Libratone Q Adapt Wireless Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones : Superb style and sound

Great colour, fits well and not bulky at alluse the black protective case to ensure they don’t get dirty.

I rarely listen to music or radio on the go as i find ear buds so uncomfortable, and i don’t often use public transport. However, there are occasions when it is good to shut the rest of the world out and listen to something else, so when offered these headphones to review i took the plunge. So far i am mightily impressed with these from libratone. They are well designed and well-engineered in all aspects, excluding the strange carrying case, however thought has been given to the leads too which have two-tone woven covering which will prevent kinking. The fit is snug, but adjustable and comfortable, even over glasses. Other reviewers have commented that they make their ears sweat, but i haven’t used them for long enough periods at a time to experience this. The bluetooth pairing worked speedily, however they do like staying with my iphone when i want to use them with my laptop’s larger music library instead – overcome by plugging in. I was immediately impressed with the audio quality though. Basically i’m still getting used to them, but am generally well impressed.

Quite simply stunningeverything about these headphones is just right. From the packaging to the simple hand controls. It is all beautifully designed, integrated and works without a hitch. I already own a libratone zipp mini wireless speaker, and many of the controls are duplicated on these headphones. The certainty of the bluetooth link is also a revelation. I have used quite a few pairs of bluetooth headphones and speakers and the speed and strength of the libratone equipment is the best yet. It picks up each time without hesitation, which is what you want, but sometimes not what you getthe controls are simple – the right earpiece has the volume control via finger touch. Rotate clockwise to make louder and rotate anti-clockwise to make quieter. Close your palm over the earpiece and the sound stops altogether, close your palm over it again and the sound comes back. It also has noise reduction in 4 stages.

While there are certainly over-ear options from other companies that can provide great sound and noise isolation, these headphones were also very impressive in these areas given their smaller form factor for travelling and commuting. It seemed to check all the major boxes in terms of great sound quality, effective noise cancelling, wired use without power, touch controls (though this was the only area where the headphones were a little slow to respond), sensors for pausing (upon removing them), strong battery life and relatively small form factor. One added bonus was the ability to switch through a few levels of noise-cancelling intensity directly from the headphones (in addition to the app), which some other models do not permit.

So, firstly, i agree – these are expensive headphones and having never really owned an expensive pair of headphones before i wasn’t expecting much, i mean, they are headphones right?wrong. These headphones ooze quality from the lovely packaging (that i really didn’t want to throw way) to the high quality cabling supplied with the headphones. The sound quality is, quite simply, amazing. From the deep bass to the high treble they deliver in all areas. The noise cancelling features are really effective too – i was surprised by their effectiveness. The headphones themselves are incredibly comfortable when worn and have a neat ‘auto play’ feature so as soon as you put them on the music starts. There’s a neat touch pad control to the side for volume control, next track and, if you own an ios device you can also activate siri using itpairing was painless and the free app helps to update firmware (yes, these headphones have upgradable firmware) and toggle various settings on the fly. All in all i am very impressed by these, sure the price tag is high but, you quite honestly get what you pay for.

I had been considering buying some bluetooth earbuds for a while, then i did an about face and decided to try these on ear headphones. They are not the cheapest but i think the price is definitely borne out in the overall quality, style and usability of the product. I am really enjoying using them. They are very comfortable, the noise-cancelling function is excellent and the controls are responsive and easy to use (but not so responsive that you keep accidentally turning them off or skipping tracks). The only improvement would be if they came with a hard case, as opposed to the soft one included.

A fantastic pair of on ear headphones. These have a quality feel to them that many competitors simply don’t have. They come parceled with lovely braided cables, one is the charging cable and one to use for a headphone socket should the need arise. They come pre-charged so you can use them right out the box. Ideally you need to download the libratone app and it will allow you to update the software via the app. The ‘phones themselves sit comfortably on my head and the active noise cancellation is outstanding for the price. It has 4 settings and well worth reading up on them as one of the settings is intended to allow ambient noise in. When set to maximum it all but eliminates ambient noise, on a recent flight it did a great job of cutting out the drone of the engines and the voices of other passengers. Wireless works well and i cannot stress enough how much more convenient headphones are to live with when you are freed of the need to have a cable plugged in to your phone. The sound is also of a very highly quality right out the box, although it does improve even more after a few days use once the drivers are worn in a little.

This excellent product has a number of positives. Sound quality is good, volume adjustment by touch controls is straightforward, and a nice extra feature allows muting by placing a hand over the ear cup. The noise cancellation feature is very effective. Battery life easily survives a day out and about and the padded cups and headband make it very comfortable to wear. There is a built-in microphone on one of the ear cups which works moderately well and has good sound pickup. Included accessories are a 3. 5mm cable for backup use with non-bluetooth devices, and a micro-usb charging cable.

  • Great on-ear noise cancelling option for those wary of bulky over-ears
  • They are very comfortable, the noise-cancelling function is excellent and the controls
  • Excellent on-ear headphone for noise cancellation

Libratone Q Adapt Wireless Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones, Stormy Black

Colour Name:Stormy black
Product Description, Introducing Q Adapt On-Ear Wireless from Libratone, with CityMix, adjustable active noise cancelling. Choose how much of the world you let in or out, for outstanding quality music, clearer conversations, or absolute peace and quiet – at the touch of a button. Cutting-edge design meets beautiful simplicity in a choice of three different colours to suit every style and music. Use the Hush function to dim your music and tune in to the outside world, without -removing your headphones. Connect to a friend’s set over Bluetooth and enjoy your favourite music together. Get ready to immerse yourself in the deepest, fullest sound anyway, anywhere

Box Contains, Libratone Q Adapt Wireless Bluetooth On Ear Headphones – Stormy Black

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Key Features





Adjustable noise cancellation

Q ADAPT wireless headphones comes with CityMix four-step adjustable noise cancellation. Choose how much of the world you let in or out, for outstanding music quality, clearer conversations, or absolute peace and quiet – all at the touch of a button.

20 hours of wireless music

With 20 hours of battery time, and wireless Bluetooth connectivity you can take your music anywhere. Cutting-edge design meets beautiful simplicity in a choice of 3 different colours to suit every style.

Touch controls

Take control with a simple touch on the earcup interface for play, pause, change tracks or take calls. Use the hush function to dim your music and tune in to the outside world, without removing your headphones.

Listen together

Connect to a friend’s set over Bluetooth and enjoy your favourite music together. Get ready to immerse yourself in the deepest, fullest sound.



Q Adapt On Ears
CityMix Noise Cancelling
CityMix Smart, Adaptive Noise Cancelling
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.1 Bluetooth 4.1 Lightning
Battery time 20+ Hours Up to 8 Hours Powered Through Lightning
Design Wireless On-Ear Wireless In-ear 5 different ear-buds In-Ear 6 different ear-buds
Mics (For calls) 5 3 3
Weight 200g 28g 20g

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Before saying anything else, i’ll say that i’ve never before seen such an incredibly good-looking set of headphones. The libratone q adapt are sleek, stylish and constructed with excellent materials. The leather is soft, the plastic and metals are smooth, the cloth is textured – combined with thought and care into something truly special to see and feel. And that’s just first thoughts on taking them out of the box. When using them – because form without function is pointless – they show what they are really made of. Sound quality is excellent, with rich bass and nicely balanced treble. My writing today is being accompanied by the juan maclean’s in a dream and it is immersive, but even when i switch to something more aggressive – run the jewels iii, anyone?. – the headphones keep up magnificently. I’ve been using the libratone q for about 2 months now and i’ve only just downloaded the app. This has brought with it some helpful firmware updates that have fixed some of the issues i had with the touch controls – yes touch controls, some space-age stroking of the bird on the right side unit allows for changing tracks, volume control, phone answering and more – and has also introduced me to the impressive citymix noise control.

 got to admit, unexpectedly a huge fan. I’m a speakers snob and do some film sound work professionally, my usual get up are sony mdr-7506 headphones for studio work as their audio quality is accurate, krk’s for the studio and a sonos system for my ‘fun’ house speakers. But those, are for lack of shallower words, ugly. They’re made for technical audio perfection and not design, style, or looks. The closest thing i’d compare these headphones to would be the sonos, as they have similar consumer targeting. Sound quality——————-what i believe is the most important thing first, others may disagree – really impressed with the sound. Obviously we have to bear in mind these are £200+ headphones, and the design and ‘coolness’ factors in to some of that price, but for me they have to sound spot on to warrant that money. The cans design of being pads works really well; cushions in to your ear, rather than the traditional motive of having a speaker away from the ear, with insulation and padding around it. This works really well; if you’re a fan of the ‘orchestra in your head’ idea, the full immersiveness, it’s got it. External sounds, a bit leaks through if you’ve got a high ambient level – daytime in traffic, etc – but for the most part, again the padding being right up in your ear helps a lot to dampen external sounds and give a very conclusive, uninterrupted speaker sound.

Bought 2 pairs, for me and my mate. After 3 mounths, still smiling and having fun. Super comfortable, noise cancellation is spot on. Hope the quality stays as is, because will give these to our grandkids when it’s time for our new pair. Go for it, and enjoy the treat.

These headphones are beautiful and a technological marvel. I’ll split my review into separate sections for: 1. Build quality and comfort, 5. Sound qualityfirst of all, the sound quality is exceptional. I listen to music ranging from classical to dance and r&b. In every single category of music, the sound reproduction was exceptional. I turned the volume of my phone up to maximum; i then turned the volume up on the headphones themselves too (until the music was loud enough to drown out people talking to me) but every note was still very clear. The bass was thumping and strong – yet without any distortion. In fact, the bass was sufficiently differentiated for me to hear multiple bass lines that i had not picked up while listening to music through our stereo’s speakers.

A lot of reviews are doing the review based on a comparison with the bose noose cancelling phone. In my opinion this is wrong because this a different sort of product. They are overear headphones and they are more designed around usability and practicality rather than marketing. The touch controls are clumsy. The don’t always work and sometimes they get activated by mistake by the long hair or by the cheek when you temporarily remove them. I wish could have the possibility to disable them from the app. Also the sound quality degrades a bit when full noise canceling is enabled. On the sound quality, the headphones are good. You are going to lose a lot of mid and the trebble are sometime a bir muffed on some funky rhythm.

The first thing to say is that these are very capable, easy to use headphones. I’m in the fortunate position perhaps to be able to compare them with probably the finest bluetooth phones around at the moment, namely the sony mdr-1000x. These retail at £325 so a whole chunk more cash than the libratone. The libratone in turn are a chunk more cash than my akg wired, on ear phones and my in-ear models from house of marley, soundmagic, and etymotics. These all vary from around £30 up to £140 or so. So amongst the bunch of them i should be able to fairly position the libratones. Ultimately for me it’s about sound quality so i focus on that rather than going too much into features. So are these libratone’s just smart and stylish or can they compete sounds wise with the best?. The sony are a very fine, super-listenable ‘phone and the libratone’s in comparison just lack their extraordinary depth and quality of bass and the very seductive transparency. You pay an extra £100+ for that, but the libratone’s are still very listenable and truth is that if you don’t listen to something like the sony then you would be very content i imagine.

This is an outstanding pair of headphones. As soon as they were unpacked i could see and feel the quality. They are really comfortable to wear, the earphones are padded but not not to bulky and the headband is fabric covered. They are controlled by touch and have an led display which shows how much battery life is left in the form of ten bars. It paired to my bluetooth device in seconds and has a good wireless range, i wandered up the garden still listening to my music on the pc. These headphones play really loud without any distortion, you can fully cancel out all background noise or allow as much as you like through, this is a good function if you cycle, run or jog, you can still hear the music as well as surrounding traffic. You can even enjoy complete silence by blocking out both. These headphones can also be paired to another set of bluetooth headphones so you can listen with a friend. Making calls and receiving calls is easy, and the sound is crisp and clear. You can still hear your music in the background when speaking of cancel it altogether during your call.

They are comfortable, easy to wear, easy to use, and block out background noise completely. The clarity of sound that they deliver is superb, crystal clear and perfect. They are adjustable and lightweight, although substantial, and attractive. They sit over the ears, rather than in them, which i prefer and find more comfortable. I am very impressed by these libratone headphones, and the citymix option that they have, which gives you adaptive control, allowing you to choose the level of sound that you want. The headphones have a built-in microphone, and the hush facility means that you can tune out your music and listen to conversation without taking the headphones off, which is a really good feature, in my opinion. There is an led display which indicates battery charge, which is very useful. These are seriously good, high-quality headphones which offer great sound, with the added bonus of wireless blutooth.

  • Great on-ear noise cancelling option for those wary of bulky over-ears
  • They are very comfortable, the noise-cancelling function is excellent and the controls
  • Excellent on-ear headphone for noise cancellation

Libratone Q Adapt Wireless Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones, Stormy Black

I’ll admit that i have had these headphones for a couple of weeks and have just left them in the box as, frankly, i didn’t actually understand what they were. However tonight, having noticed that they were apparently able to cancel out noise from the world around you, and my wife having started watching a particularly ghastly load of old rubbish on the tv, i took the plunge and tried them out. I have a sony xperia xa phone, and my wife an alcatel pop 4. Once i’d got into the (very classy looking) box and taken them out of their rather splendid soft case, it was clear that they’re serious quality items. They have a bit of weight to them, as any decent speakers ought to have, and seem to be very well made and finished. You can adjust them to suit the size of your head, but they’re not really going to be much use for jogging as i don’t think they’d stay put very well. I’m pretty sure if you are in a gym though, they’d be okay on a cross trainer or exercise bike. There’s not much to them in terms of controls. There’s the power button on the left headphone, and the right one has the function button and two sockets, one for charging, and one to connect to a headphone socket. Cables for both are supplied, and i used my phone’s charger plug to attached the usb end of the cable to to charge them up.

First the positives: easy to set up (it took about 15 seconds) and the sound quality is lovely, deep and rich. My oh, sitting a few feet away from me, couldn’t hear any noise escaping from the headphones at all. Now the negative: they are a bit heavy. Not cripplingly so, but enough that i wouldn’t particularly want to wear them for an hour or more. The main problem, though, were the touch controls. I just couldn’t work them properly. Sometimes i’d get a response (preceded by an annoying beep), other times absolutely nothing. Eventually i gave up and just used my ipad to control the play and pause functions. I should in all fairness say that i have a pretty ancient ipad 3. Did theat affect how well the headlines work?.

The phones come in a very swish storage case as well as a pair of leads; one is the usb charging lead for the bluetooth side of things and the other is a standard audio jack lead for use where a bluetooth connection isn’t available. These are of a quite unusual construction style. The earpieces are each mounted on a single, offset pivot per side which makes them look different to most other head sets out there. The over-head band is cloth covered and, although only minimally padded, is very comfortable. The ear pieces themselves are pretty well padded but don’t look like they are replaceable should they become damaged or simply wear out. They are also quite hot to wear and i found that (nasty info coming up) i ended up with very sweaty ears after quite a short time of use. Bluetooth pairing with your selected audio device is very easy and pairing mine with my lenovo laptop and my samsung was a breeze. In use these are excellent quality. Also the fit on the ears, despite the heat problem, also means that almost all extraneous sound is cut out. This alone should make these headphones attractive to those who like to listen while on public transport.

Without a doubt, one of the hottest gadgets of 2017, these stylish wireless headphones are of the highest quality of sound. The depth of base is unrivalled in the bluetooth headphones market. With them being on-ear, the noise reduction is at its maximum, offering an overall immersive listening experience in any conditions: traffic, tube commute, walking or jogging, listening to an audiobook is just as effortless as listening to a playlist. With more and more gadgets going wireless/bluetooth now, pioneered by the iphone 7, with which the libratone headphones are fully compatible, these headphones are a futureproof investment. To top it all up, they come in the most beautiful presentation box, which would make them the ultimate present.

Getting the balance right for any headphone is not an easy task. No one will have the same head or ear shape and ones persons hearing and perception will always be different from another making judgements about sound quality always somewhat subjective. So given this here is my opinion on these headphones. Size – for bluetooth anc on-ear quite compact. In their bag they have a diameter of 21 cm and height of 3 cm (ear cups folded flat). Weight – certainly a little heaver than some plastic based headphones but once on they soon become unnoticeable. Again it is a compromise between material quality and robust build. I tried the b&w p5 in a shop and feel these are very similar in weight and build. Fit/finish – always subjective but i find them quite comfortable and can wear my glasses without any issues. The finish seems as good as other quality brands, as always time will tell.

I tried to get on with these headphones but we just weren’t meant to be. They look great and the design of everything, box included is top notch. The sound quality is good but i’m not about to go off on one about the tech specs. The problem with them is in their day to day operation. I found the wireless connection to be clunky and downright frustrating when it came to switching from one device to another. Quite often this would lead to minutes wasted trying to make the correct connection, or music coming from the device i wasn’t using when i least expected it. I couldn’t get them to work at all when using garageband on my laptop. The touch controls on the headphones themselves are supposed to be intuitive but i was still struggling for any sense of control after a few weeks. Unfortunately i fond myself yearning to use the included cable to plug them in and stop the hassle. On the plus side again the battery life is good and it’s possible that i might have got the hang of them eventually but we’d fallen out of love with each other by then.

Really pleased with these on ear headphones. I was looking for some on ears as i have bose qc25 but they make my head hot when listening for long stints. These are really comfortable and with the variable noise cancellation can block noise out or let it through which is good in an office. In terms of cancellation performance,i had a worker using a grinder that i could see less than 10metres away through a window and couldn’t hear anything which i am more than happy about. Presentation is great too too they come with 3. 5mm jack for use without bluetooth,a case (it’s not hard but will protect headphones) and a micro usb charger. The app allows for equaliser tweaks and you can also turn the led off if you don’t want the bird to light up on the side.

Very good quality and comfortable headphones. And great customer service as well. I literally can not hear my family when wearing these.

Pros:- 4 optional levels of noise cancellation. – nice-looking appearance- easy to control with gesturescons:- if you use glasses, it’s better to use over-ear or in-ear headphones. Wearing on-ear ones, including this, makes me feel uncomfortable, especially when you need to push your glasses. – it gets dirty easily (the white one)- the headphone interface is too sensitive. I cannot wear it when lying. Anyway, if you need a headphone to deal with the noise when commuting, it’s a good choice. It’s certainly one of the best headphones i’ve used, in terms of noise cancellation. But it’s hard to wear it for a long time.

Generally i worry about travelling, particularly on planes so have been looking for some really good noise cancelling headphones for a whole. These were discounted on amazon so went for them. They’re very comfortable and the noise cancellation works really well. Music is clear and i have tried a wide range of music and it all seems good. Only thing i’d say is the buttons on the side seem to respond to my hair which is somewhat annoying to say the least. But thats a small annoyance which i can cope with to finally have some decent bluetooth headphones.

Features and Spesification

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Adjustable noise cancelling function with CityMix
  • Enjoy the freedom to make and take calls and listen to your favourite music, wire-free, with Q Adapt Bluetooth headphones
  • With more than 20 hours of battery life; full recharge takes less than 3 hours
  • Touch controls – play, pause, change the track, activate the Hush function or simply crank up the volume, just by tapping the touch interface on your ear cup
  • Bluetooth +1 : Connect to a friend’s set over Bluetooth and enjoy your music together