LG Electronics LG DH4430P 5 : Amazing product

Don’t know how people are having problems with it. If you want all speakers to work while connected to the tv, simple red/white audio cables is all you need and select aux on the system (turn down tv). This will produce stereo sound through all speakers but not surround sound. Surround sound only works while watching a dvd. If you want sorround sound while watching tv, buy a system with a digital optical port built in or to improve the sound from tv, you can buy a digital to analog converter. Head phone jack does connect to tv as well but only 2 main speakers work this way so you are better off using red/white audio cables while watching tv with the systems speakers. For best quality sound and picture while watching dvd, use a hdmi cable.

You won’t be disappointed buying these lg.

Good surround sound for what it cost my boyfriend loves it x.

A good quality item, great sound and it looks really nice.

Great product, well recommended and value for money thanks.

Received this home cinema surround today and although it took me over an hour to set up i was very pleased with this item good picture ,great sound and for this price brilliant only thing and i have to say to anyone that is thinking of buying this item it has no scart at the back of the machine so get other means of connecting this unit but apart from that very good value for that price.

Really easy to set up and the sound quality is great would recommend getting it.

Be careful with this one, it’s not exactly a ‘home cinema’ setup. It’s a dvd player that has some speakers, which are quite cool. You can hook it up to your skyhd box/other devices but will need an old-fashioned av cable (the red and white cables) but the sound quality is compromised some what. For the money it’s a fairly good setup though. I guess it depends how you want to use it. For myself it’s a cheap surround sound setup until we move house.

  • Works perfectly and as it should, ignore 1 star ratings
  • Well happy with the product
  • Great piece of kit for the price of it

LG DH4430P 5.1 Channel 330W DVD Home Cinema System

Product Description, LG DH4430P 5.1 Channel 330 W DVD Home Cinema System – Black.

Box Contains, Main Unit – 3 Satellite Speakers x 2 Tall Boy Speakers and SubwooferBatteries 1 x AAA (Remote Controller)FM / AM AntennaInstruction ManualRCA Code(Video)Yellow1PWarranty Card

From the manufacturer

BH5540T DH4430P DH3140T
Channel 5.1 5.1 5.1
Wattage 500W 330W 300W
Subwoofer Technology Bass Reflex Bass Reflex Bass Reflex
Speaker Drivers 5 5 5
Amplifier 1 1 1
Features Aramid Fibre Speakers, 3D Surround Processor, 3D Blu-ray Disk Playback, Private Sound Mode, FM radio DVD and CD Playback, FM Radio, USB Direct Recording DVD and CD Playback, FM Radio
Audio Format WMA/MP3 WMA/MP4 WMA/MP3
Product inputs and connection USB (1), Portable In (3.5mm), HDMI Out, Optical, CD Playback, Bluetooth, LG Sound Sync HDMI Out, USB (1), Audio L/R, Video Composite HDMI Out, Audio L/R, Video Composite
Dimensions and Weight (mm/kg) Main Unit – (w) 360 x (h) 304 x (d) 60.5; 2.5kg Front Speaker – (w) 250 x (h) 250 x (d) 1050 Center speaker – (w) 260 x (h) 93 x (d) 74 Rear Speaker – (w) 250 x (h) 250 x (d) 1050 Speaker net weight 16.27 Sub – (w) 156 x (h) 325 x (d) 267 Main Unit – (w) 360 x (h) 304 x (d) 60.5; 2.5kg Front Speaker – (w) 250 x (h) 250 x (d) 1050 Center speaker – (w) 260 x (h) 93 x (d) 74 Rear Speaker – (w) 74 x (h) 128 x (d) 66 Speaker net weight 10.64 Sub – (w) 156 x (h) 325 x (d) 270 Main Unit – (w) 365 x (h) 65 x (d) 270; 2.04kg Front Speaker – (w) 113 x (h) 113 x (d) 84 Center speaker – (w) 113 x (h) 113 x (d) 84 Rear Speaker – (w) 113 x (h) 113 x (d) 84 Speaker net weight 4.22 Sub – (w) 156 x (h) 325 x (d) 260

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Have had better but good for price.

Amazing product, it has everything inside which the description tells and very fast delivery service. Definitely recommend this amazing product.

We are still setting them up but good so far.

Nice base and massively loud. The only down part to it,is i can’t connect my sky to it but overall it’s nice.

Great system works brilliantly. Read a lot of reviews and decided most of them are wrong this product fully deserves 5 stars would give it more if could. It works instead of tv speakers when connected correctly. All it requires is an optical converter and twin phono cables which can be purchased for under £20. I highly recommend this system don’t be put off by the bad reviewers who couldn’t work it out.

For the price its very good, not great for music. But films for the price is ok.

I brought this item over a year ago. This was great value for money. Gives amazing sound not only while watching dvds but when watching to and playing my xbox one. Fyi if you use a aux cable you can get sound from anything plugged into your tv. Plug the aux into the headphone port on your tv and into the front of the surround sound system and select the aux function. . You won’t regret buying this item.

Good as it’s supposed to be, good quality sounds what else can you ask for.

  • Works perfectly and as it should, ignore 1 star ratings
  • Well happy with the product
  • Great piece of kit for the price of it

LG DH4430P 5.1 Channel 330W DVD Home Cinema System

Well happy with the product, not difficult to set up, arrived quickly and the sound quality is better than expected. If you want a good quality surround sound system i’d recommend it. You may need to purchase a seperate cable to plug into your tv but they’re pretty cheap cables and not hard to get a hold of. Not sure what the cable is called but it’s the one with the white and red inputs which goes into an aux plugin for the headset slot on you tv.

Good, quick efficient service, well recommended.

Great piece of kit for the price of it, does connect to tv unlike what other reviews say just need to connect aux cable (have to buy seperately) from headphone connection on tv to front of dvd player, cables r very short tho so needed to buy some to get it placed right.

Just to save some people the headache, if you’re wanting to use an aux cable with your iphone or macbook you’ll need to change the dvd player to portable instead of aux. Took me a while to figure this out but now it’s all up and running and sounds great.

Nice disign but cannot connect any external players or memory card.

I do belive you would pay more for something simlar.

Takes a little bit of setting up, but its excellent value for money.

Arrived on time was as described.

No very loud and only has one input.

Features and Spesification

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 5.1 channel DVD Home Cinema System with three satellite speakers and two tall boy speakers and subwoofer
  • 1080P full HD up-scaling – up scales your standard definition DVD discs to near-Full HD quality when connected to an HDTV, breathing new life into your DVD collection
  • USB Contents Playback – just plug a USB memory stick loaded with movies, music or photos into your LG device and enjoy your content in stunning video and audio clarity
  • One High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) carries both sound and picture in a single cable from your devices to your DVD Home Cinema System
  • Make it your own by personalising your files via Portable In connectivity