LG Electronics LG Minibeam PH550G Portable Projector : Close projector on battery power. Hussah.

I bought this because i have a large geeky collection of 3d blu-ray movies, and my last 3d lg tv let me down with an untimely demise. I searched around but 3d tv in general seems to have died a death, with major manufacturers, including samsung and lg, having abandoned the capability in favour of 4k only. The cheapest 3d tv i could find was a panasonic for about the same price as this projector. So i bought this due to potential screen size, and i have zero regretsit’s not for everyone, in daylight it’s a bit feint (clear enough though), and it isn’t a standalone system. If you want to use this you’ll need to plug in a smart tv box (i have an android tv xiaomi mi box 3), a speaker (spdif/jack/bluetooth) and an aerial to plug in for live tv (has built-in digital freeview tuner). Plus, for 3d you’ll need to get a pair of dlp glasses (got 2 pairs for £16 off ebay). I wish it was the smart version they sell in the far east but this is still a good projector. You get used to the picture being faint in the day, and the picture at night or in a dark room is awesome. I love how the picture fills my wall.

Playing games, watch movies ,streaming videos. Overall performance good for me. Sometimes is not connected my phone with it.

We bought it for the living room, and it is perfectquality, colors, sound, size, really light, etc. Really easy to use, good price, i hope it will still work in few years ;).

The pf1000u projector is a beautifully made device, light but sturdy, builtin freeview tuner, great connections and good sound from such a small device. Where it falls short, in my opinion, is the image quality. Don’t get me wrong, is not bad, if you never had a projector before it definitely has the wow factor when projecting the image. But, compared with a regular, long or short throw projector, the image seems a bit cartoony, not very bright and not focused enough. There’s a focus wheel, but it never feels that you can adjust a perfectly clear image. Another annoying thing was the top curved image, due to the mirror shape. Also, is very sensitive to the surface you have the device on if it’s not straight the image bends quite a lot. Fan noise on medium and maximum economy settings is fine, but on minimum economy is loud. So, if you want to project something fast and move quickly to a different room, yes, it’s the perfect device. But if you want the cinema at home feeling, not so great.

At this price it was an absolute bargain. The picture quality is at least as good as a sim2 i paid £4k for 10yrs ago and sold with the house. If it had a zoom it would be perfect. I will be buying more, as every friend i have taken my little cinema to now wants one.

I have a cinema in my living room and i didn’t have to drill holes in my ceiling and mess about with wires in my loft, i just had to put it on a table and it was done.

Fantastic protector couldn’t be happier , the image quality is great and the fact that it is led and don’t have to worry about changing the bulbs is a massive plus , would recommend.

Lack of smart features in this day and age is shocking, specially as the american and asian versions of this projector have the smart features.

  • Excellent ultra short throw projector
  • I love this projector!
  • If you can make your room very dark, then this is amazing.

LG Minibeam PH550G Portable Projector (HD, LED, 100,000:1 contrast, 550 lumens)

Size Name:HD  |  Style Name:550
Product Description, LG Minibeam PH550G Portable LED Projector, HD (1280 x 720) – White. Wireless connectivity only supports devices running Android and Windows operating systems.

Box Contains,

From the manufacturer

Just put and watch

LG Minibeam PH550G

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Triple Wireless Perfection

No messy cables anymore.

Just wireless phone mirroring,

bluetooth sound, and portable battery.

Bluetooth Sound Compatible

Wirelessly stream sound directly from projector to Bluetooth compatible sound system such as home audio, headphone and portable speaker for a seamless listening experience.

Go wireless. Phone to Projector

Unlike conventional projectors, LG’s Screen share provides wire-free experiences when connect with PC, smartphones, or tablets.

Built in Battery up to 2.5 hours

Don’t worry about power connection.

Carry it anywhere like a mobile theater.

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Enjoy cinematic 100inch class size

Minibeam gives you a cinematic viewing experience up-to

an extra large 100 inch class size, so everyone in the

room can enjoy the home theater experience.

Light Weight and Slim Design

Enable to carry anywhere easily.

Just take it in your brief case, small bag or pouch and enjoy.

Wired Smartphone Mirroring

Easy wired mirroring with smart devices of iOS/Android.

**compatible with slimport / MHL / AV adaptor

Simple USB Plug & Play

Just plug and play USB to watch movies, picture, music and office files like Presentation, Excel, and Word

PV150G PH550G PW800G PF1000U PW1000G PW1500G
Resolution WVGA (854×480) HD (1280×720) WXGA (1280×800) Full HD (1920×1080) WXGA (1280×800) WXGA(1280×800)
Brightness (lumen) – Contrast ratio 100 – 100,000:1 550 – 100,000:1 800 – 100,000:1 1000 – 150,000:1 1000 – 100,000:1 1500 – 100,000:1
Screen size – Throw ratio 10″ ~ 100″ – 1.64 25″ ~ 100″ – 1.4 25″ ~ 100″ – 1.5 60″ ~ 100″ – 0.29 25″ ~ 100″ – 1.4 25″ ~ 100″ – 1.4
Life High Brightness 30,000 Hrs 30,000 Hrs 30,000 Hrs 30,000 Hrs 30,000 Hrs 30,000 Hrs
Sound and Bluetooth sound out 1W mono – No 1W + 1W Stereo – Yes 1W + 1W Stereo – No 3W + 3W Stereo – Yes 3W + 3W Stereo – Yes 3W + 3W Stereo – Yes
Net size (mm) (WxDxH) 108 x 103 x 44 174 x 109.5 x 44 140 x 140 x 50 131 x 309 x 128/89 (including mirror/discluding mirror) 230.6 x 162 x 53 230.6 x 162 x 53
Net weight 270g 650g 600g 1.9kg 1.16kg 1.16kg
HDMI – USB 1 (MHL) – 1 USB (Type A) 1 (MHL) – 1 USB (Type A) 1 (MHL) – 1 USB (Type A) 2 (1 MHL) – 1 USB 1 (MHL) – 1 USB type A 1 (MHL) – 1 USB (Type A)
3D No 3D Optimizer DLP 3D Ready (DLP Link) 3D Optimizer 3D Optimizer 3D Optimizer

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It could be brighter for day time viewing but perfect in the dark. The contrast is good enough but it could be a lot better.

High quality picture and works without a problem. Super useful to bring anywhere and instantly get a big picture screen. I have been very clumsy with it and dropped many times – would have been certain it would break but keeps working without a problem.

Very impressed with the product (for what i paid for it) and much smaller than i expected and throws a great image but very disappointed to discover this is yet another product crippled by lg that has reduced functionality in the uk. No smart functions, no wireless, ethernet which is not entirely clear as most pf1000u reviews online all tell you its a smart model. As i am only really using this for gaming it is not such an issue for me right now but i am sure i will be cheesed right off in the future if i wanted to properly use it for watching movies as i’ll now need to fudge it to do that.

I am not one to write reviews but this things is magnificent. Was up and running in under a minute.

Very good item if you need a portable large screen tv. Picture quality of course is not as a tv but you going to enjoy your movie. Just place your projector at distance of 2/3 meters, turn all lights off and connect a good bluetooth speaker.

Was expecting the smart remote and ui which was not apparent, but everything else = great.

It needs to be very dark, otherwise it gets washed out. I have it on the maximum power save (lowest brightness, but almost no fan noise) in a room with almost no light. Hundred inch picture on the wall, headphone jack to an old bose speaker – the best viewing experience i have had. Better than the cinema, as there are no distractions and you can be as close as you like to a massive image. I worried that i’d never use it, but i use it regularly – paired with a fire tv stick.

I was reserved at first, waiting to see how it goes down the line. A year on and it still does exactly what is promised. It’s easy to use and you can survive without the remote if you have to. It bluetooth links to a speaker fine and without lag. The projector usb charges my usb-c phone well enough whilst it’s hdmi connected (the lead cost 15 euro on amazon). It’s not the brightest projector but it’s good for movies with say 3m-wide projections, where bringing the room lights near-fully down. But then, lots of lumens weren’t its attraction. It’s resolution is fine and it is compact and reliable. The details work, like it’s easy to focus and remains fully focused between cold and warm.

  • Excellent ultra short throw projector
  • I love this projector!
  • If you can make your room very dark, then this is amazing.

LG Minibeam PH550G Portable Projector (HD, LED, 100,000:1 contrast, 550 lumens)

Brilliant little projector, excellent picture for such a short throw.

This is without doubt the best projector i’ve ever owned, so clever.

This projector is perfect for movies and gaming, colours are great and its very handy that you can keep the projector on a table close to the wall (short throw) works best in low light conditions. Recommend buying a screen for best viewing quality, i got this on black friday deals for £650 so was well worth every penny.

So close to the screen it’s almost unbelievablepicture quality is good too. Runs completely off grid on its own battery supplyfabulous.

I have received it yesterday and since then can’t stop using it :)for a long a while i was looking for a projector to watch movies and sports on my leaving room wall (~120 inches) that will be portable, deliver at least hd(720p), and good projecting power. This projector has fully answered my expectations. I have connected it a google chromecast and using mobile devices and pc(with chrome) to cast to it. It is true that in order to get a nice picture you would need a dark room, but that is fine with me. If you are looking for a professional 1080p or 4k powerfull device this device is not for you. If you are like me, what to enjoy big screen experience once in while, this device is perfect. Pros:very portable – easy to set up and move between roomsno need for distance from the wallquitelooks very good in a dark roomeasy to use with bluetooth speaker3. 5mm headphone jackgood remote controlthe battery can give you a full movie timewhile the picture might not be amazing, it can still be seen in a lighted roomcons:speakers are useless. Not sure why lg has included them. Works much better on dark roomsthe kids are now fighting for ‘projector time’, to watch things in their bedrooms.

Pity it doesn’t have inbuild smart tv however easily sorted with the hdmi multimedia sticks(although has tv tunner). As mentioned in other reviews 1000lm is not enough to get full experience at bright light, probably alright with very low lumen ambient light (10w). Otherwise i am very happy with the product.

One of the hdmi slot is not working otherwise it’s great,.

So far after 3 days i am just loving it.

Works well and is delightfully small. Found it hard to find the right manual to view how to use the remote.

Nice small and good resolution. Only one think didn’t like which its doesn’t support apple wifi connection, require wired connection.

Easy to set up, excellent connectivity. Very bright in a north facing room during mid day without any curtains drawn. A little fiddly to fix position on a flat surface like a table as the anti skid feet are a little smooth for my liking. Will buy again during november end deals as i returned the prime day deal due to a large scratch on the reflective mirror. Update: bought during black friday deals week for £650. Connected to bose soundtouch 300 and virtually invisible speakers via optical. Using hdmi pass through for fire stick through the bose soundbar. And computer hdmi for the second port, and tv available too. Projecting a clear 60 inch screen between two cabinets to keep it dark.

This little bad boy is awesome. I couldn’t afford a full on hd replacement for my optoma (which was itself full hd) so bought this to tide me over. Absolutely amazing for the price. It starts up almost instantly, is very quiet and has a great picture. It’s also tiny, compared to the optoma gt5000 for e. Which is huge and bulky and a bit of an eyesore (i tried one out). Sure, it’s only 450 lumens so it’s performance in ambient light isn’t going to be great but in a room with curtains drawn (daytime, as in the picture) it works just fine. Also, 720p might seem a little grainy to begin with if you’re used to full hd, but i don’t even notice it anymore. For a ust projector at under £500, you’d be daft not to.

Features and Spesification

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • HD resolution (1280 x 720)
  • 550 lumens brightness
  • Ideal for business, TV, movies and gaming use
  • Compatible with Apple products (hard-wired rather than Bluetooth)
  • Multimedia through USB (HD DivX movie, music, picture)
  • Built in Battery up to 2.5 hours