything you need for entertainment, it has all major entertainment apps like spotify, netflix & youtube. It also has a bluetooth feature to play audio from your mobile. It has an app store to download apps onto the tv and it contains 3 hdmi slots to add additional entertainment devices like consoles. I would highly recommend this product if you have a sdr tv that only goes up to 1080p as this is a truly amazing screen that i have loved since it arrived.

Firstly, like many of the one star reviews, the first delivered tv had a smashed screen. Fortunately, the replacement was not smashed. So ok in the end, but caused a bit of stress and annoyance, so worth mentioning. Clearly something wrong with the way these teles are packaged/stored (could use more polystyrene in the box imo), so buyer beware, and the main reason this isn’t a five star review. Always gone for lg screens, as i feel they tend to offer good value for money, and this one i am mostly happy with. I was a bit sceptical about 4k and hdr, but after much deliberation i finally decided to take the plunge and i must say you really can see the difference it makes. Colours really pop, and the increased pixel density really adds extra detail and dimension to watching movies and playing video games. Even not fully uhd look better due to the inbuilt up-scaling the tv has. The tv comes with lots of options and features for picture and sound (clear voice, game mode, vivid, cinema mode etc). It also comes with its own operating system called webos. It’s sufficient for what i want to use it for, which is mainly netflix, prime video, nowtv, youtube, streaming media from my pc (via smart share), and playing games via steam link (unfortunately the steam link app is not on webos, so had to do this via buying and connecting the physical console). It can be a bit finicky, and i would prefer an android os, but it does the job. I don’t use freeview or freesat so can’t comment on that, but it would be nice if there was an option to switch off the ‘not programmed’ message for those who are not interested in that.

I was really looking forward to this tv i almost brought one last summer but went for the 4k toshiba instead but thought i’d upgrade again to 4k hdr. At first i thought it was great until i sant down at my desk to play on computer game noticed wavy lins on one side of the screen if you move your head from side to side they disappear and you can’t see them if your half a meter away but because i’m using as a monetor for my pc i’m often very close to the screen and i’m finding it really annoying i can’t stop looking at that erea and i’ve noticed it in other areas as well now i tried wiping the screen to make sure it was actually in the glass or on top if you even slightly tuch the screen it bows in so much you can drop a pound coin down the gap i then went in the living room and felt my old samsung plasma screen sold felt my toshiba screen solid hard screens this screen feels so flexible it feels like it’s plastic whole tv feels plasticity anyway i want it for gaming and i found it does 120hz at 1080p and 60hz at 4k hdr looks great and i found the picture a big upgrade from the toshiba but i’m going to request a replacement hopefully the replacement won’t have waves in the screen.

Tv is a lot thicker than my slim 1080p samsung but bought for 4k gaming on my ps4 pro. During setup i plugged the hdmi lead into the back facing port (hdmi3) and hdr deep colour mode or whaever wouldn’t enable. It is only supported on hdmi 1 and 2 on the side inputs. Changing over to that and switching picture mode to game and i am good to go. The smart functions on this tv like the samsungs are laggy and slow imo. They work fine but i have seen much better performance on the cheap android based os our 49 inch hisense tv uses. Build in speaker is good, not as good as a sound bar or whatever but perfectly acceptable. Image quality at 4k is definitely a step up, everything looks super crisp and gorgeous. 3/6/19 updates -few things i’ve noticed to be aware of.

For the price you certainly get a great bargain for this tv with its excellent picture, very good speakers, and smart tv features. The build feel quality is not bad and good enough, does look good though. On setting up the tv you may feel a little disappointed with the standard setting picture. I do recommend going into advanced picture settings to adjust colour, brightness, sharpness, backlight, contrest, warmth and to dig a bit deeper into the more picture settings to get the best such as pixel/uhd (set off on standard) settings for a more detailed picture. Viewing angle is actually very good, a lot better than i thought it would be at this price. Not perfect but watching directly at the screen and even to the left or right at a wider angle seems unproblematic. Please note: adjusting on one source eg hdmi(3) using satellite, will not transfer the same to different sources; eg smart tv channels, gaming hdmi(2). This allows you to set up different (or the same) picture set-ups/preferences for different sources. Sound is quite impressive esp when compared to flatscreen modern tv’s at 42′(+) priced around £300-500(+).

Great tv with built in wifi and apps,now tv, netflix and amazon all work great with this tv.

We are over the moon with this purchase.

Great tv at a great price currently. The tv comes straight out of the box with some auto-picture options switched on by default (like auto dimming), but these seem to make the tv picture look a bit bland. When you switch the auto picture tuning features off, the picture really comes alive. Good range of connections and a simple “two pairs of little feet” type stand.

Had gone through mixed reviews for this tv and bought it anyways. I have been using this tv for last 1 month now and this tv is simply amazing. Great value for money, awesome 4k display, nice viewing angle, quality sound and easy to use web os. Overall a very satisfy customer after buying this tv and because of amazon’s prompt delivery.

So firstly, i’m 21 and i’m well into tech. I’m very capable of navigating any interface and generally get along well with any bit of technology. And let me tell you, i found this tv to be extremely aggravating to use. The setup wasn’t complicated or anything, it was just extremely slow. This is 2019 now lg, i should be able to double press a letter and expect two letters to be registered. For example, if i were to use the on screen keyboard to write the word ‘letter’ it would just process ‘leter’ because it couldn’t keep up with a double press of the letter ‘t’. You almost have to wait a moment after pressing anything so that the tv can react. This became even more frustrating with the backspace/delete key. If i wanted to delete my password for example, i would generally just spam the delete button or hold it down, and expect it to be deleted. This tv can’t process that, you hold down the delete button and it deletes one character, no matter how long you hold it for. You can spam that backspace 1000 times but it’ll still only process one click every second or so. And it may be fine if you’re a bit slower with typing on screen or something, but for me, it was so frustrating. Any tv should definitely be able to keep up with me if a 20 year old nokia can. And then, aside from the incredibly slow lg operating system and general usage, my tv came with backlight bleed, only ever so slightly – i’ll admit.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • I returned it, here’s why
  • Great TV if you plan to wall mount
  • Good cheap 4K HDR10 TV with 11ms for gaming!

Arrived on the specified day. The actual tv viewable area is just under 43 inches, closer to 42. The stands that come with it are adequate for free standing display, but you may want to see about fixing it in place in some way to prevent it from being knocked over. It has a standard vesa mounting space on the back. There are 3 hdmi inputs, 2x usb sockets, ethernet socket, pcmcia card slot, a single cable/satellite f connector, a standard uhf/vhf socket, and component video connectors, no scart connection however. Picture quality is very good for this price range, sound is adequate from the internal speakers. Picture upscaling is very impressive, turns sd content into near hd, and regular hd also gets ‘boosted’ to near uhd quality. Overall a very good tv for this price.

Came with freesat and free view connection. You can chose either as the live tv source. Wifi or ethernet connection both work perfectly.

Like everything about this tv especially as it connects to my google home device and can be controlled by voice commands.

I have the bigger more expensive version of this lg tv and it is excellent so decided to get this smaller screen size for spare room. However even though the picture quality is super and sound is good, this product obviously has a much slower cpu processor as it takes 3 times longer to get to start screen or to display menu screens than the bigger tv. Streaming videos etc are all great and speedy but on this tv webos is too slow and clunky. Otherwise a great tv for this price.

After a fair amount of novice research i choose this tv as it fitted with my budget circa £300 and seemed to have all of the features i wanted including ultra hd 4k, wireless connection to home broadband (and future wireless speakers). We’ve had the tv for 3 days now and are very pleased with the picture quality and the user interface. I am also pleased with the sound quality and loudness (as previous tv lacked sound impact). I would recommend this tv to anyone looking for a similar upgrade to their older 1080p tv. Ours was around 8 years old as a guide and we really notice the visual and sound improvements. Note – we are yet to test bluray quality but dvd’s look good, and gaming/you tube quality is superb.

My old lg tv gave up the ghost, so i decided to spend £100 more than the repair costs to buy a new version. Faster, freeview play and alexa compatibility were the main factors. Yes freeview play is a good upgrade from my original freeview. It doesn’t come with a manual. There isn’t even a pdf version you can download. There’s just an html version that doesn’t actually tell you anything useful (like, why does it have a pcmcia port?. What can i plug into it?) it’s just an electronic glossy brochure. If i hadn’t had a previous version i would have no idea how to set it up properly. Not without trying to use my pc to browse the brochure while i try to guess what page to go to next. It doesn’t come with the magic remote. And it’s virtually impossible to set it up with the ordinary, cheap, remote that come with it. I thought i could use the magic remote i already owned. We change the remote so that the old one doesn’t work with the new tvs. So that’s another £40 to add on to the price. It is annoying that i have to use the syntax ‘alexa, ask lg to.

Great quality budget tv for the price paid. However this price was clearly reflected in the handling and care taken from whoever supplied it. Box came damaged, tv however seems fine for now, luckily, the massive hole in the box was at the back of the tv not front which probably saved it. Inside the box itself the screws to attach the legs were missing so i had to get some of those myself. Not much care was taken when putting items such as the remote/cables into the box. Just thrown into a bag and sealed all together. Overall in terms of the tv i would highly recommend it, looks great on my ps4 pro and has low input lag. Maybe double check elsewhere as the risk of it coming smashed like many others in this review seems high.

My son bought this set after a bit of research for his university accommodation. He tried it out at home first. I was so impressed i bought one for myself. The sound is excellent i now listen to the local radio via the set. The picture quality is first class. My blu-ray dvd player pics were upgraded to an excellent level. The blacks are well black and not the ‘dark green of my previous set. The set does everything for you.

Crisp pictures, good apps, however still haven’t figured out how to get the youtube app on the home display. Also for a 43 inch tv, you need at least a 120cm tv bench (especially if you are in a flat). Which is surprisingly hard to find with centred room for a soundbar. Otherwise, would buy it again.

I was impressed with the overall weight being lighter than the smaller lg tv it replaced. The one downside is if you are using the supplied feet be careful they are a wee bit flimsy but they do the job just make sure you screw them in tightly before standing the unit up . The picture quality for me is superb, the sound is fine for us as we have it in a smallish room and it is perfectly adequate with good enough bass and treble. Others may wish to purchase sound boxes if you are using it in a large room or simply want the best quality that is possible. The set comes with the colour default set to eco (whatever that is) but i ran through the options and settled for the eco. Some of the options are quite garish but choices should suit everyone. Unfortunately i am not up to scratch on technical issues but suffice to say that the model for us, is perfect and hopefully like its smaller predecessor it will last the course. Our previous 30 inch set is still working as well as the day we bought it and now belongs to someone else who is perfectly happy with it. Lg make good tvs and i would say that this is as good as it gets for the price range. A good choice if you fancy one.

I thought upgrading from my old lg hdtv would be a simple matter of swapping over the leads. The whole setup process with this uhd tv is a bit of a faff to be honest and is v-e-r-y slow. Also, be aware that the hdmi sockets seem to be particularly fussy and the lead that worked fine to connect my sky q box to the old tv simply produced a ‘no signal’ error here. So, a couple of new and pricy hdmi leads later, i was almost in business. Oh, quick mention for the annoying little feet supplied with this tv. They twist loosely into place and are held by two small screws and don’t really feel that secure. They are positioned a whopping 102cm apart so, to paraphrase roy scheider in jaws (which i’m currently watching in uhd) you’re probably going to need a bigger tv stand. Enough of the negative stuff.

My first experience of a 4k smart tv was a cello. It didn’t go well and stopped working within 2 yrs. It also didn’t playback sound on most 4k movies even with a sound bar. Well what a difference this one is. I’ve had an lg tv before so i wasn’t overly frightened of purchasing one. It’s easy to set up, easy to use, and guess what, everything works with it. The only negative for me, the feet. They are really cheap and quite a distance apart. So by default will have to have the tv on the wall as i cannot sit it on my existing furniture.

As above, blacks can sometimes appear slightly grey when not in 10 bit hdr. Everything else looks perfect and is an amazing tv for the money. I doubt i would buy anything else for the next few yearsyou can even control your console on youtube and the dashboard with the tv remote via hdmiit will also switch on and off the ps4 or xbox if you turn the tv on or off first or vice versa. Another good thing is you can just insert a usb stick into the rear of the tv and start recording your tv programs.

Two problems so far: (1) there are two rca phono audio outputs but they don’t appear to be connected to anything so can’t connect to my hi-fi without an optical converter; (2) i also bought a 1tb external usb 3 disc, intending to use the record/scheduler instead of my old non-hd recorder. However, one is not allowed to record one channel and view another. This makes the record function pretty useless. Just what were the designers thinking?.They make the assumption that all programmes are indefinitely available on catch-up. I do wish i had been better informed by amazon.

The picture on the screen is excelent. I have an up scaling dvd player to get by old films to 1080p, and this combined with this tv really brings the best out of them. You almost get a 3d effect because of the depth of clarity on the screen.

For a smart tv this tv is dumb. Picture quality is great, however i was disappointed by the feautres and user guide, the user guide is not user friendly imo, lots of clicking different options to find the information you need. I tried connecting the tv to alexa and google assistant, neither worked. I purchased this tv for it’s ability to record, it does record but you have to watch the programe you are recording?.I had to attached my old youview box to record and watch other tv chanels. More problems with the tv, the channels keep dissapearing. I have returned the tv to amazon after contacting amazon help and lg help twice.

This lg tv for the excellent price is just what i needed to view hdr films, perfect size for my room and gives tv viewing in glorious colour whatever i watch. All the connections i needed. I can watch bt tv sports in ultra hd, sky q sports in ultra hd, apple 4k tv in hdr, and the rest. Even the sound from the internal tv speakers is not bad with ultra surround sound, even though i use a sound bar for the immersive sound when watching films.

Really love this tv and the picture quality is truly amazing and sound. Id definitely recomend lg tv 10/10.

So i purchased this tv as i don’t have a tv license and just want to watch netflix and amazon video. Once you setup the tv with your account details it works perfect. Don’t let entering details put you off, you can plug a keyboard into the usb socket and use that. Also there are additional apps that you can install and the winner for me was plex that i then installed onto my htpc downstairs and can now also stream all of my content to this tv. Other really useful features are connecting bluetooth headphones to the tv so you can listen to the audio in better quality than the tv speakers which to be fair aren’t that bad. You can connect your phone using the remote app in the google store which is free and enables to link your phone to broadcast media from it. The lg magic remote (sold separately for around £35) adds more functionality such as voice commands etc. With all this stuff to play with i haven’t really had time to test the hdr and 4k functionality that netflix provides, but from what i have seen it is superb.

This television is fantastic value at its current special offer price. Its outstanding in every way other than the feet which are quite awkward to attach, very flimsy and cause the tv to tilt forward slightly. I have got round this by putting the set on a high table unit (appx 3 feet high), so you don’t really notice the tilt. The legs are also spaced very wide apart, they won’t fit on a regular unit, but fortunately for me the second unit i had in storage was wide enough (39 inches) to accomodate the feet. Apart from that, set up is easy. I have attached a laptop to the unit as well, with no problem and the wi fi works instantly once you have put in the passwords. Its superb, i am just watching a nature programme on it, having just installed it, and the quality and colours are fantastic for the price i paid. I am, all in all, very happy with this item and have no problem recommending it (i knocked a star off for the feet otherwise it would have got top marks all round).

The more i find out which settings to tinker with, the more i like the tv. Stand isn’t really that flimsy like some reviews state. The remote, especially when typing is appallingly slow – however, there is an lg smartphone app so i can use my phone as a remote. I personally don’t have a terrestrial aerial and there wasn’t an obvious skip option for this during the setup so that was a little irksome. There is optical out for home cinema which is a win imo. The on screen black outer border is noticeably not very black. Also not noticeably laggy with ps4.

Before i start, i’ll just say i’ve given 3 for smart features because i don’t use them, so can’t comment either way. It took me a while to get used to the hdr (you need to turn it on in the picture settings) but, once i did i’d say i would hate to go back. The picture quality of this tv is beautiful and to test it i watched a bbc nature program. The detail, colour clarity etc. The sound is so-so, but i have the sound going through a home cinema surround sound system, so that was never a concern. I see some people have complained about the small feet making the tv unstable. I thought that at first after tightening the screws to what felt like their limit. I wasn’t happy, so tried to see if i could go further. Lo and behold, they seemed to pop in a tiny bit more and they are now solid and reliable. So far, this tv is well worth the money.

Didn’t think we needed a smart tv as used amazon fire stick and our desktop computer linked to our tv and also have sky q box. But, seems impossible to buy largish tv that’s not smart nowadays. This was bought to replace a panasonic 40” that just suddenly stopped working after around 5 years. This time around wanted/needed more hdmi ports. I had problems setting it up, no handbook, had to go online to download one – major default here. Quick set up guide provided clear as mud so thankfully a more technologically aware son obliged that evening. Not the easiest most intuitive interface to access apps still haven’t worked out either how to delete extraneous apps or reorder apps but only had it a week. Been using basicallly 3 buttons on remote home for sky, netflix and amazon for prime films etc. No doubt i’ll crack the intricacies in time but why on earth make things so complicated. What’s wrong with supplying a uk handbook with each set with quick tips etc. And, written in accessible english not geek speak or over reliance on diagrams that basically mean very little. Basically think this is a good set so far but with unfortunately a very flimsy feeling remote control. But hen set very reasonably priced it’s obviously not a sony but didn’t cost sony prices either.

Picture quality is very good on this tv. Looks really good for gaming (used with an xbox one s). Only thing to look out for is that the hdmi ports are not set up for hdr out of the box, this has to be enabled manually. You can see how to do this via youtube. Sound is decent, you won’t need a sound bar unless you’re really fussy. The only downfall is the terrible placing and flimsyness of the feet. They’re so bad that i bought a wall mount. When using the feet, the tv appears to lean forward and seems very unstable. They would also require a very wide stand. Thankfully the tv is very easy to wall mount and arguably looks better.

I already have a lg 55′ 4k 2017 model and am familiar with the product. This model is exeptional value bought through amazon. It takes a bit of time to set up to get the best from it but it won’t disapoint. Lg have terrible manuals that you can download if you want. But nothing beats spending a bit learning the setup. One example is each setting tv,usb and hdmi has it’s individual settings. So if you set brightness,sharpness. Hdr etc on your tv that suits what you want in picture quality, you have to setup again for say 4k bluray player on hdmi 1. Once this is done you don’t have to do it again.

This is my first 4k tv which i have purchased a chromecast ultra for, to replace my old 1080p tv and standard chromecast. I’ve added a few 4k movies to my plex library, including gravity and the martian. I’ve got to say the picture quality is stunning, almost distracting. I keep finding myself looking at all the little details in the picture rather than what is happening. Having said that, it has taken me two days to work out why there’s a horrible motion blur. The problem is why lg’s trumotion technology. I strongly recommend going into picture settings and turning this feature off asap. You’ll need to do it for each input. I’m also having some difficulty connecting it to both google home and amazon alexa. At first i thought this was google’s fault but now we have an alexa in the house too i’m starting to think it’s lg’s issue.

I bought the lg 43uk6300plb tv to replace a similarly featured sony model that died before it’s third birthday – the sony was out of warranty and would have cost almost as much to repair as this lg replacement cost new. Currently around three hundred and thirty pounds from amazon the lg 43uk6300 is a bit of a bargain at the price and although it is a budget 4k model from last year it still offers quite a lot of features for your money. It has a decent selection of inputs with 3 hdmis – one is arc enabled – plus usb, component and even an f-connector for satellite amongst a few others, not bad at this price band. The tv is easy to set up and guides you through the process fairly well – it uses lg’s webos smart tv system which is no android but perfectly serviceable with all the major video apps like netflix, amazon and youtube, plus a good selection of others too. The remote control is ok, but not fantastic, and the lg tv plus smartphone app gives you basic tv control with a few other features like photo and video playback via the tv. No user guide is supplied but a pdf version can be downloaded from the amazon product page (scroll down to “product details”). Lg assemble tvs for the european market at their factory in poland so this model is not just a generic tv with an lg badge – something many other tv brands tend to do these days. If you are thinking of upgrading your tv viewing from hd to 4k then this 43” model from lg is well worth considering if you are on a budget. Nothing like the quality of lg’s highly regarded oled tvs but at a bit over three hundred pounds this 43uk6300 model offers excellent value and decent performance for the price – recommended.

I ordered this tv because of the name, spec and fantastic price but i had a lot of drama getting it right. First tv had a small cluster of dead pixels visible in the middle of the screen. Unit was replaced with no trouble. Second unit turned up with the screen completely destroyed. Third time lucky unit arrived today in perfect working order, however it is very clearly not brand new. Scratches over the rear casing shows its been used before. Box was in poor condition and the packaging in the box upside down. I’m so fed up with broken units turning up that i feel i need to accept it. Now however i need to pay for 2 units to be posted back which they say they will refund. Great tv but i’m left feeling disappointed.

Spent ages trying to set this upwas meant to arrive before our holidays and did too – amazon said couriers had and couriers said they didn’t so second was ordered and still took a while to comecannot get the smart tv to work on it at all – managed to get some apps after logging into google account and setting up a lg account but kept saying error occurred for most of the day when setting upworking now except for freesat which well have to look at when have time but reasonable of the money.

Had this for a month now, easy set up and not a single problem with it.

The picture is great and the sound is good enough for me. The os is horrible – every different input has a different set of possible picture styles for some reason and it’s so hard to get it to just accept that there’s a certain way you like your picture to be. The backlight setting is the one i find myself changing most now, and that’s buried about six clicks down in the menus (none of the picture settings like colour or contrast are readily available to tweak like they would be on an old tv). Some of the settings are just sometimes inexplicably greyed out (e. It always defaults to ‘tv’ mode even though i will never use it for anything other than hdmi 1. My phone has never been able to find it on the network. The amazon prime app has serious lip sync problems (i’ve also seen that on a samsung tv so it’s probably not the tv’s fault but the app’s). All that said, i’m using it 100% of the time with the ps4 and they make a good pairing – just wish i could have quick access to the backlight setting for day and night viewing options. It was very good value, just wish they’d employ a ui expert – it’s not rocket science.

Best tv ever for the price i had it at. The quality of the picture i see is amazing and the sound.