LG Minibeam PV150G Portable Projector : Not a bad choice if short throw projection is what’s key to you

Despite all the positive reviews and feedback on the smarttv capabilities that differentiate this product from other ultrashort throw projectors,lg reseller in the uk is selling this product without smart capabilities. I other words this product is sold in the uk without webos and a magic remote – which takes out one of its unique selling points compared to equally capable and cheap projectors available in the market. It’s a dumb decision by the reseller to take out webos from this product in the uk. Having contacted lg support, they were surprised & blaming the reseller for the product not capable of doing what it says on their website regarding smart tv capabilities.

This is an amazing piece of kit. The picture quality for me is superb, i use it to stream movies and sports so was not to concerned that it’s not 1080 (less chance of buffering) but even at 720 the picture it throws out is crisp and clear, and the fact that it can throw an image 100” * 50” from less than two feet away is definitely a big big plus. Hook it up via bluetooth to a soundbar with a sub and you’ve got your own private cinema for less than £500, (mates are amazed when they come round to watch the boxing and football)worth every penny of the 400 quid i spent on it.

So much better than i was expecting, unbelievable value. I have this set up straight on to the wall and the picture is excellent. Don’t understand why the us version gets wireless built in and we don’t, bit strange but anyway i’m still more than happy.

I have owned various projectors over the years, and this one impresses. The ultra short throw is so good, and means you can get a super massive picture with hardly any distance from the wall / screen. 720p is awesome for a projector that is so portable, and so small. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a projector, i love it.

Easy to use, works perfectly on macbook pro and air as well as ipad pro. Really easy to use with loads of features which i will probably never use. The size was one of the deciding factors for us as we wanted a small light unit as we carry it around for buisness. Very clear image and just a super quality bit of kit.

It could be brighter for day time viewing but perfect in the dark. The contrast is good enough but it could be a lot better.

Playing games, watch movies ,streaming videos. Overall performance good for me. Sometimes is not connected my phone with it.

The pv150g is an incredibly small projector with picture quality better than those cheap chinese mega-lumen projectors (always look for “ansi lumens as your reliable guide to lamp brightness), but requires a dark room and suffers somewhat from the limited resolution (pixel definition is visible from about 2 metres away). Internal speaker should be sufficient for a quiet bedroom as the cooling fan is very quiet.

  • Brightness too low
  • For sports and movies it’s a must
  • Great small size projector

LG Minibeam PV150G Portable Projector (WVGA 854 x 480, LED, 100,000:1 contrast, 100 lumens) – White

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Lack of smart features in this day and age is shocking, specially as the american and asian versions of this projector have the smart features.

It is a very nice feeling device, controls and software are very good. Picture quality is good as well. Just one major issue, don’t expect bright picture from this device. Even in completely dark room i would want more brightness, not even speaking about light room. So suggest you go for at least for 500-700 lumens for normal experience. However, this device might suit someone else.

The projector itself is very good quality very easy to set up and quick to use the video on the amazon site clearly shows that you can use netflix or prime but this is not the case you do need to independently purchase an external device to do this slightly disappointingbut otherwise the product is pretty good for the money.

So far after 3 days i am just loving it.

Pity it doesn’t have inbuild smart tv however easily sorted with the hdmi multimedia sticks(although has tv tunner). As mentioned in other reviews 1000lm is not enough to get full experience at bright light, probably alright with very low lumen ambient light (10w). Otherwise i am very happy with the product.

And works great with chromecast or usb. The contrast is not so great meaning dark scenes are very dark and u cannot see the details clearly. This projector (pf1000u) needs to be used in dark rooms. Light sources does really affect image and is washed out. The speakers are pretty good and loud. Bare in mind this is the uk version and so therefore does not have smart tv or even the magic remote. And the video in the amazon description shows the us version as some ports are not on our uk version. I have projected 100 inch as well as about 120.

Brilliant little projector, excellent picture for such a short throw.

The eu version does not have the smart tv features, nor does it have cec – meaning devices such as the google chromecast cannot wake it and turn it off.

  • Brightness too low
  • For sports and movies it’s a must
  • Great small size projector

LG Minibeam PV150G Portable Projector (WVGA 854 x 480, LED, 100,000:1 contrast, 100 lumens) – White

Was expecting the smart remote and ui which was not apparent, but everything else = great.

I am not one to write reviews but this things is magnificent. Was up and running in under a minute.

One of the hdmi slot is not working otherwise it’s great,.

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