The Library of Fragrance Review

I have a vast collection of fragrances from perfumes and eau to toilettes, to body mists and sprays. I’ve built up quite the collection over the months and more so now the sun is coming out to play. I have two favourite perfumes, one budget and the other high-end, but I like to have options.

The Library of Fragrance is one of those brands I walk past all the time when browsing the aisles of Boots, but I’ve never taken the time to test them. They don’t look like your typical fragrance bottle, with a simple packaging design to complement a simple product.

Library of Fragrance | Coffee & Blogging

The Library of Fragrance have a vast collection of their own, with scents ranging from Dirt and Sea Salt to Play-Doh and Gin & Tonic. They stand out as unique creations, yet the available fragrances are everyday scents or smell of childhood memories.

The brand of products is produced by New York-based company, Demeter Fragrance Library Inc, who were originally established in 1996. Their ultimate aim was to create fragrances which capture smells which surround us everyday, and they have done just that.

You can enjoy everything from citrus scents, floral scents, clean scents and woody scents, and many more. I’ve had the chance to test out Fresh Coconut and Orange Blossom, after recommendations based on my favourite scents. I’m a lover of coconut – a known fact that has popped up a few times here and there – but I also love fruity fragrances, particularly citrus.

Fresh Coconut* smells exactly how you would expect it to. It’s just pure coconut, but is subtle enough that people aren’t going to be repulsed by you if they’re not a fan of the smell themselves.

Orange Blossom* on the other hand has a stronger floral tone, than it does orange. The orange is extremely subtle and adds a sweetness to the ‘Blossom’, but is the ideal spray for summer.

The sprays feel like a dry mist when they touch the skin, which feels lovely and refreshing. Although the bottle reads, ‘Subtle’ amongst its other values, these last all day long. In fact, longer than some high-end perfumes I’ve had in the past.

For example, I used the Fresh Coconut one in the morning around two weeks ago and later in the afternoon, through to the evening I had a BBQ. I was sat by the fire all night, clothes smelling of smoke once getting into bed that night. Despite this fact, I could still smell Coconut.

Which fragrance would you chose?

*items may have been gifted to me for review purposes.